Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles

Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles

Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles – Some prints are universal, such as florals, stripes, polka dots, and animal skins. Probably every brand has released a collection with these prints at some point. But not all are shared, and only some exist as their own unique brands.

This is an article that tells you what your brand is without telling you what your brand is (unlike logomania, which just mentions it). If Burberry checks, Louis Vuitton monograms or Versace Barocco come to mind, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about.

Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles

Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles

Here are the most popular prints from top fashion houses and how they gained a cult following.

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The ubiquitous Louis Vuitton monogram is one of the oldest and most iconic styles in history. The founder’s son, Georges Vuitton, designed the Monogram Canvas in memory of his father, who passed away in 1896. While the initials L and V were created to preserve his father’s legacy and prevent counterfeiters from copying the brand’s designs, the iconic four flowers are considered a lucky theme inspired by Japanese and Oriental patterns. Over the years, the yacht has been transformed across the Maison’s iconic jackets, bags, clothing and accessories, reflecting its location and heritage.

Burberry’s trademark check pattern first appeared in the late 1910s and became official in 1921. This pattern, defined by a beige background and black, white, and red stripes, reached its peak of popularity when layered inside the Burberry Garbadin trench coat. . Thomas Burberry has used this pattern on towels and umbrellas since 1967, making the brand reminiscent of the British upper class. This caught the attention of the royal family, received several royal warrants and established the brand as an English heritage house. Today, the Burberry look can be found across the brand’s ready-to-wear, bags, shoes and accessories.

When Guccio Gucci first presented his canvas in his collection, it was in a diamond pattern without any logo. Known as Gucci Diamante. In late 1964, Aldo Gucci added a double G symbol to close the edges, creating the GG Canvas. Since then, the canvas has shown a variety of expressions, sometimes combined with green-red-green ribbons and house styles. Sometimes they appear in a different color than the original sand canvas.

While maintaining a rustic aesthetic, the Goyard brand name file is easily recognizable to discerning consumers. In 1892, after succeeding his father as a landlord, Edmond Goyard introduced the Goyardine canvas, a leather-like texture combining linen and fabric. The dots on the canvas form three chevrons around the letter “Y”. It represents the first letter of their last name and is intended to commemorate their heritage. In the past, everything was drawn by hand until new technologies were used in the process. In addition to the popular jeans, Goyardine canvas adorns the brand’s four product lines: travel accessories, bags and accessories, special orders and pet accessories.

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To be fair, Dior’s signature style defines the brand, but that’s not the only reason for its popularity. The jacquard era dates back to 1967, when Marc Bohan was artistic director. The carpet first appeared on one of the bags from the designer’s Haute Couture collection, before taking over the house’s collection in 1971. In September 1974, the floors and stairs of the Dior Monsieur store were carpeted. John Galliano continued to popularize oblique by creating the softest canvas look of the time. Maria Grazia Chiuri, now Dior’s creative director, updated the graphic program with smaller letters and new colors for a more contemporary appeal.

Donatella Versace has brought back her famous Barocco print for the Versace Tribute collection in honor of her younger brother Gianni Versace.

Fashion Designers And Their Signature Styles

With so many thriving brands, it is difficult to choose just one, but if I had to decide on a brand for Versace, it would be Barocco. The revival of Baroque fashion is said to have begun in the late 80s, with Gianni Versace introducing Baroque prints for his Spring/Summer 1992 collection shortly after. Image courtesy and historical color palettes are part of the brand vocabulary. I love bright and colorful designs. This text still adorns the brand’s designs today, from clothing and accessories to furniture and tableware.

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Fendi’s monogram led to the return of logomania in 2018, but the double F logo started before the trend began and may have been long gone. Created by the late Karl Lagerfeld in less than five seconds in 1965, the brand was originally intended for prints and silks for fur coat linings (its initials are “Fun Fur”). Such was its popularity that the monogram was used in everything the brand did, even after Silvia Venturini Fendi took over the creative rights. In addition to the original tobacco and black cloth, they are often presented in black and white.

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