Where To Find Graphic Designers

Where To Find Graphic Designers – Some jobs are creative, some are technology, and some are a combination of both. Graphic design is a great example of a job that requires creativity and mastery of technology. A career as a graphic designer is an adventure of continuous growth and learning. Exciting new challenges are always around the corner, and technology never stands still.

The commercial use of graphic design began during the Industrial Revolution, when a boom in goods and services created a need for artists to advertise to consumers. As technology and visual media become more sophisticated, graphic design is more important than ever when it comes to communication and audience engagement. Visual communication is not only commercial, it can sell not only products but also ideas, but it is central to our economy. “We’re almost a branch of commerce,” says John Hall, dean of the Department of Multimedia, Graphic Design and Illustration at the community college (ACC). “To do our job, we need people with a story to tell and a product to sell.”

Where To Find Graphic Designers

Where To Find Graphic Designers

Without graphic design, your organization will not be able to attract your customers and supporters. That is why graphic designers are always in demand, even in difficult times. Hall points to recent changes in marketing messaging as businesses and organizations have suddenly had to adapt to a new world of isolation due to the pandemic. This sudden change in messaging was made possible in no small part by the work of graphic designers.

Visual Designers Vs Graphic Designers

It’s no secret that graphic designers are “creative,” so other terms for graphic designers include graphic artist and creative designer. However, according to John, the field will always be based on technology. “It was a marriage of art and technology, because even before we had computers, we needed to know what was going on in the printing press,” he points out. “Now we’re not just in print, we’re on everyone’s computer screen. We’re on video and on social media. If you have a message you want to tell, a story you want to tell, you can share it on a variety of media. This has to be done.”

Graphic designer, creative designer and graphic artist are interchangeable titles. But artists and fine artists are usually something different. Some people think there’s a difference between graphic artists who work with software and fine artists who work with physical media, but that’s not entirely true. Some fine artists create their work on the computer, and some graphic artists use physical media to create their work.

The real difference is whose message is being conveyed. Hall said, “Graphic designers apply artistic storytelling to a specific purpose, usually someone else. Artists are more likely to tell stories that grow from within themselves.”

Learning modern graphic design technology may sound difficult, especially for a two-year associate degree, but it is very possible to gain a foundation in the basics of graphic design technology. What you learn with a graphic design degree should be thought of as a series of building blocks. As you work and your design software continues to evolve and new updates come out, you will continue to accumulate knowledge.

Seven Reasons To Hire A Graphic Designer

But what about the creative, artistic part? Should students be naturally creative or have an artistic talent? Do students applying to ACC’s graphic design program have enough of a spark of creativity? I say there is no need to worry about it. All you need is determination and enthusiasm.

“We’re very welcome to be an entry-level program,” he says. “We very much welcome students who are eager to learn, because even if they benefit from our program, there is a spark inside them, a constant thirst for knowledge, a sharp and sharp improvement in their skills, because it still requires a constant thirst. to continue. Until now.”

Even those who cannot yet draw stick figures can learn creative skills. From charcoal drawing to drawing in Adobe Illustrator, everything is covered in the two-year graphic design degree program, which also teaches design principles such as color theory, composition, message hierarchy and typography. Even ideation, the process of generating ideas, is a learned skill.

Where To Find Graphic Designers

For this reason, if you work as a graphic designer, it is unlikely that a robot will come to your job. While it’s true that graphic design software is constantly being updated with AI-driven improvements, these should fuel creativity, not replace it. Graphic artists, creators of ideas using technology, are always human.

Companies That Hire For Remote Graphic Design Jobs

ACC’s two-year graphic design program can turn students fresh out of high school into graphic designers, but the program is designed for professionals looking to change careers or enhance their existing careers. It’s a great opportunity. “Some students come in with full bachelor’s degrees in different types of art, but they want to add a technical component,” Hall explains. “We like people to come in with all kinds of art degrees. A marketing degree blends really well with graphic design.” Enroll with an existing degree Career change students can take most courses in the first two semesters because they are general education courses.

Regardless of your starting point, ACC’s four-semester AAS program will prepare you for the workforce or for transfer to a graphic design bachelor’s degree program. The program is comprehensive, with coursework and labs covering web design, 2D design, multimedia, illustration, production, and industry tools instruction. These tools include the Adobe Creative Suite software programs that design professionals use every day.

ACC also offers students in its graphic design class a free LinkedIn Learning account so they can access high-quality online tutorials to supplement and enhance their classroom learning.

For aspiring design professionals, there are definite benefits to earning an AAS degree. First, it’s something you can note when applying for a job, and it’s also a way to reassure employers and clients that you’ve learned the ropes and have some skills. The associate’s degree also offers important benefits such as client experience, work critique, a well-curated portfolio, professional networking, and business skills in graphic design.

Graphic Design Techniques You Need To Master

ACC offers two certificate options in addition to the associate degree for those interested in improving their graphic design skills.

According to John, the computer graphics certificate was developed to facilitate jobs such as office administration, which may require the creation of professional marketing and information materials. All of the courses included in the certificate are also part of the AAS, so if students who earn the certificate decide to pursue an associate degree, they already have a head start.

The Web Design Certification is a resume and career booster that consists of 30 credits of coursework that goes beyond the curriculum offered at AAS. In class, you’ll learn about web design, user interfaces, and marketing. John points out that earning the AAS and Web Design certification “gives you a very expanded and in-demand skill set.”

Where To Find Graphic Designers

ACC’s Graphic Design degree program allows students to complete real-world projects for real clients, from idea proposal to final touches. Hall points out that these experiences are invaluable. “It’s a great opportunity to learn how to really listen to your customers, create a design and present it to them. You’ll have some give and take. You’ll see how they react to your solution and You This kind of spontaneous interaction is difficult to replicate with self-study.”

Graphic Design Words Everyone Should Know Infographic

Although various classes in the program include client work, two classes are dedicated to client work. In the ACC Studio, students design materials for various departments within the university. In Cooperative Education (Coop Ed), students work together with mentors in practice. Students may take either class or both.

At Coop Ed, local businesses volunteer to work with student interns, and the number of participating businesses changes each year. When few companies voluntarily participate, “that’s a good thing and a bad thing,” says Hall. “Students find themselves running on the sidewalk, looking for connections. The bad part is more work. But that’s also the good part! The willingness to build such networks, the determination, the skill bodes well for someone in this industry, just like getting a job.”

Participating in client work also leads to a stronger portfolio. It’s good to have pieces of hypotheses and concepts in your portfolio, but projects that see the light of day in the real world are more compelling. Additionally, Hall points out, “It’s important to share your success stories during job interviews.”

Students in the program gain further real-world experience working in layout and design.

What Does A Graphic Designer Do? And How Do I Become One?

Is the school’s art and literary magazine, featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and other creative works by ACC students and members of the local community.

Getting and providing feedback is another part of the graphic designer world that can’t be replicated just by doing online tutorials. In graphic design classes, students develop the courage to repeatedly paste their work on a board for their peers, instructors, and clients.

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