Where Do Designers Buy Fabric

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The Best Online Fabric Stores of 2023 From prints to solids and vintage to designer, the best online fabric stores make finding and buying fabric easier than ever.

Where Do Designers Buy Fabric

Where Do Designers Buy Fabric

When it’s not convenient to visit a clothing store to shop in person—or your local sewing store has limited selection—online shopping is a great option. With so many different fabrics to choose from, finding the right material at an online fabric store can be easier than wandering the aisles of a fabric store, looking at all the options and feeling all the bolts. Some online fabric stores also sell sewing ideas and supplies, so sewers and crafters can find everything they need for a project in one go. Here, we’ll cover buying fabric online, review our top picks, and answer frequently asked questions about buying fabric online. Professionals will want to consider these tips before searching the internet for “online fabric stores” or “online fabric stores.”

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Buying fabric online is convenient, but it can have its drawbacks. Here are some key tips for seamstresses and crafters who have never bought fabric online and aren’t sure what to look for in an online fabric store.

When tackling a new sewing project, it’s important to know what type of fabric is needed. Will it be used for clothing, upholstery, or quilting? The purpose of the fabric will determine what type of fabric should be used. If you are buying deadstock (a limited amount of leftover or discarded clothing) or old fabric, remember that there is usually a small amount and it will not be suitable for large projects. For example, that special vintage fabric might look perfect for a curtain, but there isn’t enough yardage available. In this case, it may be easier to choose another fabric or store instead of one of the best places to buy curtains. Also, buyers will want to pay attention to the weight, material and width of the fabric. Thicker and heavier fabrics are best for drapery and upholstery fabrics, while lighter fabrics work best for draperies and quilts.

The fabric comes in different widths, from 35 inches to 100 inches wide. Fabric widths are usually consistent across brands, but when shopping at an online fabric store, it’s important for the customer to make sure the fabric width they’re buying is the same and appropriate for their project.

Many US retailers sell fabric by the yard, but some sell by the meter. Some sites will sell less than ¼ yard, but others will have ½-yard or a full yard. Buyers will want to confirm how much fabric they need and compare how the store sells the fabric.

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Some of the best online fabric stores offer customers the opportunity to purchase a swatch, or small sample of the material. This allows the customer to see and feel the ingredients before making a large purchase. Watches may not be available if the material is dead or old due to limited quantities.

Some companies may offer discounts if customers purchase more than a certain yardage. Buyers who need more yards of a particular fabric may choose to buy from a supplier who can offer competitive pricing. Some companies may offer discounts on certain types of fabric, such as quilt fabrics, bolt ends, mystery bags, or discontinued designer fabrics.

Some fabric sites sell only fabric, and offer the option to purchase other sewing materials (such as thread, bobbins, needles, pins, and cutting tools) and ideas (such as applique, trims, buttons, and fasteners). This option provides a one-stop shopping option that many customers find useful.

Where Do Designers Buy Fabric

Shipping costs can be an issue when customers buy fabric online, especially when the shipping costs are close to the same price as the fabric itself. Some sites offer free shipping on orders over a dollar amount, but customers who only want to buy a small piece of fabric will want to consider including more fabric to qualify for free shipping. It is also important to check the site’s return policy before purchasing.

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Fabric production is generally not environmentally friendly, which can be a cause of concern for consumers who are concerned about using environmentally friendly products. High performance textile production is not as environmentally friendly as using fabric from used clothing or buying organic fabric. However, some online stores offer used or dead fabric, which conserves water, prevents waste from going to landfills, and eliminates the carbon emissions caused by the production of new fabric.

For consumers who are not sure whether they should buy a particular fabric, it is helpful to read customer reviews. It can be helpful to read reviews to get a feel for the texture and feel of the content. The review can show any discrepancies between the official product description and the physical product.

We researched online fabric stores and narrowed our list down to the top six places to buy fabric online. Here are our top picks for the best online fabric stores.

Why it made the cut: With customers’ ability to browse through a wide selection of fabric by skill level and project type, Mood Fabrics distinguishes itself as the best fabric store online.

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For fans of the television show “Project Runway,” Mood Fabrics is an instantly recognizable name. But people who live outside of the New York City area can shop at this popular store. Mood Fabrics not only offers an extensive line of custom and designer fabric options, but also sells buttons, trim, fasteners and additional ideas. The number of search filters and options on the Mood Fabrics site can also be overwhelming, especially for sewing beginners. But one of the best features of Mood Fabrics is the fabric quiz that offers suggestions based on the customer’s favorite color, pattern, project, and price. Customers can chat with a live textile expert on site every day of the week for personal advice and recommendations. With these supporting features and an endless array of fabrics, customers can’t go wrong with an order from Mood Fabrics.

Why it made the cut: Committed to providing consumers with textiles at affordable prices, Amazon offers a direct shopping experience for consumers.

Amazon has a wide range of ideas and fabrics that can be used for quilts, decor, upholstery, clothing, outdoors, children, bags, or useful projects. The site offers search options by color, fabric type, purpose, designer and pattern. The options for cutting the length of its clothes can vary by fabric, confusing customers who need a specific yardage. Amazon also sells fabric by the bolt, which is handy for those who need a lot of fabric for a large project. For many shoppers, Amazon is the go-to place to buy anything and everything, and Fabric is no exception. They can add sewing items to their cart while shopping for other essential items on the site, and Prime members can take advantage of 2-day shipping on select orders.

Where Do Designers Buy Fabric

Why it made the cut: With tons of fabric designs created by independent artists, Spoonflower is a must-try shop for designers looking for unique fabrics.

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Buyers looking for unique, stunning art will want to check out Spoonflower. The site has thousands of designs created by independent artists from around the world. Customers can add their own photos or custom designs. All designs are available in a selection of high quality fabrics for clothing, quilting, performance, decoration, and more. Although prices are often higher than other online fabric stores, Spoonflower offers discounts for bulk purchases and active duty and retired military members. It also offers a commercial program for professional interior designers. Whether you’re sewing a dress or reupholstering an accent chair, Spoonflower designs are sure to make any project stand out.

Why it made the cut: Queen of Raw is a marketplace for buying and selling deadstock fabric, making it a must-have for the sustainability-minded.

Queen of Raw is an online marketplace that specializes in selling deadstock (off) fabric worldwide. Recycling used and leftover fabric reduces the environmental impact of fabric manufacturing. An Impact Footprint report is available for each piece of fabric purchased by the customer that shows how much carbon, water, chemical and waste impact the customer creates by purchasing recycled fabric versus new. The site has a variety of fabrics in different prices and brands, and customers can buy small precuts and disposable packages that are perfect for crafts or upholstery. Although most of the fabric can be cut and swatches are not available, Queen of Raw is a great resource for consumers looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why it made the cut: Its instant name recognition and wide selection of fabric and sewing supplies make JOANN the best online fabric store for quilting and crafts.

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With stores all over the country, JOANN is a staple in the world of crafts. But before that

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