Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric – With the Covid-19 situation not easing any time soon, crowds are flocking to online stores to fulfill their needs (and wants). Shopping therapy is helpful, especially in these strange times. So if you’re shopping for clothes, accessories or groceries, how do you determine which list or store is best to go to?

For those with itchy hands, those learning to sew or just love to look at beautiful patterns (who doesn’t?!), we’ve rounded up the top 10 online fabric stores (in alphabetical order) in Singapore for all your needs for sewing! If you’d rather feel the textures and see the colors in real life, we’ve also included physical store addresses (where applicable). Continue reading below:

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

If you ask an experienced seamstress where to buy fabric, chances are Fabricity will be on their list. Home of Liberty’s renowned fabrics, who hand-paint their designs and artwork, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

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If you are also looking for European linen fabrics, rest assured, they have a careful selection of colors. Perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the linen is comfortable and breathable.

Fabricity doesn’t just sell fabrics, they sell various accessories like beeswax wraps, masks and more! Perfect and practical as a gift for your loved ones.

Their products are made with – that’s right – Liberty fabrics! Browse their gift selection here. Photo: Fabricité.

Looking for cute fabrics? Whether it’s animals, food or special occasions like Christmas and Halloween, Kawaii Fabric has you covered! Kawaii Fabric sells quality fabric imported directly from Japan and the USA.

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Browse their fabrics by manufacturer, material, color and even seasons. How cool is that? Be spoiled for choice and let yourself be inspired by their huge collection of fabrics for your next projects!

A family-owned fabric store located in the heart of Chinatown, Lee Ann Textiles ships locally and to over 23 countries worldwide. Known for their cotton fabrics, choose from their various designs of flora, fauna and much more! They also sell Batik – you can find their creations on their Facebook page or Instagram. Drop them a message on any of their social media platforms to place an order!

Some of the designs and fabrics you can see in their shop. Photos: Lee Ann Textiles Facebook page.

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

Present since 2007, it is no surprise that the Modes4u collection is very diverse. Kawaii Fabric’s sister site, if you’re looking to buy more than just fabric (like stationery, bags, stuffed animals, washi tape – the list goes on!), as long as it’s cute, we’re sure you will. you can find them all here.

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More than 4000 fabrics available in their store! You may have to spend a weekend going through and picking your favorites.

If you love all things Japan – and cats, then be sure to patronize Neko Neko Fabric! A family business, this online store offers fabrics from all over the world, including Japan (duh?). The owners love cats so much that they named the shop after them!

You’ll never get bored browsing their extensive collection of prints – from Scandinavian prints to cute Sanrio prints and more. If you’ve ever heard of the famous Japanese artist Naomi Ito, then you’ll be pleased to see that her Nani IRO brand fabrics are also available here!

Never forget your roots – Onlewo has created designs inspired by our garden city and local heritage. They have been featured in Monocle, Louis Vuitton City Guide, The Straits Times and more. Shop unique fabrics, gifts and home furnishings here!

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We currently serve our customers through our online store. For further information we accept WhatsApp and email. Our contact numbers are (+65)91124685 and (+65)81009800.

Known for its wide variety of printed and hand-embossed batiks on premium cotton and organic cotton, Qubatik is the place to get the perfect batik for kids or adults with sensitive skin!

If you are looking for fabrics that will retain their colors for a long time, check out their Batik Tulis range: even brides use them for their special occasion.

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

Founded in early 2017, Sew Good Knits initially distributed high quality knitwear from Europe and has since expanded into many other products such as silk yarn, linen and linen knits. Being a private Facebook group, you will need to join the group to be able to order their fabrics and get good deals!

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Starting with selling handmade quilts in her Etsy shop, The Cotton Shoppe has grown to sell children’s clothing, bags, masks and fabrics internationally. If you’re looking for Japanese fabrics like Nani IRO, Echino or Kokka, you’ll find them and much more at The Cotton Shoppe. Filter their collections by style, type and even weight!

Some of the popular brands you will find here are Echino, Nani IRO, MUDDY WORKS, Yui and Kokka! Photos: Cotton Shop.

A down-to-earth shop, this little treasure is full of fabrics ranging from cotton, silk, leather and more! Shop from their online store and search by type, color or collection. Cotton fabrics range from $12 to $62 per yard. Be sure to check them out for their unique designs and patterns, you’ll be spoiled for choice by the many options they have!

Eh! These are our top 10 online fabric stores in Singapore. If we talk about more physical stores, there are countless stores in Chinatown and Arab Street. We’ve picked out some of our favorites here and here.

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Although nothing compares to being there physically to feel the fabric before you buy it, online shopping certainly has its advantages. To be able to browse all fabric patterns from the comfort of your own home without having to travel to your location and get fabric delivered directly to your door! What don’t you like?

Now that you have ideas for where to buy your fabric, it’s time to bring them to life! Turn them into clothing accessories, accessories and let your imagination run wild. You can browse our fashion dressmaking classes here and our accessorizing classes here! We use cookies and similar technologies to provide the best experience on our website. Refer to our privacy policy for more information.

Whether you’re starting a small DIY project, designing your dream dress, or taking on the big task of starting your own clothing line, the foundation is laid by choosing the right fabric for your needs. Where to start when shopping for fabric?

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

In this blog, we break down the what, where and why to source fabrics for your needs. Keep reading to find out!

How To Choose The Right Fabrics For Interior Design?

The first thing to consider is what type of fabric you need for your needs. Some fabrics are heavier than others and may not be suitable for certain projects. For example, if you want to try sewing new curtains for your bedroom, a heavier denim fabric will not work for this project and you should choose a lightweight fabric such as cotton or muslin. Likewise, satin or silk would not be the right fabric to make pants with, as they do not have the stretch that denim, polycotton, or woven cotton types would provide.

In addition to the weight and elasticity of the fabric, there are several other factors to consider. Consider the thickness of the fabric and how this will affect the wear of your fabric.

For example, if you were choosing a silk fabric for a saree, you would prefer a lighter and airier fabric to give your saree a perfect drape, and if you were choosing silk to make cushion covers and bedspreads bed, you would choose a thicker fabric. . So keep the weight, thickness, wear and stretch of the fabric in mind before choosing it for your project.

There are several places where you can get fabric for your projects. Here are some of our picks:

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, online shopping and e-commerce has increased due to its hassle-free nature. No more standing in crowds and browsing fabrics in hot weather, you can get your dream fabric with just one click! Here is a guide to buying fabric online that you can check out to make your online fabric buying experience as smooth as possible (pun intended)!!

Every town or city has its famous fabric store that everyone visits. Don’t hesitate to consider these fabric stores as old-fashioned or traditional, because they may surprise you with their collections! These stores are dedicated to stocking fabrics and are often up-to-date with their inventory.

The benefits of buying fabric in store means you can touch and feel the products before you buy them, and sometimes an unexpected item can catch your eye and inspire a new project too!

Where Do Designers Get Their Fabric

In some countries, the weavers settle in a designated place as a community where you can ask for and receive your fabrics. The benefits of sourcing fabric direct from the point of manufacture means you can get the cream of the crop and even design your own fabric if you order in bulk. Except this,

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