Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

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Where do the flowers of Singapore come from? Where can I get bulk flowers or small pieces of flowers?

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

With measures easing and the economy moving into second phase, flower wholesalers have reopened. During the Circuit Breaker period, supply chains were severely disrupted due to the closure of global borders and for some time there were virtually no flowers. Fortunately things have improved a bit and some prices have improved due to increased transport costs.

Flowers Singapore: What Are The 5 Most Common Flowers?

Since Singapore is in the tropics and has little land, orchids are one of the few flowers grown locally and exported. A group of orchids can survive beautifully because they are perfectly suited to our climate.

Most fresh flowers come from China, Kenya, the Netherlands (Holland) and Malaysia, followed by Australia and South Africa. Some also come from Colombia, Ecuador, India, Italy.

That’s why the price of flowers in Singapore is much higher than in other countries! Each country also has their special exports (eg roses from Kenya, proteas from South Africa, tulips from the Netherlands) and the same flower from different countries may have different characteristics (different sizes or colors or prices).

Singapore does not have a single flower market like countries like UK or Australia where many suppliers are gathered under one roof. Instead, Singapore wholesalers operate independently and are scattered across the island.

Best Florists In Singapore For Bouquets & Flower Delivery

Be sure to visit various flower importers/wholesalers around Singapore for quantity and variety. Freshly cut flowers are kept in a cold room where the temperature can drop as low as 6 degrees Celsius! So always carry a jacket.

There are many other smaller wholesalers but these are the biggest in Singapore:

Not all of us can afford to buy whole bunches of retail flowers from wholesalers. Those who want to get small pieces of flowers for solo arrangement or gifting to friends can visit

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

In our 2-day course (ie basic or wedding course) we take participants on visits to flower suppliers, where we introduce the buying process and give tips on how to choose flowers, what to look out for when buying wholesale, etc. We’re going to start over. Course in August soon, can’t wait! So where do florists buy their flowers? The answer is a bit complicated because a florist can have many options: grow flowers themselves, buy directly from growers, buy from large auctions or wholesalers. This may seem obvious, but when we consider that the flower business is an ancient business and is better traveled by people who buy flowers these days, the matter seems to require a little explanation.

Unique Flower Bouquet Ideas: Unconventional Choices For A Memorable Gift In Singapore

Growing your own flowers may sound like a crazy idea, but it works for many UK-based florists. For example, the Garden Gate Flower Company is famous for growing its own flowers. However, this business model has its own drawbacks such as non-availability of off-season flowers and long periods of silence. This company can overcome these problems by using their entrepreneurial spirit: marriage counseling, blogging, teaching and being ready to take opportunities when they arise. If you want to know more about them, check out their blog.

The main bonus of buying flowers from a local farm is that they will not be dipped in pesticides and will have a wonderful smell, which industrial varieties do not have.

Buying flowers directly from a flower farm allows florists to secure a large quantity of flowers at a predetermined price. This is good for special days like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, when flowers are in demand and auction prices can be very high in case of bad weather. Roses and Blooms is a local, family owned and operated New York florist, offering flowers straight from the farm. This allows them to choose unique and exotic flowers for their shop. His mantra is no medium, no problem.

A flower auction is a place where beauty meets business. For example, the Aalsmeer Flower Auction is commonly referred to as the largest commercial building by its visitors, and not surprisingly given its busy traffic and auction hall that delivers around 21 million flowers per day to the world’s flower-hungry market. This auction concentrates about 50% of the total Dutch flower and plant traffic and the rest is controlled by five auctioneers in Holland. I can’t describe this art better than the video made by Floraland, see below.

Southside Blooms Transforms Inner Cities By Turning Vacant Lots To Flower Farms

Last but not least wholesale. If you live in London, there are many options. You can approach an online wholesaler who can offer a huge range of flowers at your fingertips day or night. But picking flowers yourself is not an experience.

The best place to get bulk flowers in London is New Covent Garden Flower Market. Which is the UK’s largest and best wholesale flower market. Although beware that this place caters to florists and operates at night, wake up early if you plan to visit. If you want to know more about New Covent Garden Flower Market, check out my post about it or enjoy the video below. Fresh flowers instantly liven up any space and especially for reunions and family gatherings on festive occasions like Hari Raya.

In fact, since work from home (WFH) has become the norm, the flower industry in Singapore has flourished. Some homes subscribe to fresh flowers to create a calm, productive home environment in which to work and live.

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

If you love to shop, browse and choose and arrange your own floral centerpieces, here are the best wholesale florists in Singapore to buy fresh cut flowers.

Flower Suppliers And Wholesalers In Singapore — Botany Studio

After you’re done shopping, click here to go to the bottom of this article to read how you can make fresh flowers last longer.

Bring a jacket if you think you’ll be browsing for a while. Most nurseries in Singapore keep flowers in cold rooms.

Think flowers and landscaping and the name that comes to mind is Far Eastern Flora. Far Eastern Orchids is its floral arm, with a wholesale fresh flower center right next to Far Eastern Flora.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of imported fresh cut flowers at wholesale prices – think dahlias, roses, peonies, tulips and calla lilies. It also received cherry blossoms from Japan for the festival, which we saw on its Facebook page.

Florist In Singapore

Tucked away inconspicuously off New Industrial Road, fresh flowers and foliage are imported daily from all over the world, including Holland, Australia, New Zealand, the US, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and Kenya. With a cold room of 4000 square feet, the variety here is very wide and you will find beautiful, quality flowers. In fact, we heard that many florists deliver them here.

For wedding, hotel and event decorations, it currently imports more than 100 types of flowers from New Zealand, Holland, Taiwan, China, Malaysia, India and Bangkok. She recently announced that her fresh flowers are available for purchase so head over to her Simei outlet to pick your favorite flowers – you’ll find tulips, roses, spider mums, eryngium and hypericum berries.

Also along the Upper Thomson stretch, Ji Mei Flower Hall is where you can go for beautiful flowers like hyacinths, delphiniums, heliconias, phalaenopsis orchids; They import flowers from all over the world from countries like Kenya, Japan, Netherlands, Ecuador, Colombia, Australia and Taiwan.

Where Do Flower Shops Get Their Flowers

Housed in a large cold room, you’ll find everything from rainbow roses to heliconias and phalaenopsis orchids, all carefully packed and ready to go at incredibly attractive prices. It also has festive floral arrangements ready for display, should you find you’re not up to putting together your own.

Tips For Buying Plants And Flowers At The Grocery Store

Are grocery store flowers good? Yes, the flowers you get at NTUC and Cold Storage are sourced from the same leading flower nursery in Singapore.

If you’re short on time or left your flower shopping for the last minute, head to your nearest cold storage. The variety can be limited but we have a selection of lilies, eustomas, chrysanthemums, roses, orchids and statis (depending on season and availability). Plus, they come in smaller bunches than what you’d find at a wholesaler, so you can make your own centerpieces or bouquets without spending too much.

You can visit Zee Flower Wholesale’s cold room to browse its offerings or save yourself a trip and order fresh flowers from its website. The process is pretty simple, and the website even has an up-to-date price list and an order page on the latest arrivals — we’ve got roses, gerberas, alstroemerias, hydrangeas and more.

Or if you want to know what the florist has before you head down, it’s helpfully listed

Daily Flowers In A Mason Jar

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