Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40 – From time to time I share the best and most wearable looks for women over 40. These are looks that older women can wear without looking ridiculous. This year, we’re seeing new, exciting, and fun styles that you’ll love. As with all trends, you should pick what you like and try to put your own spin on the trends…make it your own. Also, DO NOT try any of these methods. I want to make sure you have all the resources you need to stay stylish and up to date! Below are the *TOP 10* fashion trends 2023 that I’m sure we can all wear.

This first look is so cute and edgy…but it can be done by women of any age. Simplicity, simplicity and anything with that “see-in” or “peek-a-boo” element…is all the rage right now! I personally like this scene. It’s a great way to show some skin while being covered up, sleek and light. Playing with lightweight fabrics is a great way to add a new twist and style to your look. The black Atoir dress I’m wearing above is so beautiful and elegant and the strategic placement of the fabric is something I really like. I still look covered up because of the high neck and long skirt. I know this isn’t for everyone and you can still find ways to play with plain fabrics by wearing plain sleeved tops, plain maxi skirts, tops and drop tops, strategic advertising or third layers.

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

Stripes have been a print for a long time, but it’s exploding on the catwalks and street style this year…and it’s a print that any woman can wear! The text itself is masculine, but strong and feminine at the same time. The ends are very flattering, slimming and elongating, which is amazing if you’re petite. The dress I’m wearing above is a fun one by Rose Assoulin that I wore

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Sales last year. They are like two pieces but one thing, I love the strong look, the contrast between masculine and feminine and the combination and elegance. You can also try a blazer for the office and trousers and a shirt for dinner!

Wear white all year round and not think it’s out of style…but this year we’re seeing more of different fabrics than traditional summer fabrics like cotton and linen. So now is the time to stock up on some white shirts and dresses you don’t have in your closet. I bought the two beautiful white dresses above that I know will be heavy hitters for the summer. A white dress is another cute summer outfit idea if you love wearing white…I love the white shirt and jeans combo!

On the spring 2023 runways, we will see many different colors! I love talking about seasonal colors because there are so many options that can be really fun.

The first (and my favorite) is cobalt blue. I love this color, it brings back so many memories of my teenage years and the 80s and it looks great on everyone. Beautiful, bright and bold. Other colors are metallic, all green and red. For my fellow fashionistas, keylime is another great color…it’s hard for me to wear because of my skin tone, but for some of you it will be!

Remember the color trends, you will not go out. You can make bursts of color…like red lips, colored nails, shoes, purses, etc. Play what you like!

This season’s floral trend goes beyond basic floral prints and takes it to the next level…in 3D! We notice signs and symptoms of flowers. They are light and you can see them blowing through the canvas. While I was at Paris Fashion Week, I was able to go to the Dior fashion show and saw that there was a section in the Fall/Winter line that featured these floral details, so it’s sure to be worn. This situation continued for a while. I haven’t had a chance to test this feature yet, so I’ve shared some photos of it in flight above and linked a few options to the store below so you can see what I have to say about them. 3D flowers!

Fringe is so much fun… you want to move, move, move! This year we’re seeing fringes in more trendy ways instead of the fringes we’re used to. It is on dresses, skirts, shirts, tops and looks very sophisticated. Even the tiniest of fringes can be beautiful. The Brochu Walker shirt I’m wearing above has a bit of fringe on the raised sleeves. But I’ve put some pretty cool links below.

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

By the way, you can buy my Brochu Walker shirt when you use code 15 at checkout!

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This is not your knitting! Think of a crochet that looks like a spider’s web with wider weaves than tight stitches. This is spring’s answer to changing clothes when the air starts to rise. I love this look… so simple, sophisticated, feminine and beautiful. Plus, texture adds interest and style to any outfit. When I went to Paris Fashion Week, I wore this gold embellished court from Dior, which is a great example of this style!

In jeans so this is easily one of my favorite looks of the season! I want you to think about denim this spring, among other things

This is. I know many of you don’t want to give up your skinny jeans (and you shouldn’t!), but this spring I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try a fresh new denim look. . Think wide leg jeans, skinny jeans or even straight leg jeans (which are always on the legs). If you’ve already rocked those skinny jeans, you’re ready to embrace the next denim trend… we’re seeing super wide leg jeans and cargo denim! Yep…these are cargo pocket jeans that are very military inspired. We also see everything from skirts and polka dot prints to mini skirts, pleats, ties, ruffles… the list goes on. Denim is almost everything this year!

The lines are the same as the denim bag…the pants are inside and not going anywhere! And we see them in different ways! Baggy, low-waisted, baggy, wide-leg, cargo, baggy, etc. The pants are hard to put on, I’ll do a full tutorial video here on how to put them on if you’re interested. I’ll probably try this look with some baggy pants and heels, so keep an eye out for that!

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The bigger the bag, the better! I love that this is better than the mini micro pouches of the past. But if you like micro bags, it’s also good because… with handbags, like denim and trousers, anything goes this spring. I recently bought this large Fendi Sunshine tote (large size) because of my recent travels, but also because I wanted to try this trend, and when I saw this, I knew it would be beautiful. advanced. Disclaimer: This bag will not fit under the seat in front of you, but you can fit it in the overhead bin. Plus, it lasts a long time!

I wanted to talk about this trend because it’s perfect for women over 40. We see a lot of skirts and knee length dresses and maxis! I love maxi lengths because they look so elegant and so easy.

Which one do you like or want to try? Tell us in the comments below!

Women's Fashion Blogs Over 40

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