Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me – If you’re adding it to your daily makeup routine, you’ll find that the secret to bigger, brighter eyes is a coat or two of mascara. While mascara helps you achieve fuller and longer lashes, it tends to hit our wet environment. To ensure their lashes stay poppin’ 24/7, some women choose to go for lash extension services instead so their makeup doesn’t melt off, especially in Singapore’s hot weather. Not only are they resistant, they will save you time getting ready in the morning.

We’ve put together a well-reviewed list of affordable eyelash extensions in Singapore, ranked by price, so you can look gorgeous even on a budget.

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Good news for those living in the East: Allure Rebel is located in Pasir Ris, which means you won’t have to travel all the way to the city to get your lashes. The home-based salon offers quality services at reasonable prices, such as touch-ups from $5 and 1D to 6D lashes from $35 to $65.

Eylure Volume False Eyelashes

Price: From $35 Natural Extension Address: Pasir Ris, the full address will not be sent until you confirm your booking Booking: WhatsApp 9169 8553 or send a DM on Instagram to make an appointment via Instagram

Sengkang residents can go to the April whip to get their whip fixed. The salon uses soft and soft lashes, which will not irritate your eyes and will give you a soft and smooth look.

Price: From $45 for Classic 1D extension Address: 467B Fernvale Link, Singapore 792467, full address will be sent only after you confirm the appointment Place: WhatsApp 8268 6331 or DM via Instagram to make an appointment via Instagram

Another local salon in Pasir Ris, Celash SG uses premium lash extensions. These will give you extra volume and leave you ready to face the day without makeup.

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Price: From $48 for standard extension Address: Pasir Ris, full address will be sent only after you confirm the appointment Booking: WhatsApp 8268 6331 or DM on Instagram to make an appointment

Rêver specializes in C-curls, which mimic the natural shape of our lashes so that your extensions are as realistic as possible. The first hours will receive a 10% discount on all types of lashes.

Price: From $60 for Classic extension Address: Punggol, full address will be sent only when you confirm the appointment Booking: Call or WhatsApp 8228 0886 to book an appointment Facebook | Instagram

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Westies, don’t worry. Lashcious is a home salon located in Jurong. Every whip appointment also comes with a free shipping service.

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Price: From $78 for 1D Classic Lashes Address: 761 Jurong West Street 74, Singapore 640761, full address will be sent only after you confirm your appointment Call: WhatsApp 9002 5515 to make an appointment Instagram

Tina’s Lash Brow Beauty does waxing, threading and topical treatments for lash extensions. His lash extension services start at $78 for 1D Japanese style lashes. It also offers a 10% discount for first timers if you choose 4D or multiple volume formats.

Price: From $78 for 1D Japanese Lashes Address: 141 Pasir Ris Street 11, #10-169, Singapore 510141 Opening Hours: 9am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) | 9 am to 6 pm (Saturday) | Closed on Sundays Booking: Call 9892 4578 to book at Club Tropika

Lianhuey not only provides eyebrow printing services and FKCR initiative for cancer patients, it also makes nails and matches. Make your lashes look Chio, Jin Chio or Sibei Chio  at any time of the year.

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Price: From $78 for Natural Games (Trial) Address: 245A South Bridge Road, Singapore 058794 | 669A Edgefield Plains, Singapore 821669 (light only) Booking: DM via Instagram to book

Pipao Beauty Salon is a walk-in beauty service, allowing you to get a sharp look in the comfort of your own home at no cost.

Emerald Allure offers unlimited lashes so you can get exactly what you want. There are 3 locations in the east, one of which is located in central Bugis. Those living out west will be happy to know that the Emerald Allure Instagram account has one more salon opening soon in your area as well.

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Bugis Village Address: 229B Victoria Street, Level 3, Singapore 188023 Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (Monday to Saturday) | 11 am to 7 pm (Sunday)

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Punggol Address: 664B Punggol Drive, Singapore 822664 Opening Hours: 11am to 9pm (Monday to Saturday) | 11 am to 7 pm (Sunday)

Roxy Square 2 Address: 50 East Coast Road, #02-111/112, Singapore 428769 Opening Hours: 11am to 8pm (Monday to Saturday) | 11 am to 7 pm (Sunday) Booking: Fill out the registration form on their website to make an appointment.

Syuen Beauty does IPL hair removal and facials, and also does lashes. His lash extension services range from a range of lashes, from $68 to 90 lashes, to create a custom look. If you want more volume, choose one volume layer or two layers to get the look you want.

Price: From $68 for regular games (90 games) Address: 186 Toa Payoh Central, #01-420, Singapore 310186 Opening hours: 11.30am to 9pm (Tuesday to Friday) | 10.30 am to 7 pm (Saturday) | 10.30am to 6pm (Sunday) | Due Monday Booking: Call 6222 2284 or WhatsApp 8758 4162 to make an appointment Website | Facebook

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Sparkle Gaze regularly runs specials, meaning you may be able to get your sessions at a lower price if you book at the right time. It also offers mani-pedis and hair services so you don’t have to travel to many salons to look your best.

Price: From $75 for standard extensions (unlimited) Address: 275 Thomson Road, #01-29, Novena Regency, Singapore 307645 Opening hours: 10.30am to 8.30pm (Monday to Saturday) | 12am to 8.30pm (Sunday) Booking: Call 9067 8449 or complete the registration form on their website to make a booking Website | Facebook | Instagram

Skinlash not only offers hair extensions services, it also offers a variety of facial treatments to pamper you in one place. Since it’s located in Tanjong Pagar, it’s easy to pop in at lunchtime or after a long day at work.

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

Price: $90 for standard extension Address: 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-22, Singapore 082001 Opening hours: 11am to 8pm (Monday to Friday) | 11am to 6.30pm (Saturday) | Related Sundays Booking: Fill out the registration form on their website to make an appointment Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Dreamlash is a Korean lash extension studio in Singapore that customizes lash styles to make you look like a K-pop idol or K-drama actor. All of his artists are trained by The Lash Academy, the first academy in Singapore to specialize in lash extension training, so you’re sure to be in good hands here.

In Singapore’s hot and humid weather, it’s easy to melt your makeup, which is why it’s ideal to have an eyeshadow palette. Say hello to thick lashes without dealing with the hassle of run-on mascara and stick-on falsies.

I have been using the Eyelash Serum for 3 months to see if I can grow or not The eyelash extension industry is in its infancy and is currently out of control. Any Esthetician or Master Cosmetologist can take a beauty training class; Sadly, some schools offer eye extension training to industry professionals such as nail technicians and makeup artists depending on whether they can pass a clean and simple quiz. This is scary!!!

There are many places trying to make extra money. Even Walmart. Yes, Walmart has eyelash extension services BEWARE! You get what you pay for, and when it comes to applying eyeliner or working around the eyes, as our client, L. Davis, a clinical instructor for a major pharmaceutical cosmetic line, says it’s best, “eyes are high school. , the rest. is university”. L. Davis waited a long time for her clothes to be made; and has been working in beauty for more than 10 years. She has seen a lot of work, and Extension The Lash Extension is the only place she trusts to put the blindfold on her eyes.

Permanent Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension offers a unique, personalized, and customized service. We are state licensed specialists, trained to beautify all skin types and eye shapes. This is absolutely what we love to do. We have trained with XtremeLashes, a world-renowned training program that has been featured on CBS TV’s The Old Show, USA Today, Daily Buzz, American Woman, and many others.

Make sure your Esthetician or Master Cosmetologist has ADFEE certification. (Free Eye Disorder Association). ADFEE is “an independent association of high-end professionals dedicated to the correct application and delivery of the highest ethical standards in the Eye Extension industry”. ADFEE Test Inspectors personally assess that each fiber optic extension is applied to a single natural lens and that applicants are delivering the highest standards of quality and safety in optical extension applications.

But if you can’t find an ADFEE certified stylist… please know. Here are your eyes. They are the only ones you have that you have to take care of. We are

Nail Salons That Do Eyelashes Near Me

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