Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40 – I’ve mentioned a few times that I’m finally going on vacation in a few days, but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned where we’re going. We fly to Belize on Saturday and won’t be there until the 25th. I’m so excited to finally get some time to relax by the pool or play in the sea, but everything has a price. I’m not talking financially; I’m talking planning, scheduling blog posts, and taking lots of photos before you go.

The funny thing about our trip was; which was a trip that my daughter and her friend took. Joe and I found out about her trip and decided to participate. My daughter and her friend plan on island hopping, snorkeling, swimming with sharks, seeing Mayan ruins, seeing the Blue Hole, etc., and Joe and I aren’t doing any of that. Lol! We just want to relax and enjoy the heat and the scenery. The place we stayed says they have Wi-Fi, but I’m worried it won’t work or be strong enough to post. Sooo, if there’s a day that you don’t answer, don’t worry, I’m tearing my hair out instead of relaxing, but I’ll be back soon. If any of you have visited Belize, especially San Pedro, where I will be staying, please give me some tips or things to do.

Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

The other day when I made a post about some J.Jill clothes, I mentioned that the clothes on the site might look boring. I’m sure the company doesn’t intend for this to happen, but when you look at the website and then this shirt, you’ll see what I mean. This relaxed fringed t-shirt has a beautiful print and the material is a very soft rayon. The shirt has a casual feel to it but looks smart and stylish. I wear a small because this top runs big and looks great.

Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40

Here is the rear view. You can see the length of the shirt and whether it covers my ass.

I kept the accessories casual to match the overall look of this outfit. My straw earrings are part of a pack of 4 that I bought to go on vacation. I don’t want to wear expensive earrings to the pool or sea, so I always pick up some cheap, disposable options. An elastic belt is also part of the 4-pack. This is the lightest color, and there are black, khaki, and a multicolored belt. My necklace is the Adeline Link Necklace and my bracelet is the David Yurman Cable Loop Bracelet. They can travel with me, but they won’t wear them at the pool or beach. Lol!

I wanted to use a yellow bag to highlight the yellow of the shirt. I could have carried my Coach Lane bag, but it was too elegant for the look I was going for. So I got this yellow striped bag and the outfit was casual with it. This bag is padded and closes with a drawstring to protect your items. It’s a great medium size, cheap and not a huge investment.

I’ve already worn the white version of these Liverpool straight leg jeans and loved them so much that I ordered this pair too. I love the color, fit and slightly distressed look of these jeans. They have a relaxed fit and are comfortable to wear. I wear a size 8 and they fit me really well!

All The Bold Colours For Spring/summer

These canvas espadrille sandals are perfect for spring and summer. I love the jute espadrille sole and the natural hemp color is a great neutral that goes with everything. These sandals run true to size and I wear my usual size 9.

I am thrilled that my daughter is returning to Virginia. He may not stay long, but I’ll enjoy it while he’s here. I’m 1.60m tall and she makes me look tiny. Lol! She is 5’11” and 3/4″; she always has to include 3/4 of an inch because she really wanted to be 6′ tall. Can you tell she is artistic? She was taking photos when I asked her to come take a photo with me. If you are interested in the Hoka cycling pants and sneakers, I will give those links too. She wears XL shorts, I also have them, and I wear L.

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Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

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Favorites From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

4 One thing I ask of the Lord, this is all I ask: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to see the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple.

50 Is Not Old partners with affiliate platforms where commissions can be earned based on clicks and/or purchases, and I would love it if you decided to use the links above? Affiliate links help bloggers like me fund the free content we provide on our blogs. Over the years, I’ve become very selective about the blogs I follow – especially blogs run by fashion bloggers over 40.

I deleted many blogs from my reader some time ago. The ones I still follow have a strong writing voice and convey a sense of purpose in the blogging world. For example, consider the following group of women. Everyone can be a fashion blogger over 40; but they all write about fashion thoughtfully, while cultivating great content and boasting an impeccable sense of style. That’s why I present IFB’s top picks for 2017 as it pertains to our favorite fashion bloggers over 40.

Editor’s note: This list is updated every two years. Feel free to mention your favorite fashion bloggers over 40 in the comments below if you’d like them to be considered for this list.

Absolutely Fabulous Over 40 Influencers Everyone Should Follow

Seemingly timeless. Incredibly chic. Ridiculously appropriate. Diane of Fashion on the 4th Floor is one of my favorites when it comes to fashion bloggers over 40. Whether she’s wearing sporty jeans or an off-the-shoulder cocktail dress, her positive energy simply jumps off the page. If you’re looking for easy, chic, and classic inspiration, be sure to check out her blog.

If you’re petite like Trina from Petite Style Studio, you’ll find her blog an amazing resource. She’s a master when it comes to pairing bright reds and pinks against muted backgrounds. Her blog is worth checking out no matter where you are on the height spectrum.

Samantha, a part-time biomedical scientist, shows how it’s done when it comes to color on her blog Fake Fabulous. She’s especially talented when it comes to styling accessories like belts and scarves. Be sure to check out this stylish Scottish if you’re looking for fall/winter style inspiration.

Fashion Blogs For Moms Over 40

I’ve always been a fan of Lucky magazine (RIP!) and loved founding editor Kim France’s style. On her blog, Girls of a Certain Age, she writes about shopping in New York (and shopping in any city in general), along with her favorite designers and current shopping trends. She excels at establishing relationships with her readers and engaging in dialogue with her community. He often asks his followers questions and responds quickly to comments. It also doesn’t hurt that we share a love for clogged shoes!

Savvy Southern Chic

I may not wear this color, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate it in others. In fact, I especially appreciate Catherine from Not Dressed as Lamb. The looks she wears would be WAY out of my comfort zone, but she always looks beautiful and confident in everything she puts together. Her photography is also beautiful and I find great inspiration in her work.

We previously featured Lyn from Accidental Icon here on IFB. When it comes to her killer style and serious attitude towards life, we can’t say it enough. Lyn is a prolific blogger, Yohji Yamamoto aficionado, and professor of social welfare at Fordham University, and her popularity skyrocketed five years ago. Half a decade later, Accidental Icon is still going strong and it’s easy to see why.

I’m not going to lie, I’m jealous of Kim’s killer handbag collection. I also enjoy her design aesthetic, shopping posts, and designer features on her blog, J’Adore Couture. She’s also great at mixing highs and lows in her outfit posts, making her style more approachable. So if you’re a fan of department stores and fast fashion, go ahead

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