What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games – If you’re a professional gamer and also follow live video games on social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube, you’ve probably heard of video capture cards. Essentially, video capture cards are designed to directly record or stream your monitor at high image quality without affecting your computer’s performance.

However, you might be thinking that this can also be completed for free by any capture/offload software like OBS, so why waste money on it? A video capture card can give you smooth gaming experience and flexibility that recording software cannot offer. Let’s learn about the advantages of holding a card one by one in this blog.

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

Before getting to the main topic, let’s learn the definition of a video capture card. A video capture card is a device that can capture the video signal output from a camera, DVD player, or game console and convert it into a digital format that can be recognized by a computer.

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For example, if you want to record gameplay from your PS5, you’ll need a capture card connected to your console’s HDMI port because your PS5 can’t capture and stream your gameplay at the same time.

A capture card works by collecting the video signal from another device, such as a PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch, and encoding it into a format that can be recorded or streamed. The video signal is then decoded and transmitted to a computer where it can be recorded for later viewing or live broadcast.

You can record audio from the source device, usually with a capture card, so you can easily record both gameplay and commentary.

Typically, whether you’re recording live or streaming live, you connect the capture card to the device you want to record or stream from to output data.

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Whether you’re a YouTuber or a streamer, there are many advantages to using a capture card. Some of them:

If the computer you are using is not very powerful, it will not be able to handle the entire load of recording or streaming the game and will also not be able to run games smoothly. A powerful computer with a high configuration is often too expensive for many gamers. In this case, a quality video capture card like the AV Access 4KVC00 can help save your computer from overload and actually save money in the long run.

Supporting 4K@60 Ultra HD video input, the 4KVC00 video capture device supports Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, etc. It can be connected to an HDMI gaming source such as your PC via USB-C. It also supports HDMI native output up to 4K@60, so you can enjoy your games on a connected monitor. With a video capture card, your computer doesn’t need to run a video game or stream images to your monitor; it just needs to act as a video recorder.

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

Another reason to buy a capture card is video quality. You can only get average quality with free capture/offload software. If you run too much software on your computer at the same time, the quality of the video stream will decrease and may cause serious delays in communication. Imagine you have a large audience and if your viewers cannot get the best quality video, they cannot enjoy your live broadcast. If the video quality is too bad, new viewers will not stay on your channel.

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With a capture card you won’t face these difficulties. There are a variety of video capture cards on the market, and video recording capabilities vary from card to card. As for game recording options, something with 1080P@60 full HD video capture, such as the AV Access 4KVC00, is sufficient for casual gamers. The 4KVC00 also features super-fast USB 3.0 transfer, eliminating lag and freezing issues. Thanks to very low latency in video transmission, you can instantly go live on your favorite social media platform.

A quality video capture card can act as a USB connection device as you can connect other devices to it. It provides you great convenience in managing devices. For example, with the AV Access 4KVC00 video capture card, you can connect an HDMI playback source as well as a 4K monitor. It is also equipped with 3.5mm audio in/out ports; so you can easily connect a microphone and headset to add external commentary or communicate with other players live.

In terms of compatibility, the 4KVC00 can work with a variety of PC operating systems, including Windows 10/8/7, Mac OS and Linux. Truly plug and play; You do not need to install a software driver.

The above are the main advantages of using a capture card to livestream your gameplay. It not only saves your computer from overload, but also provides high-quality video streaming and very low latency in video conversion. It can offer you better flexibility and smooth gaming experience in device management. You can fully enjoy your gameplay while broadcasting or recording.

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What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

Are you looking for a capable game that can avoid FPS lags and drops? Are you an advanced user with high requirements on resolution, bitrate and FPS? Want to create amazing gaming videos with microphone and webcam audio like a YouTuber? This article will give you some of the best game recording software and teach you how to record gameplay on PC step by step.

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Below we will guide you on how to download the PC game in 4 easy ways. Without further ado, let’s get into the details!

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the most popular game recording software on PC. This Mac and Windows monitor allows you to record a variety of high-quality games in 4K UHD resolution. LOL, Crossfire, Overwatch etc. All are supported. When you record the game on PC, you can also capture the system audio and microphone, and use your webcam to record the game and face, live game video.

This tool is one of the best tools to record PoE images without streaming. It also supports capturing high-quality gaming video footage. Apart from this, there is also a built-in editing tool that helps you edit recordings before sharing them on YouTube and other platforms.

Step 1. Launch the game you want to record and launch the EaseUS game. Then select Game mode.

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Step 2. Click on the icon to open the settings window and then adjust the frame rate (from 1 to 144), video quality, format, etc. Click “Video” to set.

Alternatively, you can click the “Game” button to change some game adding options. Click “OK” when you’re finished.

Step 3. Return to the game mode interface and click “Select Game” to select the game you want to download. Then click REC to start recording your gameplay.

What Do Youtubers Use To Record Games

Step 4. You will see a small bar showing your recording time. If necessary, you can take a screenshot while recording or specify a specific time to stop recording by clicking the “Clock” icon in the toolbar.

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Step 5. When you’re done, you can view and edit the recorded footage with the built-in video editor. You can cut the recordings on the recorded video as you wish.

For most people, the best game is nothing extraordinary; Provides smooth and consistent recording without computer lag. So, when you want to record gameplay on Windows 10 PC, the Xbox app is enough. You do not need to install any other third-party software on your computer. But note that this is only available for Windows 10 and above and offers basic recording options.

Step 1. You can directly type “Xbox” into the Windows 10 search box and double-click the search result to open the Xbox app.

Step 2. Use the Windows key + G keyboard shortcut to open Game Bar; this is the fastest way. Here you will see a pop

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