How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy – Product Design: A Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Product Design with 9 Heads | For starters

Drawing a fashionable look doesn’t have to be difficult. In this tutorial you will learn step-by-step an easy way to create a professional women’s croquis model!

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

A croquis is a drawing of a model that you use to design clothes. It can also be called a stylistic feature or template.

A Guide To How To Draw A Human Figure

Gaye croquis come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. It all depends on the end use of your design and the demographic you are targeting. I have used a variety of croquis throughout my career. Some are more stylish, some are simple.

(PS If you want to take the stress out of making your own croquis and start drawing right away, check out this 9-head Croquis set I made.)

The image above illustrates the difference between the actual body (left) and the 9-dimensional croquis (right).

I will show you how to draw a croquis with 9 heads. Crocus has 9 heads that are long from the top of the head to the ankles, which is taller than the average woman. (Feet are excluded from the list because they can vary in length depending on the type of shoe and the height of the heel.)

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The 9-head model minimizes the value of the model to display clothes in a long and dramatic scale.

However, models can and should have different body measurements, so I encourage you to expand your croquis to all shapes and sizes.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a 9-point croquis (in the number taught in modern colleges), but later you can adjust the scale to fit your desired demographic.

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

The height and width of the head act as an indicator of the balance of the rest of the body.

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In this picture you can see how the body is divided into 9 equal parts, from the top of the head to the ankles. Feet are not considered because they can vary in length depending on the type of shoe and the height of the heel.

It’s helpful to use the head as a gauge instead of the actual measurement because paper sizes can vary. From a small piece of paper to a poster board, you can determine the size and shape of your number by drawing 9 heads first.

If you are working with 8.5 x 11 paper, each head may be 1 inch long, but this measurement will vary depending on the size of the paper.

Before we begin, you will need paper, a pencil, and a ruler (or any ruler). A paper review will be helpful, but not necessary. Draw carefully with a pencil so that it can be erased easily.

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Step 1: Draw 9 heads about the same shape and size and put the numbers 1-9 (leave some space at the bottom of the page for the legs).

Once the skeleton of the crocus is established, we can add the muscle structure and shape. Take your time and draw lightly so you can erase easily.

Step 4: Add the shape of the neck and outline the shoulder, using the ovals as guidelines. Repeat on the other side

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

Step 5: Draw the legs and feet as shown, using the ovals as guides. Repeat on the other side

Fashion Illustration Basics. Tutorial

Step 7: Add a center line on both sides of the body as shown in the picture. This is called the “princess line”.

Step 8: Prepare the croquis as desired, adjust the measurements if necessary. Then follow the steps below to complete the croquis.

E-book in PDF format with 5 simple rules to draw any position in graphic form. It’s a quick read! After reading many books this year and observing successful designers and illustrators, I realized that the key to good design is to draw the body correctly. When drawing clothes, if the body on the ground is not correct, the clothes will not be drawn correctly. That is why I decided to learn more about how to draw fashionable croquis and I will share a simple method on how to do it in this post.

The word croquis literally means drawing in French and represents a typical silhouette drawing, intended to draw clothes accurately and precisely. When we draw clothes, we want to present them in the best possible way, and fashion croquis represents this base that gives the shape of the clothes and shows them in the best light.

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A stylish shape is different from a regular character drawing because it is a shape that suits long legs, narrow hips and limbs, and a small head. This silhouette makes the clothes look amazing and they are big enough to be the first to attract attention. A regular figure is usually 8 units long – eight heads from the top of the head to the ankles, and a stylish figure is usually 9 heads long.

Graphic design is not about art, but it is a tool to communicate and design. Once you have your first croquis model, you can use it to draw and trace clothes all the time. The shape of the style is very simple and the most important thing is that it looks like a perfect body shape and has a perfect fit, almost like a mannequin.

A personal Croquis will have 9 heads, and the size of individual body parts is expressed as a multiple or fraction of this length. Most body parts are similar to regular geometric shapes like ovals, cylinders, spheres, rectangles, etc. Having the right geometric shape carefully and then making adjustments will make drawing the body parts easier and more accurate.

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

Take a pencil and paper and place two dots randomly on the paper about 10 cm (3 inches) apart. Place your pencil on one point and quickly draw a line to that point without lifting the pencil from the paper. Repeat this several times until the lines are smooth and natural.

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Draw an axis from the top to the bottom of the page and divide it into equal parts 9. Leave about 1 cm above and below the figure and divide the rest into equal parts. For example, if you have an axle that is 32 cm long, each section will be 3.5 cm.

Between 0 and 1, draw an oval representing yourself. You can try creating a different oval on paper, and once you are sure it looks somewhat similar, draw it on the axis line.

At point 1 1/2 you should draw arms and extend them to 1 1/2 of your head as well. Draw the shoulder line just above the base of the neck and at each end of the shoulder make a small circle to represent the joint and round shape of the shoulder. The arms should be about 1/2 the length of the head and turn slightly inward.

Place two dots parallel to the axis, which will represent your bust line, then draw a curve below head #3, where the waist is, and it should be 3/4-1 the width of the head.

How To Improve Your Figure Drawing

The widest part of the hips should be at 4 inches and the crotch at 4 1/4. Hips are 3 to 4 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches wide.

The arm is 1 1/2 inches long and connects the wrist to the elbow, which is close to number 3. The lower part of the arm extends from the elbow to point 4 with the little finger extended.

Mark the knees at point 6 and set them to 1/4 distance from the head. Draw a line down from the crotch on both sides to the knee. Draw the outer thighs from the hips, step to 6. Try to draw them well without lifting the pen from the paper.

How To Draw Fashion Figures Easy

Point 7 represents the widest part of the calf and should be slightly wider than the knee. Slide down from the calf to a figure 9, creating an interesting cube. The legs are slightly higher than the 9 heads.

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For a realistic look and finish, add muscle to give it a sleeker look. You can draw bigger or smaller muscles according to your preferences.

The first time you draw a croquis it can take a long time and it won’t look as smooth as it should. Experience is the key to learning and perfecting anything, so don’t get discouraged and try again. You can make your first drawing with a light pencil and then draw the figure 5 times with a dark, soft pencil, for example 2B. Try making a croquis from cardboard or craft paper to familiarize yourself with the scale of the croquis and have fun while working.

In my Etsy shop you can buy basic croquis templates for $1 with the ability to design the front and back figures. Just click on this image and it will take you to my shop.

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Fashion Sketching: A Step By Step Guide To Drawing The Basic Fashion Croquis With 9 Heads Proportions

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