How Youtubers Make Their Videos

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

How Youtubers Make Their Videos – Maybe you’ve made some videos and started building a YouTube channel. You noticed that you are getting subscribers and starting to see good viewing statistics for each of your videos. What you haven’t been able to do yet is monetize your videos. If this describes you, you are a typical YouTuber.

This is a guide to show you the mechanics of how to set up and monetize your YouTube channel.

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

How much do YouTubers earn? – A YouTuber’s Pocket Guide showed that the most successful YouTubers are extremely well paid. If you could receive 50,000 daily video views, you can expect to receive up to $55,000 per year for your videos. Those who earn more earn significantly more than that.

How Do Youtubers Make Money

So how do YouTubers get paid? In How to Make Money on YouTube: 9 Ways Influencers Make Money From Their YouTube Channels, we outline the top ways to monetize your channel. However, most of these methods are only viable when your channel is already successful.

By far the most common way to make money is through AdSense earnings. It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to think about sales, sponsorships, subscriptions or even becoming an affiliate successfully until you’ve grown your numbers to the point where you’re earning a decent level of advertising income. Use the calculator below to calculate your YouTube channel earnings.

Many people have tried and failed to make money online. It’s been a widespread myth for years that you can make a fortune online overnight – you just need someone to tell you “the secret”. In reality, the only people who make a fortune online overnight are the charlatans who sell “their secrets”.

However, you can earn good money online but it takes time. Just as it takes time for you to build a website or blog to the point where it is popular and able to make money, you need to build an audience on your YouTube website before it can make money.

How Much Do Youtubers Make? (and Other Youtube Statistics)

The only possible exception to this rule might be if you’ve already made a name for yourself in another role first. In this situation, you can probably easily migrate your existing fans or audience to your new video channel. For example, if you are already known as a successful blogger and have already successfully monetized your blog, it will not be difficult to promote your YouTube channel to your current readers.

However, everyone else is considered by the world to be inexperienced beginners and need to build a reputation and credibility as a YouTuber before they can even think about monetizing their videos.

You need to build a library of quality videos, targeted at a specific audience, and work to promote those videos, through social media or any other means you can think of, to gain a subscriber base, before moving on to the production phase. loading.

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

Once you have an audience, you can start thinking about making money. YouTube has a formal process you must go through before doing this.

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Start by activating your account for monetization. The first step towards this is joining the YouTube Partner Program. You must agree to the terms and basically agree that you will not do anything fraudulent.

YouTube will ask you to set up an AdSense account if you don’t already have one. This process is relatively simple. You need to tell Google where you intend to use the ads – in this case, your YouTube channel. Please note that there are some parts of the world where you will not be able to use a Google Adsense account to monetize your videos. Google publishes a list of acceptable countries in which you can monetize YouTube.

If you already have an Adsense account, perhaps because you already use it on your blog, your application will be approved immediately and your YouTube channel will simply be added to your existing account.

Once you’ve created an AdSense account (or linked your YouTube channel to your existing account), you’ll be taken to the Upload Defaults screen. Halfway through the list of options there is a checkbox called “Earn money with ads”. You must click this box and you will be asked to confirm that you own the copyright to your videos and that you understand what you are doing.

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It’s important to emphasize that you cannot monetize videos that contain other people’s copyrighted material, including background music (even if you legally purchased the music from somewhere like the iTunes Store).

The default uploads screen is also where you choose the types of ads you want to run on your YouTube channel. YouTube provides comprehensive advice on the different types of ads you can choose to place in different locations on your YouTube page or on the videos themselves.

The most obvious ads are those that appear in videos. They are intrusive and viewers often cannot avoid them. However, you can also choose to place ads on your videos.

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

However, it’s important to remember that you won’t make money just because the ads are there. How many times have you clicked on an ad when watching a video? Viewers must actively interact in some way with an ad for it to make money.

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Be careful if you are tempted to use non-skippable ads. You must have built a dedicated audience that loves you first. Most people don’t have the patience to watch an ad that can’t be skipped unless they have a real desire to watch the video.

You don’t get paid just because you have ads on your videos. Your viewers must actively view your ads! BUT, most viewers skip the ads! Therefore, you need a large number of viewers first, so that they click on your ads.

Just because you have monetized your videos, there is no guarantee that AdSense will provide you with ads. They will only place ads in your videos for brands that want to partner with you.

You must ensure that your videos meet YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines. In short, advertisers are unlikely to advertise on your videos if they contain any of the following:

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Of course, in some cases this will depend on your target audience. There are plenty of examples of raunchy videos attracting advertisers — which hasn’t exactly hurt PewDiePie’s relationship with brands.

If you really want to be successful at monetizing a YouTube channel, you need to cater to a popular demographic. You’re much more likely to get advertising support if your videos are aimed at millennials or millennials than if you make videos for baby boomers, who have never accessed YouTube in the same way as younger generations.

You can see the estimated earnings for your channel and videos in the YouTube Analytics earnings report. This shows all current estimates:

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

Please note that you only see estimated results in this analytical report. You will find downloadable monthly final income reports available approximately 10 days after the end of the month.

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You will also receive an ad pricing report. This provides data on YouTube ad revenue, estimated monetized views, cost per million (CPM), and impressions for ads served on your content. You can use this to compare the performance of different ad types you use over time, and as a result, you can change your ad type choices.

Assuming you’ve gone through the above process of setting up your channel for monetization, advertisers are happy to show their ads on your videos, and viewers are seeing (not ignoring) your ads, you’ll start making some money.

There are a few setup steps required for payment. You must confirm that Google uses the correct name and address of the payee and confirm your address.

You must also choose your payment method between checks, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), EFT via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), Bank Transfer and Western Union Quick Cash.

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Depending on your location, you may need to provide your tax details to Google in your Adsense account.

Google won’t pay you until you reach a payment threshold. This varies depending on your currency, but in the case of US dollars, the limit is $100. This means you must earn at least $100 before Google processes your money and pays you.

If you reach the payment threshold and there are no issues with your account, Google will pay you sometime in the following month, the exact date depending on the payment method you choose.

How Youtubers Make Their Videos

You will love it when you receive your first payment. But you need to do a lot of marketing and continually build your audience if you want your payments to be anything like an acceptable primary income. YouTube is one of the biggest video sharing platforms on the web. As of 2021, the Google subsidiary has 50 million subscribers and generated

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