Fashion For Women In Their 30s

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

Fashion For Women In Their 30s – We stopped believing in “fashion rules” a long time ago and prefer to trust our intuition when it comes to style. At the same time, we sincerely believe that every woman should have a capsule wardrobe of a few wardrobe essentials that are age-appropriate and timeless.

Do you feel the same way? We thought you might, so we asked for fashion tips to share the best styles for women in their 30s.

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

Our style preferences change significantly from decade to decade, but no matter what your age, the trick to creating a stylish wardrobe is to stay true to yourself. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of helpful tips to help you rock your 30s:

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Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “Straight, stretchy, flared high-waisted bottoms; whatever it is, it works! Take your time to find the right size and flattering wash. You’ll be glad you invested in a good pair of jeans.”

“Denim is a wardrobe that many of us reach for on a daily basis, so I recommend putting your money where you spend the most time,” advises McHattie.

This high-waisted style is flattering, tall and true to size with a hint of stretch. Slim, straight leg bands show off your sleek silhouette, and these jeans are also a sustainable choice as they’re made from 7% recycled cotton.

If you like baggy jeans, these high quality jeans are a great investment. They feature Lift Tuck technology and slimming panels to flatter your good looks. These jeans are available in sizes 00-18 for a modern fit.

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Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “Apart from denim, the classic black pant is one of the wardrobe essentials for every woman over 30. Whether you like wide leg, flattering or cropped, I tell clients to find a silhouette that works for their body. It’s best to come and stock up on a few pairs because this timeless piece will never go out of style,” says McHattie.

Want to look great in your new pants? Brianne offers this style tip: “Don’t forget to match and/or change your pants.”

If it’s been a while since you’ve worn actual pants (we can relate), this comfortable yet elegant style is a great way to get back into your work wardrobe. The trousers are made from a stretch fabric for a relaxed boyfriend look that will help you support that leggy lifestyle while looking smart and stylish.

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

With its bootie design and mid-rise silhouette, these sweatpants are super stylish. We love that they come in a wide range (0-20) and in tall, skinny and medium styles.

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Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “Whether worn on its own or layered, the style possibilities of the classic button-down are endless.” “The polished button-down offers endless versatility and is one of the most essential items to incorporate into your wardrobe from the 1930s.”

Want to add a feminine touch to a classic shirt? Try this elegant style on for size. It has cute frill detailing and beautiful embroidery that sets it apart from the blouse crowd. It comes in five colors and works equally well for the office or evening.

If you’re looking for a workwear shirt that will last for years and never go out of style, think carefully about your search. This relaxed top has a slight stretch, making it a comfortable choice that looks like it’s tucked into pants or a skirt.

Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “It’ll serve you well over the years, and it’s even better if you find an option that can easily transition from day to night,” says Brian.

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You can never go wrong with high-low bloodlines, especially when it comes to an LBD. Made from a super flattering stretch material, this wrap style is stylish in so many ways, it’s sure to add value to your wardrobe. It also comes in a few other colors if you’re really into the design.

“Your wardrobe staples are the items you reach for every day, so durability and comfort are key,” says McCormack. “If you don’t feel good in it, you don’t want to wear it all the time.”

Case in point? This glamorous LBD combines fashion and function with flattering, flexible fabric and cute details. We’re big fans of the off-the-shoulder and elasticated hems, and we adore the tousled, bouncy ends.

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “Like a white tank top, a casual pair of white sneakers will serve you time and time again. In fact, Stitch Fix found that 84% of its customers choose heels, so it’s important to invest in a pair of white sneakers that you can dress up with your favorite ’30s stuff,” says McHattie. said.

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McCormack added: “Whether you’re 18 or 60, white trainers can go with everything from outfits to dresses – it’s all about putting your own spin on things.”

A pair of white sneakers can take you through the week and into the weekend in style and comfort. These classic walking shoes offer a shock-absorbing, lightweight design and cushioned feet.

If comfort is important to you, these sneakers are a good choice. They have a breathable, woven upper, cushioned sole and comfortable toes. They’re also pretty crazy!

Why they’re a wardrobe essential: “They’re comfortable all year round and go well with everything from pants to tops,” says Brian.

. You don’t have to break the budget to find a stylish pair! Take this pair of shoes, for example. Inexpensive styles have a walkable border and enough arch support.

No two boots are the same and we always keep several different styles in our inventory. For example, these heels look amazing with a pair of mini dresses and a moto jacket. The foot support style has arch support and cushions perfect for dealing with arch and arch pain.

Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “I love all kinds of [sun] hats, from visors to bucket hats! I think they add so much character to an outfit while still being protective.”

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

“In addition to always wearing SPF when you’re out and about, there are a few trendy ways to protect your skin from those pesky sun rays. Women in their 30s grew up or aged in the 90s, so they do. Appreciate the timelessness of the versatile classic bucket hat with any look,” says McHattie.

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This versatile style is adjustable and can be worn six different ways depending on your mood. It also offers UPF 50+ sun protection!

This UPF 50+ style is roomy and provides sun protection, perfect for beach trips and day trips when you spend hours outside. The lightweight hat can easily be crumpled up and rolled up in a suitcase and comes in two adorable neutral colors.

Why wardrobe is important: “Invest in a style that fits your lifestyle, whether it’s something like a small bag that can carry your laptop but discreetly doubles as a gym bag, or is fashionable enough. It has everything you need to take you from the office to dinner with clients,” says McHattie.

Does the bag get sick easily? An inexpensive accessory like this reversible bag can help your wallet go further. The spacious, structured design can hold all your daily essentials and also ties at the top to keep your belongings secure.

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Passionate about fashion and performance? You get the best of both worlds with this stylish bag, made from sturdy canvas with elegant details like leather trim and handles. It is spacious enough to provide all your essentials. Did we mention it’s made in the USA?

Why it’s a wardrobe essential: “While the style options for a leather jacket are practically endless, there are a few tried-and-true ways to incorporate this wardrobe staple,” says McHattie. “For the office, pair your favorite wide leg pants and leather jacket with a chunky sweater to look equal parts tall and sophisticated. Getting ready for a date night? Pair a silk or satin slip dress with a slightly oversized leather jacket to create a balance between masculine and feminine vibes.”

“Like you, leather jackets get better with age, so I recommend investing in a style you can imagine wearing long term. Finding the right leather jacket for you is just as important. I recommend getting one so you can layer it over other tops and dresses in your closet

Fashion For Women In Their 30s

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