Professional Piping Bags And Tips

Professional Piping Bags And Tips

Professional Piping Bags And Tips – Learn how to use piping tips with our easy-to-understand Piping Tips 101 guide and decorating guide. I’ll break down all the intricate details to learn how to decorate cakes and cupcakes like a pro. These are my 5 easy plumbing tips.

Here is a quick and very honest story. I didn’t feel very talented in cake and cupcake decorating because it was so scary. Do you feel the same? Tired of the usual spiral and blade frosting styles, I started playing with different tubes. When I started using new tips, my confidence increased. I was surprised at how easy it became to create a beautifully designed composition.

Professional Piping Bags And Tips

Professional Piping Bags And Tips

A few years ago, I would have laughed if someone had asked me to make a plate like this:

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But I just read it myself and enjoyed it a lot. You can do it too!

Wiring tips can be intimidating, so let’s break it down in this simple plumbing 101 course. All it takes is a little practice, some visual cues, and a super-safe frosting recipe, like this super-safe frosting with vanilla buttercream, or this candy cane frosting. I build on the following 5 pipe tips. Each one creates a completely different look, so it’s a great starter collection. (These tips won’t break the bank—they’re pretty cheap.)

I make two looks with the Wilton 1M. Here’s a tip that I use and recommend for two-headed potted roses, but it’s also a tip that I use to produce the soft serve variety as shown in the video tutorial above.

Wilton 1M classic piping and garlic flower main decoration. Start in the center and pipe a smooth loop. You can see this beautiful flower decoration on a 6 inch birthday cake. You can also make two-tone filled flowers. It is great and fun to play with different colors. To further prove the durability of Wilton 1M, you can also make Hydrangea Cups! I always recommend this as a baker’s gift and we’ve included it in my gifts for baker page. 🙂

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Wilton 1M can also produce soft-serve ice cream-like toppings. Start from the center and make a long loop over it, rotating slowly. The Ateco 849 tube tip (also shown below) is slightly wider, but creates a similar look. I used a Wilton 1M for the long swirl on these chocolate cupcakes.

Wilton 8B is one of my all-time favorites. It is very easy to use, but it makes a beautiful decoration. You can see I used it in these White Chocolate Strawberry Shortcakes and these Chai Latte Cups. Start in the center and work your way up.

Ateco 849 wide tube tip. You can do flowers or soft serve like Wilton 1M above. . next picture You can even see the dirty look on my pee bowl! Just push the tip in the center and lift it up as you climb out of the cooler.

Professional Piping Bags And Tips

Wilton 12 Small Round Tip. I like to use this tip for silky/thick/creamy frostings like salted caramel frosting and cream cheese frosting because it doesn’t have fine edges. You can see an example of this at my Easter party and in these Lemon Cupcakes with Dark Lemon Cheese Frosting. Just push the tip in the center and lift it up as you climb out of the cooler.

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The Ateco 808 also has a round tip, but is larger than the Wilton 12. Its decoration looks like a big cloud! You can see examples of this in these Carrot Cake Cakes and these Cookie Dough Cups. Start in the center and work your way up.

Choose reusable or disposable items of your choice. Reusable piping bags are very easy to clean. Whatever you use, I recommend the 16 inch size. Whether you are adding a lot of piping trim or a little.

Filling the tube with frosting without ruining the bag can be tricky! My trick is to use a large bowl. Align the piping bag with the piping tip, then fold the top of the piping bag over the sides of the bowl and insert the large bowl. Watch me do this in my two tone frosted rose video.

Now that you’re fully equipped with this Plumbing 101 guide, do plumbing like a BOSS!

Piping Bag Set

These piping tips work great for other frostings like Swiss meringue, chocolate buttercream, unsweetened whipped cream, and even my stiff whipped cream recipe.

Learn how to make some popular piping tips using this vanilla buttercream recipe. It’s creamy and smooth, and tastes great in vanilla cupcakes! You can spread it on cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other pastries.

Sally McKinney is a professional food photographer, cookbook author and baker. Her kitchen-tested recipes and step-by-step tutorials give readers the knowledge and confidence to cook from scratch. Sally, we see you’re checking in from Canada. Visit the Lee Valley Canada website for region-specific content and the best shipping options.

Professional Piping Bags And Tips

There are many reasons why these professional grade piping bags are considered the best on the market. Soft yet strong food-grade silicone is soft and slightly flexible, making it easier to bend and twist than standard piping bag materials, but also more durable – won’t split or tear. Because they are heat resistant, the pouches can be used with hot fillings (and microwaves). The inner surface should be smooth to allow the filling to flow easily and the outer surface should be woven to hold it tightly.

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The silicone material absorbs stains or odors and cleans quickly by hand or in the dishwasher. The smaller bag is 14 inches long, the larger bag is 18 inches. Both cases follow standard grooming guidelines. Made in Italy.

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