Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion – Mr B says he is happy that I like the seasons and each season has special decorations and clothes. But, when I revisit my fashions of over 50 years and want to get rid of some of my clothes, I have been thinking about keeping styles that only say summer to me. It’s like the staple clothes I pulled out of the closet 17 years ago…embroidered sweaters and tops for Christmas and Thanksgiving!

This poncho with a nautical design was given to me years ago for blogging, but I’m still holding on to it because I believe it will be great for other summer events! It’s very light and airy and can be a swimsuit if I want it. So, it will last, but I believe it will only be worn in the summer. Also, my beaded sea shell pendant with a beautiful chain from the new James Avery Craftsman summer collection paired with my James Avery silver necklace is the perfect style. I love how this necklace matches the Beaded Cuff Bracelet. I am proud to be their ambassador.

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

On the other side I wore a combination of bangles with colorful beads. It’s not that watches aren’t “in” anymore, I just wear them less…especially when I’m wearing my Fitbit. So, wearing bracelets is something I really like to do and it worked well with this look.

How To Make Plus Size Profitable

I love these simple pants, and have been wearing them a lot since the weather warmed up. I think it’s a seasonal thing, but I’m willing to see if they work sometimes. They look great with these sandals with fake pearls on the back of the heel just like the designer pants.

So, what do you think? Are special summer styles and accessories the same as holiday clothes? I’m not talking about colors so much as seasonal specific designs and prints…season specific accessories too! Do they scream dress…or just summer fun?? I would like to know what you think. I don’t have many things like this, but a few tops like my summer jewelry and this poncho will stay in the closet now! In fact, I have a fun slideshow for you. Stay safe… stay healthy and….

There are several ways I make money from this blog to cover business expenses and provide the income I need. Shopping through slideshow links is one way, on-page ads are one way, and the new way is to order or reorder GOLI Apple Cider Vinegar Gum through me through the myGOLI link . Also, if you are not familiar with the benefits of cider vinegar, you should talk to your doctor. My husband and I are sold on the benefits and I am proud to represent this product. I will put this at the bottom of my posts so you can use my link when you, friends or family want to order. Thanks for the help. This is a great product; And, below!J.Jill is always a busy seller. You walk into their stores and unlike other retailers they are full of customers. In Scottsdale I did the J.Jill Try On Haul Of Spring Styles and it was a blast for everyone. So, today I’m doing a J.Jill summer test for women over 50, and I hope you’ll like it too.

I recently did a post on The Best Jeans From J.Jill and if you haven’t read it yet, now is the time. J.Jill has 30% off all pants and shorts until Sunday the 25th.

What Do Plus Size Women Over 50 Wear

Sweater-Knit Shrug Combination (S/L) || Fascinating Shell (Middle) || Linen Trapunto-Stitch Pants – Flax (Small) || Raffia Slide Sandal (TTS) ||Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet||Kelly Statement Earrings

J.Jill is a great store for solids and basics. Their clothes are very high quality, and I don’t mind spending the extra money on things I know I’ll be able to wear for years to come. I wanted to do a J.Jill Summer Try On Haul for you today because there are so many great styles.

Navy Charmin Shell from Talbots. I bought it a few weeks ago and have bought it in four other colors and love the fit and style. When I find a good “base” piece, I buy it in multiples. I am wearing a medium for size reference.

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

The cocoon knit shrug is lightweight and perfect when you need extra warmth. I love a neutral shade that goes with everything. Since it was on sale (an extra 30% off), I also bought the navy version. This fall will look good with jeans and a tee.

Travel Fashion For Women Over 50

These slide sandals would be my “summer shoe” of choice. I love the classic style that’s lifted by the opening of the gold lines. The shoes are also available in black, brown and white. They run TTS and I’m wearing my normal size 9.

Embroidered Linen Midi Sweater (Mid) || Full-Leg Stretch Linen Pants (Small) || Wedge Slide Sandals (Size 9.5) ||Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet||Kelly Statement Drop Earrings

If you’re a neutral girl, you’ll love this outfit. This outfit looks like you just got off the boat and are headed for a lunch date at the country club.

Embroidered linen sweaters are very light and perfect for summer. We’ve had a cooler than normal summer, so I’ve been reaching for very long sleeves. This sweater is perfect because it keeps you cool, but doesn’t hold much heat.

J.jill Summer Try On Haul For Women Over 50

I love the casual yet flattering look of these full leg stretch pants. They are light and flowy and look great! These are very functional, so you may want to size down. The first time I ordered a magician, I had to send them back for a small fee.

Ruffled-Neckline Maxi Dress (Medium) || Wedge Slide Sandals (Size 9.5) ||Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet||Kelly Statement Drop Earrings

I love this whole look. A ruffled maxi dress is super cute and perfect for a fun summer day. I have not included this dress as it is almost sold out. It’s still available in XL, 3X, and 4X, and you can call your local store to see if it’s available in your size. Great dress; I wear a medium, but I could wear a small. This is the only dress I’ve included in my J.Jill Summer Try On Haul, but there are tons of great dresses online.

Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

I added a cute printed scarf to the dress but it’s already sold. If you like print, you can get it with the Shirred Voile Blouse or the Tasseled-Drawstring Pull-On Shorts. I ordered the shorts (30% off) because they would look great with the nice shell of the first dress.

How To Dress Like A French Woman Over 50

Short Sweater (Medium) || Modern Linen-Stretch Slit-Leather Pants (Mid) || Wedge Slide Sandal (Size 9.5) || Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet || Kelly’s Statement Throw the Rings

Short Sweater (Medium) || Modern Linen-Stretch Slit-Leather Pants (Mid) || Wedge Slide Sandals (Size 9.5) ||Diamond Dial Watch Head & Bracelet||Kelly Statement Drop Earrings

Textured-Stitch Short-Sleeve Sweater Embellished in beige/tan to provide visual interest. It’s casual and light and will look great with shorts or jeans.

I love these modern white linen-stretch slit-hem pants. I have more white pants than I can wear, but these linen pants seem to have made their way into my closet. I wear white a lot in the summer and these would be a great addition. I like my white pants to be a little looser so they are a size to medium.

Plus Size Over 50 Fashion

Some of the items in my J.Jill Summer Try On Haul are on sale, but not all. I tried to get you a few items for an extra 30% off, but I was disappointed. A “widget” that displays a picture of an object was not supported. It will only show one photo of the item, but it may be in an unavailable color. Usually I can select the photo I want to link, but not this time. If you like the style of an item, click on it to see the available colors. Also, sorry about all the back shots, I couldn’t select the forward shots. Lol!

Every time you post on PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, ANDFACEBOOK, it helps other fashion-challenged women find my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you and I consider you a friend.


Over 50 Plus Size Fashion

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