Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From – My shadows and textures are freed from the violence of episodic and local protests through social engagement.

TAMPA — Pamela Thompson, 37, was still working for the federal government when she opened her own beauty shop and salon in Tampa in late 2019. He quit that job in early 2020 to run his business full-time.

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

“Some people might think I’m crazy to leave a career in this comfort zone,” he said. “But I’ve always wanted to own my own business.”

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My Shades and Textures, which specializes in hair products for women and men with hair, has been able to gain exposure and growth during the global pandemic and local protests following the death of George Floyd, Thompson said. The community’s commitment to it.

It is a community-based store that not only provides our products with beauty, but also connects and engages with the community. We donate products to local organizations. We allow small entrepreneurs to come in and open their own stores, whether they are new or have been around for a while.

We are all about connecting our brand with consumers. I think that’s what makes us different. We are all about educating our customers.

We have introduced different products to the store that customers may not be aware of. So we have a QR code that they can scan, and whether it’s a tutorial or an ingredient, it takes them directly to information about that product. We just want our customers to make a more informed decision before they buy.

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Women like me don’t get the treatment we deserve as African American women. You know, we’re one of the biggest consumers in the beauty industry. But we go to different stores, whether it’s a big box store or a mom and pop beauty store, and we don’t get that one-on-one attention, someone is reading the brand with us, someone who really understands.

Since my company caters to women and men in hair styles, we have different styles, so it was very difficult to find the right product. To be able to put that in a space, it’s always been my passion and my vision, so I’m glad to be open.

My Shades and Textures is located at 4202 E Busch Blvd #1 in Tampa. [Courtesy of Yoki Empire.]

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

I have allowed about 20 to 25 small business owners to open their fashion stores in the store since November 2019.

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I’ve also worked with at least three to four major brands that we carry in our stores. I let them participate in an intimate activity called “Get to Know the Brand.” So it’s like an intimate conversation with the brand’s CEO. And they refer to the product.

So these are just a few of the initiatives we’ve put in place to promote partnerships with small business owners.

COVID has been a blessing and a curse for me. (My business) was less than five months old when it was ordered to close its doors by the city of Tampa in March. This is a critical moment for a small business owner because, according to research, most business owners—small and new—don’t make it past the first year.

I didn’t want COVID to be the reason I didn’t survive. I wanted to do my best to make sure we were open. So the first thing I need to do is get started.

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For the first three weeks after we closed, I was in the store from sunup to sundown listing my items on my website. She introduced women from California, Washington, New York and New Jersey to my store. As of today, January 2021, I am still shipping and selling products to women outside of Tampa.

I have not received PPP (Paycheck Protection Plan Loans) or any of these initiatives with the federal government. However, I was grateful that I was given two months of free rent by the city of Tampa so I could cover some expenses.

And then maybe at the end of May, after George Floyd and the protests across the country, it will happen in our own backyard.

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

I would sleep in the store because our robbers were roaming the streets. In fact, three blocks from my store, a gas station caught fire.

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I had customers who wanted to stay in the store. Clients helped me put a sign on my door to deter all kinds of burglars.

But to be able to go through all of this and still operate in the middle of COVID, in the middle of local protests, I couldn’t ask for more.

We had people calling from out of town and from other counties trying to verify that I was a black-owned business. Of course, after confirming that, they went into support, and we want to continue to support local black-owned businesses.

My vision for 2021 is just to prepare for another shutdown with COVID. I think it’s inevitable.

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We provide corridors (collections). It’s one of the things we do when customers when COVID hits, they place their order online or call the store and we ship it to them.

It’s something I didn’t take because there are women and men in our community who still don’t feel comfortable going out and shopping because our cases continue to grow. Now that I have that plan in place, I want to continue doing those things in 2021.

My biggest initiative is working one-on-one with small local beauty brands to position them and get their products into stores. Sad Jones, a.k.a. Mrs. Beauty shows customers the process of curling hair in the hair department of Beauty World. It makes people feel beautiful and confident about themselves. (Staff photo of Celia Farmer)

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

On paper, her name is Sad Jones, but the people of Durham know her simply as Mrs. Beauty. Jones earned the title in 2014 when she started working at Durham Beauty World, a beauty shop located at 2, 1418 Avondale Dr.

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Jones, 33, is a sales associate and hair specialist at Beauty World. Most days it can be found in the hair section, which includes weaves and towels.

“I love it because I love makeup,” Jones said. “I love fashion, I love hair, I started doing hair when I was 12. So that’s my passion, you know? Making people look good.”

Beauty World’s mission is to make anyone who walks into the store feel supported and beautiful, Jones said. The owner, Abraham Kim, is also committed to this mission.

“For many people, beauty is a process of learning to increase their confidence by trying different things and improving their appearance,” says Kim. “We want everyone to know that we support who they want to be and who they want to be. “That’s why we make it our business to know and learn about products, hair, braids, textiles, towels and more.”

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Jinger, 23, is from North Carolina, and Stella, 23, is from Florida and is a frequent beauty queen who sees Jones and Kim in action.

“I just like to feel good and feel good,” says Stella. “[Beauty World] gives you that. It gives you access to all the things you need to feel and look good.”

World of Beauty prides itself on the variety and presentation of products available to its customers. Kim loves finding unique beauty products that her customers want but can’t find in most stores.

Where Do Beauty Supplies Get Their Hair From

“Durham has a minority population,” Ginger said. “It’s not possible to go to other stores, so at least they have somewhere they can come and get what they need.”

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Beauty promotion is an important aspect of the beauty world, but service to the community is also at the heart of everything the beauty world does.

“The community of Durham and other areas are very important to our business because we are dependent on the support of the community,” Kim said.

The name Mrs. Jones would not have been invented. Beauty, if it weren’t for the relationships she builds with clients over time. He said he values ​​each client and their needs.

“We have everything, we cater to different breeds,” Jones said. “We have different people come in, and some people don’t think they can wear the textile. Then we break it down, and then they come into the textile, and then they start wearing it. That’s why we stand out, because a lot of people do. That way, when they go to other stores, they get proper customer service.” Can’t get it, we’ll all help.”

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Kim says the beauty world is booming

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