Fashion Blogs For Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Over 40 – Grace.Grit.Glamour is a Colorado-based lifestyle blogger who focuses on fashion, style and showing women that they don’t have to stop loving after 40.

Hi! I’m Beverly Truscheit, a blogger and blogger living in Denver. Glad you stopped by! I love fashion and beauty and often ask for advice.

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

I really like to be comfortable while still looking good. A cozy dress with a fun side skirt and comfy velvet paisley shoes will make running a busy day look stylish and dressy! The fabric is soft, true to size, and how cute is that side skirt? Velvet ankle boots are a classic look with a paisley pattern and a good heel height.

Rounding Up Your Favorite, Top 10 Best Blog Posts Of 2021

The dress and heels are from Nordstrom. I bought them during their long Memorial Day sale and waited for the weather to match my clothing choices. End up!

I have to say that I have always loved the embroidered ones. I’m on a roll this fall! There are many great pieces of clothing that are embellished and embroidered, from denim jeans to velvet jackets and dresses. When I saw this little number, I knew it was perfect.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking…another BLACK dress? Well, what I like about this is that it’s faux leather and it’s pointy so I don’t have to struggle getting it on. But everything is in the sewing. The beautiful blue flower pattern on the sleeves, the slightly asymmetric zipper and the simple collar make this look stylish and effortless. Not to mention it’s also available in other colors! I paired it with a simple spaghetti pant/jumper and black accessories and my favorite pearl necklace. But I know I’ll wear it with jeans and a t-shirt.

I may not own a Harley-Davidson, but I know I’m going places on this classic!

Fashion Blogger Over 40 Archive

Autumn is a truly magical time. Cold days and nights. Falling leaves, beautiful green gold colors, college football and pumpkin spice! But… Let’s not forget about style!

I really like this outfit I put together for a fundraiser a few weeks ago. The shirt with the flowing sleeves and the gorgeous gold color is one of my favorites and I’m glad to see that the spring-summer trend continues into fall and winter. I love gold accessories and have some long necklaces that complete the whole look.

The velvet curtain is more comfortable with a detail of the material and I like the length. But these shoes make me smile. They are suede, playful and (the magic word)…comfortable!! Who cares? I want to add some style and I know I like fish tank tops.

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

I was happy to have a dark floral pattern to complete the look. Color, comfort and fall style! Not many people in my social circle (media) know that I am over 40. Actually, I am over 40. I tried introducing myself as a #Over40 blog.

Wardrobe Inspiration For Women Over 50

However, I don’t like to limit myself to a certain age group. But I want to be who I am regardless of my age. That age doesn’t limit what I wear, because! I am no longer comfortable with a heel higher than 3 inches.

I applaud women over 40 who defy all the rules. But I like to make subtle changes to suit my personality. This helps me feel more comfortable in my own skin while experimenting with younger styles. Today’s outfit is the perfect example of me taking elements of a youthful look and making it age appropriate. The two styles I’m trying on here are 1) Crop Top and 2) Sheer Top.

View Above. I know fishing nets and fishing nets, but they present challenges due to humidity. For evening wear, I prefer to wear wool with a lace bralette or camisole, as seen in my natural hair care post. During the day, I chose a more textured openwork knit dress from Mango, which is just a “symbol” of cleanliness. Because underneath I chose a solid triangle bikini top from Organic Basics, giving it that brunch-to-beach vibe.

Talking about being eco-friendly and sustainable, this Mango top is made from 100% recycled polyester. Mango, known for its fast fashion, has created a limited edition line as part of their global charity Take Action campaign.

My Experience As A 40 Something, Curvy Fashion Blogger

Getting your style over 40 requires confidence and a carefree attitude. Cowrie Shell Necklace from Black-Own Bay Area Jewelry Company Cocoacentric

Crop Top – Let’s be personal here. Diastasis recti (separation of the rectus abdominis muscles or “six-pack” muscles after pregnancy), but it destroyed my stomach days after 2 births in 18 months. So in this look I’m showing a belly button above the lower waist. To look my age, I opted for a longer pencil skirt – a Valentino linen dress from Neutral Ground. Neutral Ground is one of my favorite wine shops founded by a black woman entrepreneur. Since this outfit is unique, I’ve included a great selection from Club Monaco and a vintage Versace style if you’re interested.

Your shape is over 40 Tips: In this example I show a belly button above the lower waist and choose a long pencil skirt.

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

To draw the eye up and off my belly, I picked up a statement making cowrie shell necklace from Coacoacentric. Chosen by Pop Sugar as one of the best black cosmetics. I’ve always kept dark business on this blog. Black Lives Matter has increased the importance of supporting Black-Owned. I was like a kid in a candy store seeing all the signs I saw because of the BLM effect.

Menswear Inspired Looks Over 40

At the end of the day, it should be fun. It is best if you have your condition above 40 or more years.

As a member of several brands, I receive from fair sales through the links below and blog posts. This does not change the price you pay and please check my site and buy “outside” of the affiliate links. The world of blogging is crowded. From big brands and academics to the average woman following her passions, there’s no shortage of style inspiration in the blogosphere. And I think it’s amazing, really, that there are so many different styles and techniques that draw attention. But to make filtering a little easier, we have selected our Top 10 favorite blogs so that you can check them out and enjoy their work experience as much as we do.

Grace + Beauty is a great blog for women over 40 looking for fashion, beauty, skincare and lifestyle advice. Cyndi Spivey is a mom and teacher who also talks about living a happy life. Her posts include great photos, inspiration for creating your own look, and links to articles so you can sell the look. Check it out at Grace + Beauty.

Annette is a 54-year-old journalist, travel agent and loving mother who writes with a difference. His posts are written in German and English and always provide links to purchase options to copy his features. It includes many images and always shows the same style used in a few different ways, which is great for those looking for style inspiration.

Fashion Over 40: How To Wear A Striped Dress!

More Than Turquoise by Jamie Lewinger is a great blog for those of us who love turquoise and southwest style. Jamie often visits thrift stores and pairs these styles with designers, creating authentic looks. He likes to travel and find secrets in new places, but he also admits to love music. Not only is her photography beautiful and her style is beautiful, but her blog posts and videos are upbeat, inspiring, and full of great advice for style and a happy life. Check it out at More Than Turquoise!

Janise from Mama In Heels is a mom of twins who loves fashion, beauty and a healthy lifestyle. She writes a lot about motherhood, a woman who works and does everything with great attention and love for style and style. Check her out on Mama in Heels!

Not Dressed as Lamb is run by Catherine Summers, a 40-year-old Brit with a beautiful personality and an amazing talent for photography. She works to encourage women to wear what they want, but also provides style ideas and inspiration for bold looks. She also created the hashtag, #Iwillwearwhatilike and uses it to encourage women to wear what makes them happy, not what they think they “should” wear. Check him out on Not Dressed Like Lamb!

Fashion Blogs For Over 40

Style is J’Adore Couture

How To Look Elegant And Classy Everyday

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