Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning – Ta moko (Maori tattoo design) is a traditional and ancestral form of tattooing that was originally done by indigenous people on their faces and bodies. Historically, body art and symbolism have been a central part of Maori culture and a physical expression of commitment and appreciation. It depicts a person’s lineage, knowledge and social status.

The difference between a traditional Maori tattoo and a regular tattoo is that it creates a ridged texture on the skin as opposed to the smooth finish of a regular tattoo.

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

It slowly grew as a practice to restore Maori cultural identity. Men adorn their faces, arms, thighs and buttocks with Maori tattoos. Women get these designs on their chin, neck, forehead, nostrils and lips.

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A Maori tattoo on the face of men is considered a symbol of nobility, while women with tattoos on the chin and lips represent her leadership, status and ability.

Most ta moko symbols have a specific meaning and the designs made with these symbols usually tell a story. Learn more about these symbols and patterns in the following sections.

Maori tattoos have unique designs and symbols and are inspired by unique creatures. Some of these patterns are:

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the various Maori tattoo designs and symbols mean, let’s take a look at the best Maori tattoos that are trending right now!

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Maori designs are usually very intricate. They have monotone colors and unique outlines. This beautiful octopus leg design on the back left is a head-turner. The intricate traditional Maori detailing on each tentacle makes it even more impressive.

The Maori tribe consider tattoos a sacred part of their culture. Getting a tattoo on your feet represents your desire to discover and travel. It also represents a spiritual guide who guides you to who you really are. This beautiful design on your feet gives an ethnic touch.

Marquesan designs form fine, consistent curves and crosses. They originate from the South Pacific Islands. They are an important part of Polynesian tattoo art. They represent balance between elements and harmony. The bold lines of the cross contrasted with the thin lines around the design look beautiful on your forearm.

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

If you have long legs, you can put this cute black diaper design in them. This design extends from the upper thighs to the ankles and has thin hems. The best highlights of this Maori tattoo are feminine swirls and light shading, which makes it look more interesting. Soft muscles on the side of the legs make the tattoo process a little less painful and the design makes people drool!

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A tattoo on your shoulder looks sensual and can be accentuated with a cold shoulder top or an off-shoulder dress. This elegant Maori tattoo features a striped tropical flower with a traditional Maori design. The whole design looks like a comet.

Maori tattoos are unique because they have beautiful geometric patterns that can also be found in mandala art. This beautiful design hugs the elbow and wraps around the forearm and upper arm. A traditional monotone Maori design tattoo looks more beautiful.

Calf is one of the least painful places to get inked if you are using it for the first time. This beautiful band design wraps around your calf with tiny Maori details. The thin edges of the design look great when worn with shorts or skirts.

Getting a tattoo on your arm is a great way to show the world exactly who you are. Featuring a beautiful shield design with a thin edge, this traditional Maori tattoo is perfect for your arm. The intricate wave design is typical of the Maori culture, as they were seafarers. If you are a fan of tribal arts and ethnic designs, this is the perfect design for you.

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Maori tattoos were originally worn by people to depict their social status and occupation. But they soon began to be used to reflect a person’s identity.

This attractive design features the face of a tribal warrior with a geometric shield on his head. This intricate design is perfectly symmetrical. The tattoo covers the entire forearm, from the elbow to the wrist, ending in a conical design.

Traditional Maori tattoos are made by carving into the skin, creating a raised texture on the surface. Today’s Maori tattoos incorporate modern tattooing techniques, leaving a smooth texture on the surface of the skin. If you are a fan of traditional art and want to escape the pain of traditional tattooing techniques, try this elegant Maori design that covers the length of your leg. Filled with fish, turtles and hawks, the wave design tells a story. With the artist’s creativity, you can make your tattoo look three-dimensional, making people wonder if you did it the traditional way!

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

The forearm is the perfect place to show off your tattoo. This beautiful wave design surrounded by a band of triangles depicting mountains is the perfect tattoo to inscribe on your skin.

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Getting ink on your wrist is always a brave thing to do because there’s no way to hide it (unless you’re wearing gloves). However, the wrist is only for brave souls as it is very sensitive due to very little fat and many nerve endings. Test your pain threshold with this traditional Maori art with a cross in the middle that gives it a religious feel.

There is nothing more feminine than a flower tattoo. Traditional Maori women tattooed their upper body, but with modernization and western cultural influence, they now display tattoos on all parts of the body. This beautiful thigh tattoo of a five petaled flower with blue and purple colors in the background is absolutely mesmerizing.

Maori tribal tattoos combine an ancient cultural art form with geometric patterns and thin and thick outlines. This unique piece of artwork on the forearm has a circle of spikes as the focal point of the tattoo around the bulge of the hand. A special aspect of ta moko is the pattern around the circle in tribal tattoos.

Swirls are a classic design practiced by tattoo lovers on forearms and legs. Maori art, with its twists and symmetrical patterns, is the perfect inspiration for swirl tattoos. This unique design forms a diagonal band that wraps around your arm, looking elegant and sassy.

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Originally, Maori tattoos were adorned by women on the chin, neck and forehead. Neck tattoo looks very stylish as it draws attention to your upper body. This beautiful tattoo forms a collar around the neck and reaches up to the cleavage. Using original Maori designs and repeating patterns makes the tattoo even more beautiful.

The Sun is considered a majestic source of energy and is believed to possess both divine and masculine powers. In Maori culture the sun tattoo represents courage, dominance and sustenance. This beautiful tattoo is wrapped with a band and has a traditional sun design that fits beautifully on your forearm. The design has a unique black silhouette that creates a lovely contrast with your skin tone.

A chameleon is a reptile that has the ability to blend into its surroundings. A gecko tattoo symbolizes the strength to take on life’s difficulties in all circumstances. It symbolizes rebirth and vitality. This beautiful design of chameleon body with intricate Maori art filling will look perfect on your forearm.

Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

This beautiful tattoo has a tribal owl design with wings forming a band around the arm. The use of light shading with jet black ink gives this design a traditional look.

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Maori tattoos beautifully highlight the shape and curves of your body. This elegant tattoo design is eye-catching. It divides your back in perfect symmetry, with one half empty and the other half filled with traditional Maori art with intricate fish designs.

An eagle tattoo is used to focus on goals and courage. It also symbolizes purity, beauty and power. This beautiful eagle tattoo with wings spread on the back is perfectly aligned with the spine. The exquisite design and use of classic Maori art makes the tattoo even more attractive.

The Maori fish hook or hei matau tattoo is used to represent prosperity and abundance. It also represents courage, determination and wealth. It is believed to be lucky for those who go sailing. This beautiful design will look perfect on your thigh.

Tortoise symbolizes immortality and good health. In the Maori tribe, this tattoo is considered a symbol of patience, peace, wisdom and determination. This elegant design with beautiful colored twin turtlenecks looks beautiful on the lower leg. Be sure to use intricate Maori art on turtle shells.

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Feather tattoos are a new trend in the tattoo world. Feathers are used to represent various qualities in birds such as freedom, strength and courage. The Maori tribe used feathers to represent messages from heavenly spirits. This feminine design of a Maori feather

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