Dating Sites For Black Professionals

Dating Sites For Black Professionals – OAKLAND, Calif., October 7, 2014 // –The MELD app is a dating mobile app beautifully designed for the black professional. It aims to connect and bring together sophisticated black professionals on one platform for romantic discovery.

These days, there are many mobile dating apps for those who are single and looking to discover romance. While many have seen quality matches on these platforms, black singles professionals have not been so lucky. Various studies, most recently one by the founder of OkCupid – Christian Rudder – in his new book Dataclysm, have shown that the success rates for single black professionals on these platforms are very low despite high engagement rates. MELD has developed a mobile application that caters specifically to this category of single black professionals.

Dating Sites For Black Professionals

Dating Sites For Black Professionals

How does it work? MELD is different from other applications because it requires users to register with both LinkedIn and Facebook. MELD never shares or posts anything on user profiles. Combining both LinkedIn and Facebook improves the quality of profiles and adds more credibility. MELD is aimed at people who are interested in the finer things in life, other than dating.

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With MELD on their devices, single black professionals no longer have to sit on the sidelines waiting to find love online. MELD is now available on iOS and Android. The application can be downloaded here.

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Dating matches should be fun, intellectual and with a stable income and a career they love. A background in sports or entertainment is desirable; but not necessary. Both of these clients are active in the industry and want someone who understands business travel and the flexible lifestyle.

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Dating Sites For Black Professionals

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Chef, author and founder of food magazine For the Culture, KLancy Miller at the Ace Hotel DTLA to celebrate her new…For CarpeDM co-founders Sali Hama and Naza Shelley, knowing that black women have a harder time. There are new information about dating apps. But it was providing a unique study that showed how strong relationships can ultimately provide the financial, physical and emotional support that led Hama and Shelley to move away from their legal careers in favor of the early world of dating.

“It was enlightening to really think, well, if this is what it takes for women to make these changes and really be effective in their communities, especially in the black community, then you have to start solving the problem. looking at an issue of inclusion. a way to really help black women create and maintain healthy, stable relationships,” Hama shared.

CMO Hama and CEO Shelley are the driving force behind Woodbridge, Virginia-based CarpeDM, a dating app and dating service for black women. Alongside the IRL District, you may remember CarpeDM as part of the team behind LoveCast, an interactive virtual dating show created last March. (The show also won Invention of the Year at the 2020 Awards.) But now, the startup is focusing on its roots and preparing for the official launch of the CarpeDM app, which Hama said will be available to single DMVs in late September. or early October. Meanwhile, it’s also conducting a partner survey on black women’s partner experience so CarpeDM can address all the pain points, Hama said.

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“It was really important to sit down and think about who is being underserved in the dating market, and what kind of products are generally lacking from dating,” Hama said. “So not only have we built a community for an untapped market, but we’ve elevated online dating itself.”

CarpeDM, which will be available for iOS this fall and Android next year, offers an app and community for black women and anyone interested in meeting them, Hama said. After downloading the app, users fill out a 50-question survey about themselves and what they’re looking for in a relationship. Participants must also upload a photo and video of themselves, and submit their profile for review by a matchmaker, who will complete a 30-minute interview. After submitting a final check, users can start using the app and interact with matches selected by the matchmaker. The startup is for singles at the DMV, though it can be accessed from anywhere, and users can decide if they’re ready to act for love.

CarpeDM also publishes blog posts and a video series called “Black Women Empowered” with dating experts, and eventually it will host member events for a more community-centered experience.

Dating Sites For Black Professionals

“We really take a holistic approach to dating. With Tinders and Bumbles, it’s kind of like, ‘The platform is here, find a partner and good luck,'” Hama said. a community because we want to connect with our members.”

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The official launch of the CarpeDM app also comes at a unique time. Hama said people’s interests are moving away from random swipe culture and toward meaningful, authentic dating. CarpeDM’s user verification process helps with this, she said, requiring people to slow down a bit and pay more attention to the person they’re talking to.

“We already know that singles are sick of swiping, they’re sick of the Tinder culture, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going away because it’s the culture,” Hama said. “And if you leave the room where everyone else is, where will you find a partner?” CarpeDM, co-founder hopes.

Starting this fall, Hama said CarpeDM is adding several marketing students as well as interns to its team. The company is also in the vicinity of 250,000 dollars, which will close soon, for the launch. It has also partnered with six organizations, including membership workspace The Gathering Spot, clothing store Cherry Blossom Intimates and The Most, a hair care company from DC founder Dawn Myers. Hama said that CarpeDM wants to carry out joint campaigns with its partners in the coming months.

“It is very important for us to work with partners who are also on a mission to improve the lives of black women,” Hama said.

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