Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s – !! Style knows no age, so I am forever grateful for the support my big sister has given me. I love that these space age followers last 5 decades! When it comes to getting insight and inspiration from people, there really is something for everyone. Your beauty bloggers, hair bloggers, bloggers, fashion bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, travel bloggers, mommy bloggers, etc. I know I’ve just started blogging, but I’m hoping that transitioning into my 30s and 40s will continue to provide the same wonderful opportunities. There is already a world of women in the blogging and influencer space who are leading the way, gunning for me, and wearing horses. Some I’ve followed for years, some I just discovered, but instead of 30 and under 30, I think it’s time to celebrate 40+ in this new business that definitely makes it easier to be effective at any age.

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Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

I actually attended Go Daddy and Hustle School last Wednesday for a campfire chat with Lynn. It turned out great and I hope you catch some on my Instastores. Lyn literally dropped a ton of value on the influencer industry and how it’s setting the tone for the social media space. I’m excited about it because it gives me hope that I can blog whenever I want, God willing, even when I’m old and gray. People like to say influencers and bloggers have an expiration date, but if there are people in the world, there will be someone at every age who will relate to you.

Stylish Over 40 Fashion Bloggers Wearing Their Favourite…

If you know other bloggers + 40+ influencers, don’t forget to post them in the comments. I want this post to continue to be a resource for women. Over the years, I’ve chosen blogs I follow, mostly blogs created by over 40 fashion bloggers.

I’ve lost a lot of blogs from my readership for a while. My followers still boast a strong writing voice and a sense of purpose in the blogging world. Take the following group of women for example. They may all be fashion bloggers in their 40s; but they all write thoughtfully about fashion while producing great content and boast a great sense of style. That’s why I present IFB’s 2017 Top Picks for over 40 of our favorite fashion bloggers.

Editor’s note: This list is updated every two years. If you’d like to be considered for this list, please let us know your favorite 40+ fashion bloggers in the comments below.

He doesn’t look old. It’s so beautiful. It’s a funny match. Diane from 4th Floor Fashion is one of my current favorites when it comes to over 40 fashion bloggers. Whether it’s jeans or a killer cocktail dress, her positive energy just jumps off the page. If you’re looking for smart, classic style inspiration, check out her blog.

My Favorite Bloggers With Other Body Types

If you’re as sweet as Trina at Petite Style Studio, you’ll find her blog a great resource. Bright reds and pinks are masterfully paired with a muted background. Your blog is worth checking out, no matter where you fall on the height spectrum.

Part-time medical biologist Samantha shows how it’s done on her blog, Fake Fabulous. She is particularly talented in decorating accessories such as belts and scarves. If you’re looking for some fall/winter style inspiration, check out this gorgeous Scot.

I’ve always been a fan of Lucky magazine (RIP!) and loved the style of founder Kim France. On her blog, Girls of a Certain Age, she writes about shopping in New York (and any city in general), her favorite designers, and current shopping trends. You do a great job of connecting with your readers and interacting with your community. He frequently asks questions from his followers and responds quickly to comments. It also doesn’t hurt if we share our love of tight shoes!

Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

I may not wear color myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate others. In fact, I especially love Katrina not dressed as Lamb. The clothes she wears are out of my comfort zone, but she always looks beautiful and confident in what she puts together. Your photos are also beautiful and I find great inspiration in your work.

Instagram Blogger Kyrzayda Rodriguez Passes Away From Cancer

We previously featured Lyn from Accidental Icon on IFB. When it comes to killer style and a no-nonsense attitude towards life, we say it’s never enough. Lyn is a prolific blogger, lover of Yohoji Yamamoto, and professor of social welfare at Fordham University, and rose to prominence five years ago. Half a decade later, the casual icon is still going strong, and it’s easy to see why.

Needless to say, I’m always looking at Kim’s killer bag collection. I appreciate your blog, J’Adore Couture, for your aesthetic, shopping posts, and designer humor. She also mixes high and low styles in her clothing line, making her style more accessible. So if you’re a fan of thrift stores and fast fashion stores, check out the blog for inspiration.

One of the best things about Patti’s blog, Not Dead Still Style, is her Monday outfit post. In this weekly feature, he compiles a list of various bloggers and links to their respective sites. Great post to check out if you’re looking for inspiration or a new blog. It’s always fun to read Patti’s thoughts on everything as I love everyone’s thoughts on their personal journey, especially trying to navigate my forties in style. Not dead, the style is totally relatable to the fashion-loving woman of any age. I recommend checking it out.

I love having a blog where I can get lost in old posts. Une Femme by Susan on the same blog! I often look to travel blogs for packing ideas and clothing blogs for their sleek, minimal style. But I also appreciate your thinking about French Magic. Also, don’t forget to read reader comments. They are so much fun, and in addition to browsing Susan’s wonderful posts, you can scroll through the Une Femme comments section.

Absolutely Fabulous Over 40 Influencers Everyone Should Follow

Janice “gets it together” on her mom’s Heels blog. Her beauty, fashion and lifestyle make me want to leave home in the morning. I’m not sure how this mom of two juggles it all – but she looks so hot when she does!

IFB interviewed Sarah last year from Notes from a Stylist and Fashion Lifestyle Blog. This British stylist-turned-blogger covers everything from developing her sense of style in her forties and fifties to sharing recipes and travel tips with her readers. Put together in a practical yet beautiful place, we highly recommend checking out this blog specifically for the perfect baby shower.

We know, we know. Maybe you don’t understand German – that’s fine, it writes in German and English. So there’s no reason to block Annette’s blog, Woman of Style. It does a great job of pulling together smart casual outfits and is great style inspiration for those looking to add a bit of European flair to their outfits.

Fashion Bloggers In Their 40s

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on April 5, 2013 by Gretchen Reiter and was updated on August 22, 2017 by Laura Kell. Kristen Filipkoski also contributed to this list.

Your Complete List To The Best Influencers Over 40

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