Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Rent To Own Semi Trailers – Leasing semi-trailers with AMX Leasing and Logistics is a hassle-free solution to your short-term fleet needs. With flexible contracts, quality trailers and reliable service, you’re guaranteed to find a semi-trailer to meet your specific needs.

With AMX, you get the equipment you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

A promissory note may appear at any time. While customer pickup is possible, you may not need permanent additions to your existing fleet.

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Whether you need to stock up for seasonal needs, accommodate a new client plan, or need more space but don’t have the capital, AMX Leasing & Logistics can help you stay on the road.

We are problem solvers. If you come to us with an impossible task, we guarantee it will happen. All at a reasonable price. No hidden fees, no special requirements. The only affordable trailer rental to meet your industrial needs.

AMX Leasing 48′ to 53′ dry and refrigerated semi-trailers available year round. Our trailers include features such as:

AMX Leasing & Logistics offers a variety of rental services such as trailer equipment, mobile storage, and logistics for business owners looking for an extra set of hands. Request a quote to worry less about your day-to-day operations and see long-term success.

One Way Trailer Rental

Acquiring a quality semi-truck and trailer does not have to be an expensive hassle. AMX Leasing therefore provides flexible and streamlined credit options for our equipment. Apply below to get the trucks and trailers you need ASAP. Semi Trailers for Purchase Click here to view the stock of Semi Trailers available for purchase at Semi Trailer Rental.

Semi Trailer Rentals Click here to view the stock of Semi Trailers available for rent from Semi Trailer Rentals.

Do you want to sell your device? Do you have extra transportation equipment that you want to dispose of? Contact Semi Trailer Rentals to see if we can help.

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Our Services Whether you need a Victorian roadworthy certificate, registration or trailer modifications, Semi Trailer Rentals has you covered.

Rent To Own

Need to move your trailer? With our nationwide availability of 18 trucks, ask us today for competitive trailer transport quotes.

An innovative and respected business, an Australian owned and operated organization conveniently located in Bendigo, Central Victoria.

Our rental fleet includes Drop Deck Trailers, Flat Top Trailers, Curtainsider Trailers, Scale Trailers, Road Train Dollies, Pantec Trailers, Tipper Trailers, House Removal Floats, Low Loaders, Widers, Refrigerators, Semi Trailers and a wide range of transport equipment. is Trailers, Tilt Panel Trailers, Live Bottom Floor Trailers, B Double Sets, A Trailers, B Trailers, Genset Units, Forklift Terminal Tractors/Yard Tugs…and more!

All our rental semi trailers and transport equipment items are available on an unlimited kilometer basis! This means you know exactly what you are being charged for the entire rental period. You don’t have to worry about calculating extra kilometers and you can focus on what’s important to you! Buy, lease or rent new and used semi-trailers. No matter what you’re hauling, our top-notch team of sales and rental professionals can help you find the right trailer. Our facility is in the heart of Houston’s trucking center, accessible from the I-10 Freeway and the 610 Loop. As with all of our locations, we carry inventory from industry leading manufacturers. If you can’t find what you need, we can order or source any specification and type of trailer for you.

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Additionally, as a licensed Chameleon dealer specializing in roll-tarp installations, we sell and install rolling tarp systems for your flatbed or drop deck that offer unparalleled protection from the elements.

Expert services. Our service technicians provide high quality maintenance and repair services. No type of trailer is beyond our expertise. Our specialties include brake rebuilding, brake jobs, suspension repair, roof, body, and floor repair and maintenance, and roll tarp repair.

Customize your semi-trailer. If you want to customize your trailer, we can help. We offer toolboxes, ramp kits, dunnage racks, and forklift kits. We also have accessories like lights, fenders and mud flaps.

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Fleet support. For Houston-based fleets, our mobile service team will come directly to your location. We perform on-site repairs and FHWA inspections.

The Value Of A Versatile Delivery System

Large selection of semi-trailer parts. We stock all the essential trailer repair parts you need for your trailer, including brake parts, suspension parts, cargo controls, lighting options, and tarp roll parts. Whether you are looking for a part that is out of stock, a special item, or one that is out of production, we will work to find the best solution for you.

Ten locations in eight states. We have locations in Arizona, California, Michigan, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas and Utah. Wherever you are, just a phone call away. We work to keep you trucking across America.

No matter what you’re hauling, we have the right semi-trailer for you. We offer a large inventory of new and used semi-trailers including open deck, heavy haul, extendable, dump, tank, rolling tarp and curtain van systems, dry vans and more. If you are looking for a new or used trailer, contact one of our qualified consultants today. We look forward to being with you!

We offer flexible in-house financing designed to get you on the road quickly. No need to worry about sellers or lenders. Our top notch financial team will bring you the right solution. If you’re ready to invest in your next semi-trailer, contact one of our representatives today!

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If you need ultimate flexibility, try renting one of our semi-trailers. We have a large selection of trailers available for short or long term rental.

Our service professionals know how to keep you on the road. With shops at each of our locations, we can provide all your repair, maintenance, adjustment, and inspection needs. Our experienced technicians have experience in open decks, heavy haulage, tanks and dry vans. We specialize in rolling tarp solutions, and manufacture our industry leading curtain van solutions. With two R-Stamp certified tank shops, there’s no trailer on the road we can’t service.

We have the expertise and inventory to meet all your trailer parts and cargo control needs. Whether you bought your trailer from us or not, our team of parts experts will find the right part to keep you on the road. We provide parts for all types of trailers including open deck, heavy haul, tank, dry van and more. Each of our locations carries a full line of general trailer parts and accessories to keep your cargo safe, your trailer in good working order, and your drivers safe. Buying road equipment is a big investment for any business. It is also a necessity. Without the right equipment, your business will not grow.

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Trying to balance growing your business while making the right investments is difficult for everyone. That’s why we’re here to offer rent-to-own rental purchase options.

Hgv & Trailer Hire

Starting new financing will boost your business and take a load off your shoulders. If you can’t afford to buy your own equipment, we can help.

Can’t get traditional financing – lenders can change their criteria based on the current economy or pandemic or maybe you’ve started a business or had some bad luck or credit problems in the past – well maybe rent -To-One is the right choice for you.

Rent-to-own is a way to get financing for a start-up business or unlock equity in your existing vehicle… it will help your business grow.

We and the lender are looking at this type of financing as potentially a short-term gap until we can arrange traditional chattel mortgage financing.

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For short-term contracts you don’t always have to worry about finding the right equipment. Instead, you get your own equipment – without paying all at once. If the contract continues, we may refinance with conventional financing.

We also offer sale and lease options as another solution for your business. If you already own a car or heavy equipment, we can value it, buy it and lease it to you. This financial lease is just one way we try to help you achieve financial success.

It is a solution for sole traders and small business owners who cannot get commercial vehicle financing.

Rent To Own Semi Trailers

Start Fresh Finance can give you access to a number of different finance options and work with you and your accountant to create the best finance option for you – chattel mortgage, finance lease or rent-to-own. Some of our clients do not want to use their financial documents, so we provide you with a low document loan to work immediately! We also offer undocumented loans.

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Start Fresh Finance are experts in business financing and will review your situation and then discuss with lenders before submitting any application to determine if the lender is interested in your loan. This reduces the number of loan inquiries on your credit file.

Contact us today and talk to our experts about how we can help you get your equipment quickly, or apply today and we’ll get you the equipment you need.

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