Paris Designers And Their Interiors

Paris Designers And Their Interiors – Blame it on Louis XIV. Undoubtedly, his small country house, also known as the Palace of Versailles, stood

When it comes to French decorative arts. Its gilded ode to opulence still amazes four centuries later and is a symbol of a nation that embraces unbridled beauty in all its forms. Even French vowels are well equipped – those accents

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

Fortunately, the French design aesthetic has evolved beyond the baroque trappings of the château era, but all eyes still point to Paris, the epicenter of all things fashion, style and design, both emerging and enduring.

Discover Top 10 French Interior Designers Based In Paris

. Today’s designers prove that the DNA of their homeland is still strong, and that legendary Parisian style was not exclusively the domain of icons such as the classic Alberto Pinto and the incomparable Madeleine Castain with her beloved le style Castaing. Here are our top picks to keep an eye out for from current Parisian designers. But here’s the thing. what we love most about French design and the dynamic Parisian scene is that you have to have eyes.

Laura Gonzalez, perhaps best known for creating stunning restaurant and hotel interiors that feel as intimate as private residences, recently took the Paris design scene by storm, winning Designer of the Year at this September’s Maison & Objet. Her penchant for rich layers, rich colors, sumptuous textures and embellished details will bring Gonzalez continued success in the coming year.

Laurent Champot and Kelly Wilde embody this “elusive elegance à la française” but bring their own twists of contemporary elegance and comfort. Luxury and practicality go hand in hand in their always tasteful, always fresh interiors.

Stéphane Olivier’s passion for nature (he calls himself an “enlightened botanist”) lends an earthy boldness to his refined style. His Saint-Germain des Prés gallery is a “cabinet of curiosities” that demonstrates his astute balance between fantasy and studied rigor.

Marianne Evennou Small Paris Apartment

Kathryn Ivy’s interiors have a continental elegance that stems from her time in Alexandria, Virginia, as well as her time in Paris. Ivy’s interiors have the character of an assembled narrative, drawing on history and reflecting her client’s lifestyle.

Since founding CHZON ten years ago, Dorothy Meilichzon has brought her sophisticated style to contemporary hotels, restaurants and bars throughout Europe and New York. Focusing on hotels and catering, he designs innovative spaces that are interactive experiences.

Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud design for residential and commercial clients, contrasting neoclassical boldness with refined simplicity. Their passion for high-quality materials and craftsmanship is also reflected in the range of stylish furniture and accessories.

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

It’s not hard to believe that Herve van der Straeten was once a jeweler. Its museum-quality furniture, mirrors and lighting feature sculptural, precision craftsmanship that mesmerizes and dazzles. His gallery in the Marais district of Paris displays his unique works alongside selected works of art.

The Best Interior Designers In France You Should Know About

Hailing from Tehran, India, Mahdavi’s furniture and interiors for hotels, clubs and bars are not only praised, but replicated. His chromatic range is liberated yet elegantly polished, and his collaborations with Nespresso, Louis Vuitton and Pierre Fray, among others, are great fun.

Architecture, interior and furniture designer Guillaume Allan’s work reads like modern art. His masterful play of neutral colors is both multi-layered and conceptual, combining elements of his rooms, from seats to tables and architectural elements, in scenes reminiscent of still lifes.

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If you want to renovate your Paris apartment, these are the best Parisian interior designers you should consider for your home design project. Parisian apartment design style is available no matter where you live. If you want inspiration straight from Paris, France, here are the best Parisian interior designers to look out for.

Jean-Louis Degno is a world-renowned interior designer from Paris. He has worked on projects in locations ranging from Paris to Corsica to South Beach. Whether working in the city, at sea or in the countryside, Deniot brings his unique, elegant style to every space he designs. He prefers to find the perfect balance between minimalism and excess.

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

Joseph Dirand is a Parisian luxury interior designer with an exceptional touch. He is known for designing elegant residences and boutiques for luxury brands such as Balmain, Givechy, Chloe and Emilio Pucci. In addition to working on major residential interior projects around the world, Dirand also has his own line of furniture for sale. From sofas to coffee tables, each design is characterized by Dirand’s chic, minimalist aesthetic, with an emphasis on high-quality materials and timeless shapes. Dirand is a graduate of Paris-Belleville School of Architecture.

Cm Studio Parishistory At Heart

Kasha is one of the most inspiring Parisian interior design agencies. In addition to working with clients, Kasha also carries out her own home renovation projects, which can be purchased after completion. If you are looking for a ready-to-move-in Paris apartment, be sure to check out the Kasha range as they are some of the best. The Franco-American Real Estate team can help you no matter where you are in the buying or planning process.

Interior Aesthetics Fleur Delesalle has a distinct mid-century modern look. From bubble chairs to marble tables, her designs are perfect for bringing old Parisian apartments to life. From apartments to art galleries, there’s no project that Fleur Delesalle can’t handle gracefully. Delesalle studied at Chelsea College of Art in London and ESAG Penninghen in Paris. He worked alongside India’s Mahdavi for 6 years. His work has appeared in Architectural Digest France and Elle Decor magazines.

Véronique Cottrell is an interior designer based in Paris, France. It has an experienced team and is capable of implementing any residential or commercial project. Cotrel works with lots of marble surfaces, velvet furniture and white walls decorated with Haussmann-style moldings.

Charlotte Féquet is a Parisian designer living in the middle-class 10th arrondissement of Paris. He works on residential projects all over the city and his works show what real Parisian life is like.

Parisian Style: A Perfect Formula

Founded by a lawyer with a passion for interior design, Atelier CVD is led by Caroline Debono. He works with clients on all kinds of projects in the French capital. From work

From individual apartments, Atelier CVD approaches the client individually with each project. The agency has been published in magazines such as Le Journal de la Maison, Maison créative and Art & Decoration.

Curated Interior uses affiliate links and we may receive a small commission if you make a purchase from the affiliated retailers at no cost to you. We only offer products from sellers we know and love. As an Amazon Associate we earn on qualifying purchases. The historical founder of Studio Alberto Pinto was the late Alberto Pinto, one of the greatest icons of French interior design, who built his work on a mix of styles throughout his life. Always rejecting the creation of narrow and closed spaces, he naturally focused on “big projects”. Accustomed to accepting challenges that discouraged others, he especially appreciated the vast spaces where he could combine different styles and always in perfect harmony.

Paris Designers And Their Interiors

After his death, his studio continued to operate. Today, Alberto Pinto Studio is considered one of the best design studios in France and, in maintaining this status, has honored the memory and legacy of Alberto Pinto. Currently, Alberto Pinto Studio is an interior design and decoration office employing 60 people, whose scope of intervention includes not only the construction of private residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, but also yachts and private jets.

French Studio Le Berre Vevaud Finds Inspiration In The History Of Design

Francois Champsor was born in Marseille, but has been living in Paris since the late 1980s. His Mediterranean roots have influenced his work. With a diploma in fine arts from Marseille and decorative arts from Paris (ENSAD), François Champsauer created his interior design and furniture design office in 1996.

Since then, it has accumulated prestigious achievements in restaurants (Café de l’Alma in Paris), hotels (Hôtel Montalembert in Paris) and fashion (Nina Ricci). Between design and decoration, his works captivate with their ability to excite, while at the same time lacking an optimistic world image. With both vision and discretion, Francois Champsor stands back, allowing the space to become a living creation.

Whether architecture, design or decoration, Agence Nuel likes to go beyond the artistic level when creating projects. They carry out all kinds of projects such as apartments, hotels, houses, restaurants, showrooms, events or the service sector.

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