Background Check Websites For Employers

Background Check Websites For Employers

Background Check Websites For Employers – Criminal background checks reveal a variety of important information that can be useful to employers looking for quality employees. With a background check, you can find out about an applicant’s criminal history, such as felonies and misdemeanors, and do an identity check to make sure they are who they are. Another component of pre-employment screening is credit checks, which can help you better determine a candidate’s financial responsibility, such as spending habits and debt levels.

Read on to learn more about what background checks reveal and how to use this information to make a confident hiring decision.

Background Check Websites For Employers

Background Check Websites For Employers

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Employers: How To Read A Background Check

Every new hire presents a new opportunity for increased productivity or revenue, but each person who joins your team also assumes a new business risk. Performing background checks during the pre-employment screening process can help validate your hiring decision and help keep your business profitable and efficient.

People often wonder what a background check will reveal. The answer is that it depends on the type of search you order, as there are several different records and data sets to retrieve. Typically, an employment background check may show identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driving history, criminal records, education certificates, and more.

Employers collect a lot of information to assess a candidate’s character and protect against wrongful hiring. Read about the different types of employment checks, what they can show, and why they’re important.

Although there are many different types of background checks, the top three searches usually involve employers. The most common pre-employment searches include:

Best Practices For Pre Employment Background Checks

By searching extensive databases such as Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records, employment records checks can reveal whether a Social Security number is valid, by whom, and in the past.

Online identity checks can also be used for address verification, which can be cross-referenced with information provided by the job applicant to identify inaccuracies.

Credit bureaus prepare credit reports that gather information from a variety of sources. For example, credit card companies and financial institutions provide information to credit bureaus, which in turn maintain consumer records.

Background Check Websites For Employers

Although credit reporting agencies do not have the same information, the general categories of information displayed in a background check include:

Complete Guide Of The Background Check

Employment credit reports include a list of previous credit inquiries, retailers, financial institutions, and other lenders that have requested a consumer credit report.

Credit reports can reveal many potential warning signs in an applicant, especially if your new hire is dealing with money on a regular basis. A high level of debt or excessive spending on assets can indicate financial irresponsibility.

If an employer knew or should have known of an employee’s relevant criminal background, he or she may face a negligent hiring claim if the employee is convicted of a subsequent offense. Information provided in a criminal background check can help protect business owners by revealing criminal history.

Depending on the type of job for which employers are hiring, they may require additional information from their candidates and request additional information on their background checks for employment. Additional searches include options such as vehicle and driving records, employment history, background checks, reference checks, and drug tests.

Background Checks Help Employers Spot Resume Fraud

The consequences of the wrong hiring process are significant. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, nearly 27 percent of American employers said a single bad hire cost their company more than $50,000.

The US Department of Labor supports this claim; According to their data, the cost of the wrong hire can be at least 30% of a person’s first year’s income. Depending on the salary level of the job, this can easily exceed thousands of dollars. Why these costs are so broad Pension costs. If your ex-employee chooses to file a lawsuit, you may end up paying additional health care costs and, in some cases, court costs. A bad hire can also be costly; you will need to provide training courses, placement testing, orientation services, and more.

So how can modern business owners get a more complete picture of their job applicants to avoid making bad hires?

Background Check Websites For Employers

There are a number of different pre-employment screening services that employers can use to make hiring decisions, and what is covered in the background check will vary depending on the service selected:

Employment Background Check: Guide For Job Applicants

ShareAble offers reliable, trustworthy and comprehensive pre-employment screening to help you get a more complete picture of a job applicant. With our low-cost employment background check, you’ll have access to criminal reports, credit history and identity checks, confirm your hiring decision and verify that your applicant meets your criteria.

Keeping your business safe should be a top priority, and conducting criminal background checks on job applicants can protect your company, your employees, and your customers.

TransUnion data shows that 1 in 4 employment reports involve a criminal charge. If you are hiring for a job that requires direct contact with the public or involves handling cash, sensitive financial information, or confidential personal information, it is especially important to check the applicant’s criminal record. it can.

ShareIn can search 300 million national and state criminal records. Our crime reports collect information from Most Wanted databases, Public Sex Offender Registries and criminal databases in 43 states.

State Background Check: A Complete Guide For Employers [2023]

Because there are many legal regulations regarding the use of criminal records in employment, it is important that you conduct the background screening process in compliance with federal and state laws. ShareAble offers FCRA-regulated criminal reports that provide the relevant criminal history information needed to effectively screen potential employees.

When you use ShareAble to conduct a background check, you will receive a criminal history report that includes the following search results:

Why you should review an employer’s credit report Bad credit is not enough to rule out a candidate, but the financial patterns and habits reflected in their credit history can give a better indication of a candidate’s eligibility. By having a more complete picture of the applicant’s financial situation, you can better determine the risk. You may decide to have stronger financial criteria for applicants with regular cash transactions, and a credit report may be helpful in determining an applicant’s financial reliability.

Background Check Websites For Employers

Credit history is often used by employers to assess an employer’s level of responsibility, but good money habits can also be important for certain types of companies and jobs. Does the job involve handling money? Whether your employees will have access to sensitive company financial information Knowing whether a candidate can manage their finances responsibly will help you determine if they are responsible or efficient managers of your company’s finances.

Background Verification (bgv) & Employee Screening Company

ShareAble gets its credit reports from TransUnion, a trusted credit reporting agency with over 40 years of experience.

Identity theft has reached an all-time high in 2016. New data from Javelin Strategy & Research shows that 15.4 million consumers have been affected by some form of theft. This means that 1 in 16 US adults were victims of identity theft last year alone.

What this means for your business As an employer, you need to be sure that you know exactly who you are hiring. Background checks are essential to ensure that job applicants are direct and prepared with their background.

ShareAble offers built-in identity verification with every screening package so you know who your applicant is. Applicants enter their information and answer a series of personal questions to confirm their identity and consent to screening.

How To Do An International Background Check

The process is completely online, so you can view it at a time that is convenient for you. All requests and reports are stored in your employer’s dashboard, so you can manage and refer to requests in one place.

Finding an honest, responsible and reliable employee is not an easy task, but ShareAble for makes it easy. Make faster and more informed hiring decisions with ShareAble for pre-employment screening services. Criminal reports, credit history and identity verification are delivered to you in minutes, giving you the information you need to support your hiring decision.

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Background Check Websites For Employers

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