How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer – 45 minute video of my masterclass on how to find the right manufacturer for your original shoe brand.

This masterclass will be hosted by Suzanne Davda: a footwear expert who has been helping entrepreneurs start shoe brands since 2015 with special guest Marion Aionote: founder and designer of her eponymous luxury shoe brand.

How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

I watched the recording of the master class and I sat down and paused while recording the video so I wouldn’t miss anything. I never thought this would be Suzanne’s first masterclass! He is such a professional!

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I also liked that it was a conversation rather than a PowerPoint or “brush on top” workshop. Marion was the perfect candidate for this topic. In other championships there, guest speakers only talk about how hard it was to get where they are now. On the other hand, Marion gives us another story about how to move forward after gaining recognition, a topic that many speakers have not touched, even schools!

I got a lot of guidance on real life situations and it was very good and detailed. Can’t wait to do more masterclasses.

I loved the talented and talented designer Marion Aionote who sat down to talk about her experiences finding and working with producers, especially as a designer, without an agent. Suzanne was a great post and honestly helped me look at solutions I hadn’t seen before. It was all very eye-opening. As someone building a brand, I find Suzanne’s knowledge invaluable and look forward to the next course.

Suzanne Davda, founder of The Shoe Consultant, has had a passion for shoes since she was young. He completed a degree in shoe design and worked for shoe retailers and brands in the UK and internationally. Suzanne has a wide range of skills ranging from design, product management and procurement to sales, marketing and retail. In 2015, he started his own consulting company.

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An award-winning footwear and accessories graduate of Cordwains University, Marion Aionote draws on a rich tapestry of inspiration and experience for her eponymous label. Internationally educated, well traveled and patron of the arts. Marion Ayonote shoes, bags and accessories are classic heirlooms featured in the most important fashion magazines by famous and stylish women.

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How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

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How To Find A Good Shoe Manufacturer?

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How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

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Other unclassified cookies are being analyzed and have not yet been classified. You have developed a new shoe design or your brand is expanding and you are ready to get a new shoe factory to manufacture your brand in China. .

So how can you find and view a shoe factory across the ocean from your home office? This is how to start.

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Whether the initial introduction is from a friend, Alibaba, or a variety of search methods (all valid places to start), there are a few questions to start with when looking at a factory. I recommend exiting WeChat and entering email, as it’s easy to search and organize your conversations, and start with:

You can get a lot of information from their email response. For example, how quickly did they respond? What is the quality of their communication in English? Do you have the money and product demand to meet the minimum order limit? What is the delivery time? Is it much faster/slower than other factories you’ve talked to and does it seem realistic? Remember, if something seems impossible to be true, be careful; There is a high probability that this is not true.

Are you looking for a factory or trading company to cooperate with you? (Not sure what the difference is? Check out What is a Trading Company .) If you work directly with a factory, you have more control over your product, and that’s important if you have a unique design. Question 4 regarding external inspection will give you an idea of ​​how open their factory is to external inspectors. An external inspector will conduct a professional inspection on all products and give you a report before you pay the products to the factory. I always send an inspection company of my choice and will not work with a factory that does not allow this. Finally, today’s pandemic climate prevents foreigners from getting in and out of China. However, if you have someone you know in China, they should go and check out the operation.

How To Find A Shoe Manufacturer

Learn more about the step-by-step process of creating a shoe brand, shoe manufacturing costs and shoe import regulations. Check out how to start your own shoe business. 195 pages, 330 color photos. Buy now on sale for $39.99

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Try to keep your producers to a minimum. Two or three at a time, max. Send them your shoe sample and product description and give them time to ask questions while you make the sample. Production samples and cost information may take up to 60 days to return to your office.

If the samples do not look good, then the factory should be very careful about the quality and attention to detail that will be used in your production.

It’s always a good idea to have a backup plan. Once your brand is established and proven to have some success in sales and repeat orders, it’s time to branch out. If you scale your supply chain properly, you won’t be stuck placing orders with manufacturers that don’t meet your needs.

A small startup brand that can barely place a minimum order does not have much leverage or bargaining power with manufacturing facilities. Established factories are busy and they want large orders. Starting from scratch with a new brand requires a lot of extra work in the factory and they are not always ready to welcome the “little guy”. As a result, your orders may be behind schedule and delayed. when a larger and established brand needs a rush order. It is not easy to find a factory that believes in you, your product and sees the value your company can bring to them in the future.

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Why do they ask how many assembly lines? A “line of birth” is a standard unit of measurement for a factory. A single-line or two-line factory is a “micro” factory. They can make 2000 pairs per day. You can get good service from a small factory. Is this small plant financially sound?

Does the factory have 20 lines or 50 conveyors? The “mega” factory may be looking for “space-filling” customers. You may find yourself in a large factory with great equipment, but

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