What Companies Need Graphic Designers

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You know the saying: “Good clothes open all doors.” Often, the first impression can become the last impression, if you fail to generate customer interest about your products and services. The design must express the style, voice and soul of the brand. Thanks to the great variety of graphic design companies for hire, you save valuable time and receive professional service for your brand. Let’s leave some examples.

What Companies Need Graphic Designers

What Companies Need Graphic Designers

Since there are literally hundreds of agencies that provide graphic design services, we have narrowed down 20 after many hours of research. We tried to be as objective as possible. We paid close attention to the skills, experience, portfolio and customer reviews (both on their websites and on independent platforms).

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Small Projects Bureau is a marketing agency whose main focus is on branding, web development and marketing. The Office of Small Projects is free to share knowledge and suggestions in graphic design, testing new products and branding, as far as it has extensive expertise. The company’s clients include Disney, Sony, IBM, Levi’s, the Dodgers, and many others.

Malia is a prime example of the work of the Small Projects Bureau. As a musician, Malia approached TBSP to create a brand as distinctive and recognizable as her music. The company’s team of web developers, graphic designers and engineers built a great website for them on WordPress with a loading time of 2.2 seconds with the help of a custom frontend and 7 backend frameworks and a technology stack like custom video player, Monster Insights, etc. Social War and Yoast.

Founded in 1941, The Landor Company is a true leader in research, graphic design and consulting services. As a global international consultant, Landor is also a member of the Young & Rubicam Group network, a global marketing and communications firm. The client list needs no introduction with brands such as BBC, BMW, Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Henkel, Old Spice…

One of the most interesting projects was the brand vision for British Airways, the marketing relationship between the main airline brand and other services. The team worked to create new graphic elements for the entire British Airways fleet.

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As another example, the Landor team for the Petbarn brand developed a minimalist style with many graphic illustrations to reflect the emotions around pets. The project started online in early 2019 and received positive feedback on social networks.

Originally created only for the needs of local businesses, BMG today provides graphic design solutions to more than 600 clients worldwide. With more than 10 years of experience, his specialties are graphic design, content management, digital marketing. They work for medium and small businesses, startups, covering various industries such as medicine, healthcare, real estate, restaurants.

One of the best projects was creating a website for Zynga, a large game production company. The task was to develop a convenient user interface with easy access to menus. The team used technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JS, WordPress, while the team’s illustrations were created in Photoshop.

What Companies Need Graphic Designers

Headquarters: Birmingham, Michigan, USA / Established: 2009 / Employees: 5 / Hourly Rate: $100 – $149 / Website

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Charlie Smith Design is a London based company with 16 years of experience designing and campaigning for top brands such as Byron, John Lewis, Dior, Louis Vuitton. Their expertise lies in graphic design services such as printing, packaging, book design, identity design, exhibition, event design.

From the company’s portfolio, we could not mention the UNICEF Next Generation project. The goal was to create a website and visualize a collection of poems. The designers did a good job of providing pastel colors and consistent fonts to create an inspiring atmosphere and aesthetic.

Another wonderful graphic design solution was Artnote – an application for art collectors to find and save, leave notes, a lot. The result was an easy-to-use, functional, yet soft graphic design element featuring oversized letters, pastel colors combined with bright electric blue. The team also worked on creating a dynamic logo for the site.

Brand You Creative is an award winning agency based in Dublin with an 11 year history. The agency specializes in branding, strategy, marketing, web development, graphic and web design. Their clients are businesses in healthcare, pharmacy, food and beverage, fashion, retail, fitness, real estate. Brand U Creative offers its clients the opportunity to choose the most suitable method of cooperation: based on projects, consultancy, continuous support packages or training.

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We all know that the best way to get to know a company is to take a closer look at its portfolio. Kevin Egan Cars Company needed a new visual and retail store layout with a sleek minimalist design to showcase the brand values. Brand U Creative Agency decided to involve the owner in the process. As a result, the company received an attractive website, a new logo and a visual identity system.

701 Creative is a dynamic marketing, branding and design agency headquartered in Philadelphia, USA. With 350 awards won already, the company has a really deep expertise: strategic communications, graphic design/supporting collateral, social media management, web/digital design, advertising. The company’s team creates logos and delivers projects for clients in a variety of industries and verticals around the world: entertainment, healthcare, non-profit, food and restaurants, and more.

Let’s check out one of the 701 creative projects for a better understanding of his work. Roberts Event Group asked 701 Creative to redesign their website and logo after 20 years of work. The client received a trendy website and collateral thanks to branding, web and graphic design services.

What Companies Need Graphic Designers

Inline Marketing Group is a US-based marketing and advertising agency that provides services such as web design, brand building, social media advertising, and digital presence services. The graphic design team takes the client’s original idea and turns it into a real marketing masterpiece that achieves an aesthetic look and attractive design.

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Now let’s move on to the company’s work. One of our notable projects is Bloomington Dental. Incline Marketing Group created a website for a dental clinic and as a result, increased their revenue by $300,000, helped them acquire 285 new clients and increased their online presence by 367% due to the use of social media management, graphic and website were added. Design, photography, videography and email marketing.

The list would not be complete without the excellent design and strategy studio – Presium. With offices in London, San Francisco and Limassol, the people at Presium are known worldwide for their great solutions through their graphic design department. The team of 40 professionals mainly focuses on serving clients in consulting, insurance, logistics, education, banking, retail, IT industries and many more. Presium’s portfolio includes more than 900 consulting, design and analysis cases ready for the day.

A first-class example of Presium’s expertise is the video production and motion graphics agency for the WeExist business. The case allowed the creation of a professional level video, for which Presium crew members participated in TEDx in Bucharest with Chief Reinvestment Officer Nadya Zexembayeva. As a result, the collected material serves as an excellent source for the production of a branded documentary film.

Being an independent graphic design agency, Mad Scientist Web Design consists of experts who are able to make any brand recognizable. They provide logo, landing page, e-commerce website design as well as SEO, social marketing and website management services. In the agency’s workflow, they use the “three E’s concept” – excellent design, extra mile service and expert back-end website functions.

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From the portfolio, Herr Law Firm’s website caught our attention. This project included custom graphics that indicated family law, wills and estate planning. The team has also created a custom contact form that makes it easy to reach potential customers. Overall, Herr Law Firm has received a website that is able to provide complete information about its services and attract new clients.

AMG Design is a trusted full service custom web design company based in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition to web design and graphic design, they also provide digital marketing, in-house photography, video production, and even SEO services.

One of the company’s notable projects was the design of the brand identity of the Dr. Brandon Hitchcock Plastic Surgery Clinic. For the web design they went with dark gray, white and peach minimalist colors. He also created illustrations, logos, business card designs, printed stationery and signage.

What Companies Need Graphic Designers

AMG also worked on a large project to create a responsive website for a timber exporter – TENCO. The website design was finished with bright red menu bars and buttons and unique photography. The case also includes a management system for website updates and social media marketing campaigns.

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Headquarters: Auckland, New Zealand / Founded: 2002 / Employees: 9 / Hourly Rate: $25 – $49 / Website

Yarza Twins is a boutique design studio with nearly ten years of experience providing high quality graphic design services. Operating from London, Madrid and NY City, the company assists global brands, providing design solutions for businesses around the world. To date, Yarza Twins Studio’s client base includes global brands such as Converse, Microsoft, Adidas and Huawei. Even if the studio is small, it can provide a variety of graphics

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