How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches – There are many different methods to help you learn to draw fashion figures. If you’re more interested in creating the clothes and don’t want to waste time drawing the figures, you can always download the free basic figure poses and use tracing paper. But don’t get discouraged just yet, because drawing your own fashion figures is not that difficult and anyone can do it with a few tricks.

Fashion figures are measured by head length and head width, as this is the easiest way to check body proportions. The height of a classic female figure reaches 8 heads, while female fashion figures can reach 9-10 heads. Typical fashion figures are represented by long legs and square shoulders. The proportions of the basic and fashionable figure are the same from head to crotch, but the legs are given extra length for a more dramatic, stylized look.

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

This technique uses simple blocks to represent the overall shape and proportions of the body while defining the balance and movement of the figure. The first step is to determine the balance line and dimensions of the head, the next step is to detail (add the body shape to the shape).

Fasion Template 20

The key to the life and movement of fashion figures is the vertical line of balance. This ensures that the figure is well balanced and does not look like it will fall. The pose will show movement and life as the shoulders and waist take on opposite angles.

In a comfortable posture, the line of balance descends from the hollow of the neck to the point where most of the body’s weight rests. High hip and shoulder bending poses will give fashionable figures a dynamic look.

The center front line is an extremely useful guide that symmetrically divides the shape into two equal parts. It helps to draw the body and clothing in perspective for creating different fashion poses.

These poses are among the most commonly used in fashion illustrations. You can draw them quickly using the oval and triangle technique, and they don’t have to be perfect when you just draw the shapes; simply capture pose and movement. Once you start detailing the shapes, you can adjust the drawing as needed by moving the paper, correcting the lines, and refining the shapes. If you want, you can expand your figures to 10 heads at this stage. With practice, you will be able to block shapes much faster and detail them more professionally; So don’t forget to exercise every day.

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Please login again. The login page will open in a new tab. Once logged in, you can close the page and return to this page. Fashion illustration is a skill that develops over time and improves with patience and practice. Perhaps the most rewarding part of learning how to draw a fashion figure is being able to draw your own clothing design ideas in an easy and readable way. This is especially useful if you want to learn how to design and make your own clothes.

Let’s face it, the idea of ​​drawing clothes on a fashion figure can seem quite daunting. However, you really don’t need a degree in fashion design to learn how to design clothes yourself and sketch your ideas on paper effortlessly.

The good news is that there are a few simple steps you can take to avoid getting confused about proportions and movements, and to focus and prioritize when drawing clothes. Before tackling clothing sketches, it is first important to understand how to draw a fashion figure. By first sketching the figure and then dressing it with your own design ideas, you can not only bring the garment to life, but also make the sketching process easier and understand the basics of fabric drape, fit and movement.

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

A fashionable figure differs from a regular drawing in that it is a more dramatic, less detailed image with more exaggerated movements and proportions. Fashion figurines can basically take any stylistically desired shape, allowing you to truly express your style artistically. Often the style of your fashion designs reflects the style of the clothes you create. As a beginner, don’t worry too much about finding your style right away; it’s something that comes naturally over time, whether you try or not. For now, focus on learning the basic concepts of proportion and movement explained below, which will form the building blocks that will allow you to find your own drawing style over time.

Figure Drawing For Men’s Fashion (paperback)

As explained above, a good fashion drawing should capture the movement of your imagined design and fabric. If you learn a few basic concepts of proportion, balance, and movement, you’ll be able to draw a fashion figure in just a few minutes. With practice you will find what works best for you and your drawing style.

Practice makes perfect. Practice until your hand is relaxed and you feel confident with the pencil and the work surface.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. -You can break the rules! Try different things regardless of what the “rules” tell you. This is essential to finding your comfort level and ultimately creating your own style.

Practice drawing solid lines of different widths and pressures. Avoid drawing multiple dotted lines to create a solid line. It can be a bit messy and doesn’t allow you to fully relax while drawing.

How To Draw Fashion Figures

Keep it simple. Simple line prints that capture the overall movement and proportions are often enough to make a sketch of a fashion figure look complete.

1. Draw a thin curved vertical line in one continuous motion. Don’t worry about how straight or curved the line is, just keep the vertical line loose. This will be your vertical balance line.

Traditionally, the vertical line of balance is a straight line that determines the balance of the body and the position of the feet. To make it a little easier, we bend the rules and make this line half curved. This semi-curved line will again allow you to maintain the right balance of your fashionable figure, but also make it much easier to capture the movements of the figure. especially if you are a beginner.

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

The traditional rule for the vertical balance line is that both feet cannot be placed on the same side of the line, otherwise the figure will appear to be falling. Each foot should be on opposite sides of the vertical line. One foot may touch the vertical line as long as most of the surface of the foot remains on the opposite side of the line from the other foot.

Fashion Figures, Clothing/body Anatomy Practice

The same rule applies to the half curved vertical balance line shown above. However, it is okay if the foot passes a little further on the opposite side of the line. You can usually predict the position of the feet by the movement of a fashionable figure, and we will show you how to do it below.

Next, draw a horizontal line that drops less than half the distance from the top of the vertical line halfway down, as shown in the image below.

Again, don’t worry too much about measuring the distance accurately as long as the horizontal line is higher than the midpoint of the vertical line. This will be the hip line.

Don’t worry about the length of this horizontal line either. Release it in one continuous line, making sure it is slightly curved.

X Fashion Drawing Ruler Set Figure Drawing Template For Fashion Design Sketch

As you will learn below, the direction of the slope of this horizontal line (the hip line) affects the movement of the body and works in conjunction with the shoulder line.

3. From the just drawn horizontal line (hip line), divide the top of the vertical line into 3 parts. Draw dotted lines to better visualize the division. The first part from hip level should be about the same length as the top of the vertical line. The middle part should be slightly longer than the two described outer parts.

Take a look at the image below and note the relationship between these dashed lines; Try to repeat this arrangement in your drawing.

How To Draw Fashion Body Sketches

4. In the first line from above, draw another horizontal slanting line opposite the hip line. This will serve as the shoulder line.

Fashion Drawing Course

Don’t worry about measuring your shoulder line the same way you measured your hip line. Give it a free continuous line, allowing it to bend in the opposite direction of the hip line.

To understand this, one of the edges of the hip line and one of the edges of the shoulder line should point towards each other, and the other ends should point away from each other.

As described above, the shoulder line and hip line work together when it comes to movement. They should always lean in opposite directions to achieve the correct figure posture. The more curved the lines, the more exaggerated the movement, which often results in a more dramatic fashion figure.

By using different versions, you will find your style and understand which method to use.

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