How Web Designers Make Money

How Web Designers Make Money – Nowadays it’s more attractive than ever to step away from everyday life, become your own boss and work from anywhere there is WiFi.

To make an income online as a web designer, it can be very tempting to skip the basics and go straight to the sexy part of making money.

How Web Designers Make Money

How Web Designers Make Money

Many new designers will hear about other people making over $5,000 per site or how they can make passive income selling Squarespace templates, and they want to know the quickest way to get on that gravy train…

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So if your business is feeling less like the cash cow you’ve been dreaming of and more like a very expensive hobby, it might be time to circle the wagons and revisit the three areas that many are new to Designers like to ignore saving when installing the system!

Platforms like Squarespace make drag-and-drop so easy that these days almost anyone can learn how to build a website.

So if you call yourself a designer and charge professional designer fees for this service, you need to be able to do more than insert your client’s photos and text into a pre-made template or design.

You sell your expertise and understanding of website creation best practices, online buyer psychology, and the conversion strategy needed to ensure your client’s website is truly sales-ready.

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You’re selling the ability to transform any website, no matter what niche or industry your client is in, into their customer’s ideal happy place, a perfect reflection of their company and brand… no, a perfect reflection of serendipity. Template

I see so many designers jumping right into their careers to learn these basic design skills in order to get their clients to pay these bills.

However, if you want to build a profitable business, faking it until you make it won’t work, regardless of the type of creative service you offer.

How Web Designers Make Money

You saved a lot for this investment and are thrilled to finally have a beautiful, professional portrait of all the people you love.

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You tell a friend about your excitement and she tells you that her sister-in-law is starting a photography business and that you should do it

Yes, he’s just learning and you feel bad saying no, but no matter how cheap his prices are, you know you’d never be proud to hang it on your wall.

So, as a web designer, if you haven’t invested time and resources into developing your skills and gained the understanding necessary to create a killer website (regardless of the niche), I promise you that your potential clients are doing the same.

You deserve to make a living selling your services online, but your customers also deserve a website that deserves those designer fees!

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So if you’re currently struggling to fill your calendar, this is the first stop for me!

My favorite way to learn a skill quickly is to seek out the expert in the field and find a way to learn directly from them.

You can skip all the costly trial and error and fraudulent feelings of faking it until you make it, because you have access to all of that person’s life wisdom and insider secrets, all packaged up. a very small package.

How Web Designers Make Money

When I first launched my Square Secrets™️ course and began hosting regular live Q&As with students within the course, I expected all questions to be like this:

How To Make Money Building Websites Part Time From Home

However, I ended up answering question after question on every call about how to turn your new Squarespace skills into a business!

I realized that there really isn’t a place where you can learn how to run a web design business, how to deal with clients, how to package and price your services, how to manage your finances, manage client contracts, or even just that anything as simple as “how.” a lot you should pay every month.

Any new designer who wanted to start a business essentially had to reinvent the wheel, costing them time, money, and major headaches that honestly could have been avoided if they had just had someone to teach them the ropes.

To this day, this is one of the main reasons why companies end up small and struggling.

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They’ve never bothered to invest time or resources into learning how to create the processes, tools, and templates their business requires.

Every time it comes time to answer a query, make a query call, get content from their client, or just get paid for their work, they just make it up as they go along.

Providing a seamless and professional customer experience is just as important as providing a top-notch website.

How Web Designers Make Money

You may love your finished website, but if the journey to get there was full of chaos and confusion, you can guarantee you will never see a recommendation or a 5-star review from that client.

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I’ve seen too many talented designers exhaust themselves trying to reinvent the wheel and agonize over why they can’t seem to get their business off the ground even though they feel like they’re just working. 😓

When I first started out as a designer, I decided to have this big birthday sale where if you booked a web design package with me the week of my birthday, you could get a great discount on your website.

So I sat down and put my heart and soul into writing the best blog post you’ve ever seen to let people know about the sale and hopefully drum up some business.

To be fair, I had just launched my own website, so I had no traffic to the site at the time.

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But it’s no wonder he couldn’t attract customers. I shouted about my services in an empty room.

They may be a killer designer, and many have the business systems and customer management down pat, but they lack the solid marketing plan needed to build a real audience of people to sell to.

You could post a few Instagram posts here, write a blog post or two there, lurk in a handful of Facebook groups, waiting for an opportunity to land in their feed…

How Web Designers Make Money

You may receive some requests, but these are usually very random and not from the customers you were expecting.

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Even if they start seeing some traffic from the ideal customer’s website, if they can’t make a sale the first time they visit their website, they will have no plan or way to contact that person. again.

It’s possible to spend hours and hours a week practicing a number of different marketing techniques without ever seeing results or getting customers consistently.

It wasn’t until I took a clear marketing approach and did it with real commitment and consistency that I started receiving inquiries from dream clients.

But whatever you do, it has to be done consistently and with your ideal customer in mind, otherwise you’re just adding unnecessary work and not speaking to anyone in the meantime.

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If you need help figuring out which marketing approach makes sense for your business, then my QUIZ: “Which customer acquisition method suits your personality type?” will be helpful. it was created just for you!👇

Take the 45-second quiz and I’ll send you personalized results along with clear next steps and resources you need to execute your strategy so you can easily acquire customers. 💪

So these are the three mistakes I see web designers make that keep them from making money from their business: They skip the basics of design, business, and marketing and go straight to what will make them the most money quickly

How Web Designers Make Money

But the designers you see today are the ones who invested in their business early on and developed their skills, business acumen and marketing expertise to have customers happily lining up to pay the highest prices being paid today!

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Paige Brunton is a Squarespace expert, website designer, and online teacher. Through her Squarespace blog and courses, Paige has helped over half a million creative entrepreneurs design and build custom Squarespace websites that attract and convert their ideal customers 24/7. He also teaches aspiring designers how to take their newfound Squarespace skills and turn them into a successful, fully booked web design business that supports a life they love!

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Starting and running a small business costs money, and web design is no exception. Even without an office or on-site staff, I still invest a good chunk of change each month to run my business and serve my customers

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