Famous Interior Designers And Their Work

Famous Interior Designers And Their Work – It’s no secret that we’re as obsessed with interior design as you are. And while we will happily spend our days talking about the newest colors of the year, the most sought-after furniture and the coolest decorating ideas, we know that these trends did not appear overnight. Instead, they are derived from some of the most famous designers in the industry; creative people who used their unique visions to lay the foundations for the beauty of our spaces today. Sure, some designers have rock star-level interiors; however, their stories and legacies are often overlooked in our daily lives. (Finally do

Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to improve your design IQ, here is a list of the 25 most famous interior designers. From classic creators to modern legends who are redefining the industry today, think of this list as Interior Design: 101.

Famous Interior Designers And Their Work

Famous Interior Designers And Their Work

The design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host has single-handedly proven that there is beauty in every space. In his successful program entitled

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Berk transforms homes in no time, bringing its bright, contemporary spirit to every corner. (Trust us, the results are unrecognizable.) And thanks to his online platform and curated furniture line, Berk’s influence is much more than TV magic.

Writer, actress, wife of a British diplomat, which earned her the title of Lady Mendl: it can be said that Elsie de Wolfe has worn many hats in 85 years. But the most outstanding? The first decorator in America. With an impressive client list – including high-class families such as the Fricks and Hewitts – de Wolfe is considered a design realist. (At the time, interior design was considered a more masculine field, so suffice it to say that de Wolfe also brought a feminine twist to the industry). -Victorian aesthetics brought a breath of fresh air to the 19th and 20th centuries.

Speaking of de Wolfe, it would be unwise to leave out his most famous protégé, Tony Duquette, in the conversation. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Duquette got his start as a film production designer, but has also taken his fantastic eye away from the camera. As an avid traveler, Duquette was famous for seeking inspiration to realize his maximalist vision. His most iconic project was undoubtedly Dawnridge, the Beverly Hills estate that, since Duquette’s death in 1999, has been managed by his protégé, Hutton Wilkinson.

Brigette Romanek opened her eponymous company in 2018, but it is already on the way to design infamy. Not only has it been featured in the best lists of designers in recent years, but it also has a rich list of stars such as Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore. And thanks to his colorful but timeless approach to decoration, we can agree that a design star has been born.

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Berkus may have landed on the designers’ radar when he was initially a regular guest on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show of the same name, but since then his star has grown tenfold. Over the years, Berkus’ designs have become synonymous with a masculine and timeless aesthetic that is often characterized by classic elements, a contrasting palette and earthy accents. Now Berkus collaborates, collects and has the opportunity to appear on the screen with her husband and fellow designer, Jeremiah Brent. Talk about a power couple!

Calling all maximalists: you have Dorothy Draper to thank for your “more is more” aesthetic. Founded in 1925, Dorothy Draper’s design firm is often considered the first and most recognized design firm in the United States. And with his inventive eye for bright colors and bold patterns, it’s safe to say that his designs are just as smile-inducing as they were during his tenure. In 2006, the Museum of the City of New York opened a solo retrospective of Draper’s work, which attracted more than a million visitors. However, if you want to see the magic of his designs in the wild, his company is credited with dreaming up interiors for properties such as the Greenbrier and Colony Hotel.

Born Dorothy May Kinnicutt, Sister Parish managed to make history as one of the greatest designers of all time. Although Parish had an impressive list of clients – Jackie Kennedy was also commissioned to decorate the White House – you may be surprised to hear that during the Great Depression, when her husband and father turned their passion for the interior in a career, he turned his passion for the interior. internal in a career to take a pay cut. Parish died in 1994, but left behind his distinctive style of American country. So the next time you see a patchwork quilt or a calico, remember that it is all the work of the Parish.

Famous Interior Designers And Their Work

When it comes to the interior design industry, all roads lead to Albert Hadley. Although he started out as a protégé of Billy Baldwin, he eventually became a design icon. Not only has he often collaborated with Sister Parish, but he has also mentored many popular designers such as Bunny Williams and Thom Filicia. But his greatest legacy? He has a chameleon-like aesthetic and a keen instinct for knowing when a room is complete.

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It is still considered one of the most influential design books. While the American decorator is known for ultra-innovative designs, such as the iconic scarlet salon of Diana Vreeland (Diana in the picture) and the Greek digs of Jackie Onassis, it is his emphasis on the “good bones” which made it a longtime favorite. Unlike many designers of his time, Baldwin believed that a room should be filled with items that his clients actually own, which led to the trend of mixing old and new. In addition, he was deeply convinced that the beauty of a space was a collaboration between the decorator and the client. Of course, it may seem obvious

It’s easy to see why Kelly Wearstler is, quite literally, teaching a MasterClass on contemporary design. Since founding his own design firm in the 1990s, Wearstler has conquered every corner of the design industry – working on residential and commercial projects as well as lifestyle products. But no matter what he’s working on, his thoughtful use of silhouettes, colors and materials always stands out. Result? Modern luxury at its best.

Mario Buatta can be lovingly called the Prince of Chintz, but we also say that he is the grandfather of Millennium decor. During his career – spanning five decades – the designer loved the bright floral fabric and

. Drapes? sofas? Lights? Check, check and check. Fun fact: before his death in 2018, Buatta designed spaces for stars like Barbara Walter and Mariah Carey.

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A major supporter of diversity in design was Harold Curtis Brown. After studying at the Boston School of Fine Arts and the New School of Design and after living in Paris, Brown made a name for himself by designing various clubs and hotels, such as the Hotel Navarro, which became famous during the Renaissance of Harlem. Although little is known about Brown’s last years, he will always be remembered in history as one of the first black designers in the country.

To create Sheila Bridges’ unique design style, she starts with a classic base and adds unexpected elements. Enriched with tactile materials, thought-provoking color palettes and an abundance of global influences, Bridges brings a modern approach to traditional design. And if you want a piece of her style in your space, her Harlem Toile wallpaper and fabric fit perfectly into that sweet spot between old and new.

The Midwestern multifamily building may be famous for its inspiring architecture, but let’s not forget that Frank Lloyd Wright also had a knack for great interior design. After decades of rich traditionalism, Wright brought a restrained approach to his homes. From earthy palettes to sparse accessories to a passion for geometric patterns, his influence offers a new perspective on modern design.

Famous Interior Designers And Their Work

From the combination of wallpaper and fabrics to furnishings such as the dramatic four-poster bed, David Hicks never fails to set trends. But perhaps our favorite of his decades-long career was his approach to mixing and matching sources of inspiration. Contemporary products combined with antiques? Hicks responded strongly to this list, and the industry followed suit.

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With nine books, several awards and television appearances, and more than 40 years of experience under his belt, the British designer is a household name. Of course, Kelly Hoppen’s practice is more than a list of accolades: the designer is the queen of statement pieces, combining clean lines and neutrality with a warm richness.

Justina Blakeney carries the proverbial torch and wears a modern boho style. In recent years, Blakeney has gone from running her beloved website Jungalow to landing deals with major retailers like Target and writing her own bestseller. Chances are, yes

Contrary to popular belief, simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Perhaps very few creators have followed this design ethos like Jean-Michel Frank. The French interior and furniture designer embodied the balance between subtlety and expressiveness, using exclusive materials such as shagreen on pieces with subdued backs. Result? Rich minimalism that catches the eye.

When it comes to today’s master of minimalist design, it is none other than Axel Vervoordt.

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