Background Check Companies Used By Employers

Background Check Companies Used By Employers

Background Check Companies Used By Employers – I received a call today from a candidate looking for a new job after only 3 months in his current position. After 18 years of experience in the staff, I first suggested that he give it more time because he was just out of his new employee orientation period and if he doesn’t get better call me in 3 months to discuss options. . This is a candidate I have not placed in his current role, so he felt free to share some information with me. What he told me was very clear that the company he joined did not offer a constructive environment and in fact the manager he reported to was destructive in 75% of his comments/actions. Finally I suggest he better move to a new company because he had several offers on the table before accepting this one and other companies might still be interested in him just 3 months ago. Before hanging up I asked him a few questions about his courtship of the employer during the interview process and he said it was painted a completely different picture than reality. He said he also discovered (after he started) that the position he held had been vacated twice before in the last year and those people had left the company. I asked him (as I do with all my candidates) if he had really researched the company and its employees before accepting the position, his response while surprised was unusual as he said the only research he had done was what he was asked during the interview process.

Now applicants have many resources (free and paid) to help with the above situation. 70% of companies run background checks on any new hire, so why can’t your candidates do the same? I’m not saying during the interview that you pull out a background release form and ask your future manager to fill it out and sign it, but do it informally using the website that we have available to us, to dig a little bit into the company’s reputation, stability, etc. .

Background Check Companies Used By Employers

Background Check Companies Used By Employers

One of the resources I use in my work and recommend to candidates is to search the county courthouse for the name of the manager you work with as well as the company. This is usually a free search and can be found by googling the keywords “court” and “case search” and adding the name of the county the company is located in, which should take you to the county courthouse search website link. If the applicant above does this, he will find in a few minutes that his manager is the defendant in two separate cases, one being a divorce (which is not important) and the other may be important but I cannot say with the court. summary shown in the record. So while this doesn’t prove he’s a bad manager, there is a red flag because the targeted manager was the defendant in a civil case and that’s the latest. In most cases, you can take it a step further and order official court documents on the case for a fee if you really want to dig further.

Employment Background Check: Guide For Job Applicants

Social Media is another research tool, have you ever looked up a company name to check out their company’s Instagram, Facebook or Twitter page? What about the manager you want to work with? This will not only give you a snapshot of their personal life, but it can show you whether you have similar tastes or hobbies or have nothing in common. If you have a family and don’t see family photos or mention family, maybe your new manager is a work first, family second person… Do you want to leave work early to see your child perform in the school spelling bee? There is also a popular employment website,, which has internal (and previous) employee reviews of a company. Now obviously we all know there are two sides to every story and not everything we read is 100% accurate, but it’s a great way to do more research on one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make, and usually where there’s smoke, there’s fire. .

What about LinkedIn? Most candidates duplicate the companies/managers they interview with, but doing a quick search for current and former employees in the company name will tell you about the employee’s stability and progress. This can also indicate if this is a manager you want to hitch your wagon to… has he or she risen through the ranks of the company they work for, are they new to the company, what work history do they have ? … all good information to know. If he just joined the company and does not work, what happened to the employees they hired or on the contrary, they have been in the company for a long time and are promoted, this will lead to opportunities to advance with the employees who are working. for them? One suggestion, before diving into this search, change your privacy settings so that company employees don’t see that you’ve seen all their profiles.

Do you have a contact person with access to many summary boards? If you use this to your advantage, ask them to search in the name of the company that is interviewing and see how many resumes are currently registered employees, this may indicate a problem with the company or management and may be your location. will be happy with. While in life we ​​will never be 100% sure of the choices we make and how they will work out, we can do our own research to help eliminate some of those mistakes.

John Pierce is the Founder of Strategic Pursuit Group, L3C and has over 18 years of experience working in the staffing business. Strategic Pursuit Group and its network staffing partners provide direct placement and contracting services to clients in nearly every industry: Accounting, Banking & Finance, Engineering & Construction, Health, Human Resources, Industry & Manufacturing, Insurance, Sales & Marketing, Science, Services and Informatics You can follow the Strategic Pursuit Group on Twitter here: @HireStrategic or @SPGJobBoard. Website

Employment Background Checks And What They Mean For Your Privacy

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Background Check Companies Used By Employers

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Change These 12 iOS 17 Settings Now For a Superior Experience iOS 17 has a lot of features that you might not find. They help employers hire experienced and reliable employees. In addition, they are key to creating a safe and productive work environment. A successful background check program helps maintain and promote company values, now and with each new hire. Because of this, companies must ensure that they have a secure, compliant and reliable background screening process for their employees. To take care of this, many companies turn to third-party verification companies during the hiring process. Here are eight reasons why companies outsource background checks for their employees.

From federal regulations to what you can do with a negative result, there’s a lot to learn about background checks. Although companies can conduct background checks in-house, they may not have the same experience and expertise as third-party background checks. Outsourcing your background check doesn’t just take care of the process—it also provides you with an expert source of information. A good third-party screening company will work with you to answer any questions and address any additional needs or concerns you may have.

Like many third-party services, outsourced background checks provide your company with a more efficient screening process. When conducting a background check, your company must personally investigate each job applicant. This simply means calling past employers or checking academic records. However, some information requires a deeper search.

For example, if you want to check an applicant’s criminal history, your company will have to contact several courts. If your applicant already resides in several regions and jurisdictions, this means contacting several judicial shops to gather all the relevant information. You may even have to travel in person to some courthouses. When you factor in time, travel costs, and other resources, the process becomes too complicated for most businesses to handle effectively. When you outsource a process,

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