Put Them In Their Place

Put Them In Their Place

Put Them In Their Place – The Be Keepers blog is like taking a Home Ec class, going to Sunday School, reading a magazine, and having a heart to heart with Mom.

Sometimes people get out of line and I have to do my part to bring them back to where they belong! Where are the other people?

Put Them In Their Place

Put Them In Their Place

From birth, we are naturally connected to ourselves. We want what we want and we want it now! But this is not God’s way. The way to true success, he said, is to put others before yourself.

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To apply this principle is to exercise faith. If we believe in Him, God can help us to create a heart like His. In Matthew chapters five through seven, Jesus preached the Sermon on the Mount. It is full of God’s wisdom. In chapter seven, he gives us what is called the golden rule.

Some joke that the Golden Rule is “If there’s gold, it makes the rules.” Yes, agree. The gold in every hole belongs to God. Makes the rules.

So how do you put others first? There are rules of etiquette that have been established by many people over time. Emily Post and Amy Vanderbilt are authorities on this subject. Understanding the rules of etiquette will give you a better idea of ​​what is and isn’t acceptable. However, any ethical advice comes from the Golden Rule. In fact, if we decide to put the needs of others before our own, they will see it as the right thing to do and enjoy life as God intended. He is the ultimate example of how to live for others. He gave his only Son for us. I can’t imagine loving someone more. When we show compassion to others in our weaknesses, we improve them and ourselves.

Your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins. You can move your hand to where my nose starts. Worrying is bad because you demand attention from people who don’t choose to give it. It has many levels, from loud music in the car to wearing strong perfume. Other ways to get people’s attention include popping bubbles, chewing ice, biting nails, and snacking. and because the land is bad and unpromising. A very nice person

Sylvia Plath Quote: “i Must Learn More About These People

The internet is filled with people calling themselves. Does the selfie serve a purpose (like showing off your new haircut to friends and family or going for a walk) or do you just want everyone to see how beautiful you look today? Do you thank God for what He has done for you and want to show off to everyone? A lot of it is about motivation, so we need to know the right reasons for our posts.

This is very related to the first point, but with a nasty twist. Getting a haircut, cleaning your nose, and trimming your nails are things we don’t see. Use your free time to take care of your physical needs at home or in the bathroom. Combing your hair, putting on makeup, tying your shirt or mending your clothes is “bad” in the eyes of justice. The world doesn’t have to feel like your dressing room. Remember that

For people on social media, this is always a challenge. Because we can post pictures of what’s going on in our lives, we can make it feel like the world to our audience. Do I need to know every detail? If I had a dollar for every time I felt like saying “TMI”… Potty-learning success and bowel problems are disgusting, embarrassing, and personal! If you say, “I don’t feel well,” we can pray for you.

Put Them In Their Place

Anyone who has experienced a painful or embarrassing experience would do well to express themselves and write. They need support and time. When they’re ready to discuss the topic, they’re skeptical of the public’s concern for the group. This is where you can’t put your talking foot in your mouth. We don’t remember the loss of a loved one until we laugh at the death, and then we try to make it worse. Yes, but let’s think before we speak. The more we choose our words, the more we have to bless others instead of harming them.

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It’s easier to say what we say on social media than to communicate verbally, because it’s easier to write a post and then say, “Is there a way to hurt someone?” We have a chance to think so. before stopping. Laughter is not meant to hurt anyone.

In all Christian love, it’s none of your business where they stayed last night or how much money they make. We may be interested in people, but they have a lot of personal information to share, and if they don’t give us permission to share it, consider that information private. Financial issues, relationship information, relationship status, pregnancy are just a few things to discuss. The owner of that information will decide what they want to share. If they don’t, we appreciate it. If A asks me for B’s phone number, I will ask B first, does he mind if I give it to A? Just because someone tells you, doesn’t mean you agree to share it with others. Unless someone is involved in a situation, they don’t need to know about it. It only tempts them to jump to conclusions without knowing.

We should never share information or photos on social media that reveal more about a person than they are willing to reveal. When in doubt, it’s safer to ask permission first. Using your authority to make decisions for them just shows that you’re not a loyal friend and that you can’t be trusted. Also, don’t ask about personal matters in public. I’ve seen someone on social media ask if they decide to take a position as a career change. This is important information and will determine whether the recipient will open the comment or respond before it is made public. At least they stole his thunder. If your post isn’t visible, there are ways to send people a private message.

I see this done all the time in person and online, and usually the perpetrator doesn’t realize they’re doing more good than good. “Mr. Sunday school teacher is the most religious man I know.” He only hurt his father, grandfather, pastor, and other people he knew. “Ladies and gentlemen, you are the best cook in the world!” It fixes mom and grandma—you know, those two women who’ve been cooking for you all your life? “Muffy, you’re dressed beautifully!” Biffy and Tiffy take a quick look at their clothes. There are other ways to praise and compliment people. Your teacher may be one of the most religious people you know. Your friend’s mother may be a good cook. When you’re alone with Muffy, tell her you like her dress or “Look at all these pretty girls in their pretty dresses!” Of course, if someone has something new, like a new hairstyle, it’s good to mention them in a group, but if someone is good at something, make sure they’re the right person for that name.

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You know, when someone tells a personal joke without explaining it to themselves. I didn’t think it was a big deal when I greeted him at the graduate school reception, when he saw the man behind me and demanded to have his picture taken with him. I like to say, “Okay dokey, I’ll see how it goes then. Now I’ll lose.” We should not treat anyone like this.

Don’t miss out on the parties or gifts you shared. It is easier when the invitees are groups and more difficult when individuals are chosen. If the whole class is invited to a party, we know how they choose who to invite. However, there are Facebook photos of you going out to dinner with your close friends

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