Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed – Have you ever broken your iPhone screen? It’s not a particularly pleasant experience. I recently dropped my $950 iPhone 7 Plus on a dirt road from about three feet and the screen completely shattered, so much so that shards of glass were sticking out. Oh oh, iPhone screen is broken! What now!?

If your iPhone screen is cracked and the glass is cracked or broken, you’re probably wondering what you should do and what the next step is. After going through the broken iPhone screen experience myself and with an iPhone friend as well, I thought I’d share the details and what I’ve learned about the options to fix it.

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

Don’t panic if you break your iPhone screen. Assess the damage, watch out for broken glass, explore repair options, then get repaired. Here are the steps:

Fixed Panel Shower Screen

Give the iPhone a good review, how bad is the screen? Is there only one hairline break in the glass or is the glass completely shattered?

Some cracked screens are actually not that bad while others are terrible. I’ve seen quite a few cracked iPhone screens with a minor crack or two not detracting from the usability of the device at all, in those situations it’s easier to ignore and you may not even want to replace it if it’s a small crack that doesn’t affect the use of the device and isn’t dangerous.

Then there are broken iPhone screens like mine, where the glass is completely shattered and the screen is shattered, with shards of glass sticking out. When your iPhone screen breaks that bad, you want to do something about it.

Beware of broken glass! If your iPhone screen is cracked enough for shards of glass to fall out of the screen, beware. These broken glass shards are very sharp, small, brittle and cracked, and it is unpleasant for them to stick to the skin.

Broken Iphone Screen? Here’s How To Repair & Get It Fixed

I personally use a plastic screen protector for my iPhone and it has kept a lot of small glass shards in place, but some of the glass shards were splitting and falling out around the edges and where the screen protector wasn’t holding the glass shard together.

If you have a screen protector on your iPhone, do not remove it. If you try to peel off one of the plastic screen protectors that beats the broken glass, you’ll send shards of glass everywhere. Do not do it. If you have a case on your iPhone, be very careful when removing this case, as it may dislodge the glass.

And you should never do this, but here’s what I did to reduce the risk of breakage: I put on my glasses, swung my iPhone over the trash can, and then gently wiped the bits of broken glass protruding from the screen with a disposable paper towel (it sticks to the glass, and you don’t want to keep whatever wipe the screen). My goal was to remove any broken glass that was sticking out or about to fall out anyway. It’s literally rubbing a paper towel over the broken glass, which is really stupid and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else do it, but that’s what I did.

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

I looked into several screen repair options and for me and my device (iPhone 7 Plus) I came to the conclusion that getting it repaired through Apple was the best option.

Cracked Iphone X Screen Fixed In Detroit

You can find Apple’s broken iPhone screen repair prices here, the screen repair price chart below is borrowed from Apple’s website:

In my case, the cost is $150 to replace a new iPhone 7 Plus screen plus $7 shipping, but screen repair costs vary by device. Not surprisingly, Plus models with larger screens cost more to repair and replace than devices with smaller screens.

No, it’s not cheap to replace a cracked iPhone screen (unless you have the AppleCare+ extended warranty anyway, in which case it’s only $29), but the benefit of going through Apple is that you’re almost guaranteed to get good service from the gadget. technology, they will use Apple OEM components.

Although you certainly don’t need to go directly through Apple to get your iPhone screen repaired, I personally recommend at least going through an Apple authorized service provider. There are many screen repair and replacement services available, but some may use lower quality third-party components that can result in poor touch screen performance. For some older iPhone models, it may not matter much, but for newer iPhones, I think it’s worth having a high-quality Apple display installed properly by a certified technician.

Vevor Projector Screen Fixed Frame 100inch Diagonal 16:9 4k Hd Movie Projector Screen With Aluminum Frame Projector Screen Wall Mounted For Home Theater Office Use

Since my iPhone 7 Plus was still under warranty, I ended up contacting Apple Support and pursuing a quick repair service.

The fast service is excellent and very convenient. Apple charges your credit card for the full value of the new iPhone, then ships you a new iPhone. When your new iPhone arrives, you restore your (broken) iPhone to the new iPhone, then disassemble the broken iPhone and send the broken device back to Apple. Yes, you can keep your new iPhone. Once Apple receives a broken iPhone, it places a hold on your credit card and then charges you the repair price. It’s fast, easy, efficient, and perhaps most importantly – you’ll never be without your phone during the entire repair process, and you can easily transfer all your data and stuff to the new device. I’ve never used the quick fix service yet, but it worked so well it’s hard not to recommend it.

You can also take your iPhone to an Apple Store and initiate repairs that way, whether it’s a same-day repair (sometimes an option), an Apple Store replacement, or any of the other repair options available to you and your iPhone. . Or you can take your iPhone to an Apple Authorized Repair and Service Center and have them take a look and offer you options. What you do is up to you.

Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

If your iPhone is out of warranty and you get your cracked screen repaired through Apple, you may be without your iPhone for a few days while it’s repaired, or you may be able to borrow your iPhone during the repair period. This really depends on many factors, contact Apple or an authorized repair center to see what options are available to you as each situation is unique.

Projector Screen/fixed Curved Projection Screen/ With Customized

As a DIY type of guy (how does that go for a cheesy rhyme!), my first inclination was to find a repair and screen repair kit myself. After researching and finding several screen replacement component kits on Amazon at different prices, I noticed that many of them are non-OEM components and have mixed reviews for quality, which is a little off-putting. Although you can get a screen from Amazon, iFixIt, or elsewhere, it’s often more expensive than having Apple replace the screen for you, plus you’ll still need a bunch of small screwdrivers and miscellaneous tools for the job, a fair amount. Of patience

This is the second iPhone screen I’ve broken, and I’ve had almost every model since the iPhone came out. Screens are generally sturdy, but nothing is perfect and they can still break even when in a state. If your iPhone screen falls or hits a hard object, the glass will likely break. If the glass breaks and the iPhone falls into water, the entire phone may burn.

Have you ever broken your iPhone screen? Did you get it fixed by Apple or a repair center? What is your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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Where Can You Get A Screen Fixed

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