Student Interior Designers For Hire

Student Interior Designers For Hire – The University of Huddersfield’s School of Art, Design and Architecture showcases the work of 10 award-winning interior designers in this virtual design festival school showcase.

All ten of the featured projects were completed in their students’ final year on the BA (Hons) Interior Design course, during which students are asked to select their own sites and develop individual presentations.

Student Interior Designers For Hire

Student Interior Designers For Hire

From an indoor festival picnic experience to a sales space dedicated to recycled household goods, the projects are hoped to provide a complete overview of the course and help viewers glimpse into the future.

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“We are proud to present a selection of 10 award-winning works, the purpose of which is to illustrate the range and scope of projects carried out by students in their final year of study.

“Each project is individual and students choose a location and develop their own project plan. Through in-depth research and mapping processes, projects are planned and developed, and finally they are realized with the help of technical and visual communication.

“Here at Huddersfield, we believe that interior design turns ideas into experiences, and we empower students to create completely new experiences and relationships between the people and the places they spend time. We focus on creativity as we explore and expand. existing design thinking, push the boundaries of innovation and offer new ways of looking at the interaction of people and space in response to our changing world.

“This group of students has had to face unprecedented conditions during the Covid-19 epidemic and they are an asset to themselves and to the course in producing exciting projects that help us look to the future. They are on the threshold of new and changing approaches to design that are able to adapt and deliver methods that reflect the future for projects.”

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“Wabi-Sabi is a retail and workshop space that explores the sustainable practice of purchasing recycled home furnishings.

“Respecting the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi and imperfections, the project offers users the opportunity to shop in an adaptable and ever-changing furniture space.

“The story of the products is told through demonstrations, and customers are encouraged to buy products and tools and make their own projects. The space also has workshops where you can learn skills and find a maker community.”

Student Interior Designers For Hire

“Studio & Store is an innovative beauty store that strengthens and grows connections between traditional retailers, social media platforms and brands.

Interior Design Projects By University Of Huddersfield Graduates

“The store offers two types of retail: a convenient, ‘frictionless’ digital experience for those who know what they want, and a slow, ‘sticky’ experiential journey for those who want to immerse themselves in new products and learn more.

“With its video recording studios and broadcasting facilities, the store acts as a beacon and encourages customers’ confidence to support them on their own journeys to feel good.”

“Located in the vibrant city of Leeds, Natural Connections offers an antidote to today’s stressful and unnatural workplaces. The space addresses the disruption of the nature deficit of a busy working life and seeks to benefit from immersion in the natural environment.

“The concept was developed through ingenious topography and locations with a personal and experimental approach to natural and local environments, resulting in three-dimensional responses and a design language.”

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“The UK is leading the way in non-alcoholic spirits. Combine this with Gen Z’s trend towards reducing alcohol consumption and the need for events that offer a more meaningful and experimental approach to nightlife and you have a free spirit.”

“The store and tasting room welcomes customers when they step over the bridge, where they taste master products and when they are taken care of, customers can go upstairs to the bar to read their fortunes.

“Concepts of cosmic mysticism and clarity of reflection are seen throughout the materiality and experience of the design.”

Student Interior Designers For Hire

“The music festival is booming, Glastonbury is the most popular festival in the UK. The festival dining experience is limited and mainly consists of street food eaten on the go.

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“Euphoria offers an indoor picnic experience with a menu of CBD-enhanced teas and desserts that allow festival-goers to stop, relax and keep a busy and refreshing festival in mind.

“Offering a variety of spaces with living agriculture, water and natural materials, the space reinforces the growing awareness of consumers.”

“The recent rise in beer trends is fueling the brewing process. Its goal is to revolutionize and revitalize the homebrewing market by tapping into a younger audience that is fascinated by homebrewing.

“An unforgettable space that utilizes the building’s architecture and internal visibility through the verticality of the space, revealing the fermentation process.

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“Customer Path supports learning and action by providing retail services, equipment rental and a social space where communities can create and share experiences and strengthen relationships between new and old audiences.”

Antidote focuses on the growing awareness of vitamin deficiencies in younger populations and the rise of technology that enables diagnosis and treatment.

“With vitamin-rich drinks in the juice bar or more medical grade IVs in the lab, Antidote offers a multipurpose wellness space that allows customers to live life to the fullest.

Student Interior Designers For Hire

“App technology allows customers to participate in their well-being, enabling a social and clinical experience in style and comfort.”

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“Canalside is located in Saddleworth, which has some of the highest levels of care and dementia care in the UK, and is a day center where families can come together to share experiences.

“Designed around appropriate and stimulating activities where families can come together in a specially designed environment to interact and make new memories. The services aim to promote the well-being of people with dementia and their families by providing support, advice and the ability to contribute to the well-being of their community.”

“The underwear business has not been chosen to offer a new approach to underwear retail. Inclusivity is a two-pronged approach to casual and tailored underwear, and a convenient service caters to those who don’t fit the ideal body image that carries the current market.”

“With sets on display on the ground floor and a new approach to the fitting and fitting experience in fitting rooms specially designed to make customers feel at home on the first floor, Emmeline rebels and takes action like her namesake Emmeline Pankhurst.”

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“From the street, where proximity technology is used to attract customers, to the final purchase, where seamless payment keeps queues at bay, the customer is guided and encouraged to make informed purchases with the help of assistive technology.

The Virtual Design Festival Students and Schools initiative provides a simple and affordable platform for student and graduate groups to showcase their work during the coronavirus pandemic. Click here for more information. We have independently researched and tested products for over 120 years. If you buy through the links, we may earn a commission. Read more about our review process.

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Student Interior Designers For Hire

You can narrow down your search to find exactly what you need – whether it’s an hour-long video consultation to review a floor plan, help finding the best online furniture stores, or 3D modeling to redesign your room. Good Housekeeping Institute textile laboratory and

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Your designer will communicate with you throughout the process, which can take days or weeks depending on the depth of your requests and the designer’s availability (which you will be notified of before the project begins). Communication here is surprisingly convenient; The site even has instant messages to make chatting easier.

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