Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes – Happy rappers… (l-r) Kanye; 21 Savage; Tyler, the Creator; Young Bully; A$AP Rocky; Migos Offset; Drake. Components: Wireimage; Rex/Shutterstock

From Kanye to A$AP Rocky, the hip-hop world is turning to clothing consultants, but some believe it’s just the beginning.

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

Rap beefs are nothing new, but over the past few years hip-hop stars seem to be targeting a new common enemy: their stylists. In verse after verse, the rappers claim that they no longer wear professional clothing, implying that they are better able to go shopping without special assistance.

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The most prominent entry in the anti-stylist movement is French Montana and Drake’s No Stylist, in which the pair claim to have such an arsenal of clothing that they can carry “the new Chanel bag, Saint Laurent, Gucci” without the need for outside consultants. . Released last September, the song went platinum on the Billboard charts and has been streamed nearly 150 million times on YouTube.

However, they are far from the only ones: 21 Savage (“I ain’t crazy without a stylist, I’m too skinny”), Tyler, The Creator (“These bitch rappers got stylists so they can think for themselves'”), Kanye West (“I don’t see why I need a stylist, when I can speak so much Italian”), Migos (“Flyin’ Autopilot” – woah! I don’t need a stylist. – no! ”) among others. A$AP Rocky probably takes it the furthest in his song Shoot Your Stylist where he raps, “Man, I need a chain, Ruler and Palace / Just a new scene that your favorite stylist is going to shoot.”

In any case, the rapper boasts that he knows so much about high-end fashion that it would be silly for anyone to advise them better than them. But are they right to avoid outside advice like this?

Stylists have been an important part of hip-hop culture since the 1990s, following the rise of figures such as June Ambrose, who made Missy Elliott’s vinyl dresses famous in The Rain video and P Diddy and Mase’s tweed jackets in Feel So. Good promotion

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It hasn’t always been easy for rappers. Stylist Rachel Johnson has claimed that when she was working for Ja Rule in 2002, Burberry refused to dress her for the Always on Time video. She bought him a Burberry hat anyway, and the brand became a hip-hop trend, bringing the company new clientele and big revenue. He is reported to have been sent a thank you card at the end.

Since then, things have come a long way. The past decade has seen a close and symbiotic relationship between hip-hop and major fashion houses, with A$AP Rocky the face of Dior, while Gucci teamed up with Dapper Dan, arguably the original hip-hop stylist, to create a new line . for the brand, which was inspired by the pirate clothes Dan made in the 80s, before the fashion houses shut him down for infringement.

Some rappers make their non-stylistic beliefs central to their brand. Lil Uzi Vert recently added “NO STYLIST” to his Instagram account, telling GQ, “I have a manager that books my tours,” he says. “I have an accountant who takes care of my account. Even though I manage myself on a daily basis, I have someone who makes sure everything is organized. Why would I ever need a stylist?”

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

However, there are doubts about the validity of these anti-stylist statements. “Almost everyone lies,” says Lily Mercer, who founded the hip-hop and style magazine Viper. “I don’t know why – people don’t care if you need help and a lot of artists have stylists who are semi-famous on Instagram.”

However, he says, there are differences between how artists use a stylist. “Someone like Young Thug – who I think is the most limited rapper in terms of style – will have a stylist to choose clothes from different brands, but he’s the one who says I want Molly Goddard to wear a see-through dress. the look, the stylist is just a tool.” He cites Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Mob as others who have a big say in his looks, but says there are some rappers who have stylists decide each of their outfits.

Search “#NoStylist” on Instagram and you’ll see guys posting selfies in their loudest outfits and posing for the camera to show off their latest Forever 21 looks — the fact that they don’t have a stylist is obvious. , but modern. -hop “no stylist” is less an expression of reality, more a state of mind. Now ordinary people are proud of her, not because she rejected fashion advice from an expert, but because she has the mindset of someone who really knows how she wants to look. So when 12-year-old Timmy from Idaho brags that “no stylist” took his SpongeBob bandana, you know it’s 100% legit. What defines hip-hop fashion and where do rappers get their clothes? Los Angeles fashion designers Rockstar Original have a long history with hip-hop culture.

What defines hip-hop fashion and where do rappers get their clothes? The museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York answers that question with the exhibit “Fresh, Fly and Fabulous: 50 Years of Hip-Hop Style.”

According to its website, this is the first time MFIT has presented a showcase of the hip-hop genre and genre. The show features segments on celebrity style, sports influences and hip-hop glam.

How Hip Hop And Fashion Brands Started Working Together

Los Angeles-based fashion designers Rockstar Original have a long history in hip-hop culture, drawing inspiration from the likes of Tyrese, Fivio Foreign and Lil Durk to name a few.

Hip-hop helped popularize streetwear and sporty looks in today’s fashion world. The hip-hop fashion aesthetic takes different directions. Mixing casual streetwear with more luxurious pieces, whether it’s bags, shoes or jewelry, also helps you succeed with this streetwear-inspired fashion. Finding street fashion that works perfectly for hip-hop looks is easy at RSO.

Perhaps one of the most popular pieces in street fashion, Rockstar Original sells t-shirts for men and women. Our black oversized Can’t Be Tamed t-shirts and Harlette oversized t-shirts are two great options.

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

LL Cool J started the trend in the late 80s, but Big Bank Hank of the band Sugar Hill was the first rapper to wear one in his first rap video. Try one in camo (another street fashion trend) with the Diogo Green Camo Bucket Hat or in red, black or white with the Octavio Hat.

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This fun unisex hip-hop fashion trend can be dressed up or down and transformed into special rapper outfits. At RSO, we sell the On Command Camo Cargo Pant with an Adjustable Drawstring Waist, as well as the Kadja Olive Camo Leggings for Women. Our Drip Camo Hooded Track Set is unisex and includes two pieces of fine quilted cotton.

Kanye West popularized the use of leather pants with graphic tees in 2010 for a new hip-hop look. Faux leather is a hot trend for 2023. Try our super stacked PU flared pants for the hip-hop fashionista in your life.

The oversized look is undoubtedly one of the most iconic styles in hip-hop fashion. The 2020s have shifted to tailored or cargo pants that look great. Try our Carson Stacked Flare Jean or our Cato Super Stacked Flare Jean.

RUN DMC were among the first to make menswear a hip-hop thing. At Rockstar Original, we sell a wide variety of clothing in different colors, cuts and prints. Rockstar Art Department. The Slim Black Hoodie Set is a women’s favorite with our Hadley Super Stacked Trackset.

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When you’re looking for where to buy hip hop clothes or just looking for rappers and OOTD ideas, follow Rockstar Original on Instagram. Check out our men’s hip hop collections and female celebrity collaboration to shop hip-hop fashion pieces like dresses, jeans, camo or bucket hats. Best of all, our fashion blog gives you ideas on how to style your pieces for the most flattering looks. Hip-Hop loves a logo! From double-breasted GGs and LVs to matching CC and Zucca prints, print-inspired dresses are the culture’s stamp of approval, and with good reason. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, when European fashion houses weren’t designing glitter and ballgowns, designer Dapper Dan updated the traditional designs of luxury brands into streetwear that played to the beat of ladies and rich dudes. Before a raid on his Harlem showroom put the designer out of business, clients for Dapper Dan’s previous creations included rappers LL Cool J, Roxanne Shante and Eric B and Rakim.

Today, most luxury brands have mastered the art of logomania. Christian Dior, Balenciaga, all the fashion houses have clothes covered with the brand logo. Not all brands have logo care in mind. For every monster-seeking craze, there’s a tribe of fashionistas who want the opposite. The minimalist, clean and modern design that never goes out of fashion, and some brands have even perfected that aesthetic, exemplified by the French luxury brand Celine.

Founded in 1945 by Richard and Céline Vipiana, Celine began as a designer shoe store for children. that one

Where Rappers Buy Their Clothes

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