Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry – For example one of hip-hop’s greats, Notorious B.I.G. take the The last chain Biggie wore was a Jesus pendant made by Tito the Jeweler.

The ice out chain was one of three purchased by Big for $30,000. According to MTV News, he bought one for himself, one for Lil’ Ciz, and one for his best friend Damian “D-Roc” Butler.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

When Bigg passed away, a pendant was left for his son, CJ. But it didn’t end in JAY-Z’s book.

This Houston Jeweler Designs Your Favorite Rap Stars ‘grillz’ & He’s Bffs With All Of Them

“This chain was a piece of Jesus. It was actually a piece of Jesus worn by Biggie,” Jay wrote. “One of the rituals I do while recording the album is wearing a Jesus statue and letting my hair grow.

Of course, Biggie isn’t the only rapper who loves big jewelry. It’s a tradition that began in the early ’80s with pioneering groups like Run DMC and artists like Slick Rick, who became notorious for big chains.

In the late 90s to early 2000s, hip-hop artists were making more money than ever before, and they were keeping it down their throats. As more money came into hip hop, so did the lifestyle and jewelry.

In the 80s and early 90s, the rapper’s gold rope chain cost around $20,000. In the late 90s and early 2000s, rappers began investing significant cash in jewelry ranging from $75,000 to $100,000. single chain.

Custom Jewelry With A Hip Hop Following

Big gold rope chains were still in style, but platinum and diamonds arrived in 1999 and completely changed the game.

King of Nas Tut Chen first appeared in 1999. The pendant is encrusted with diamonds and is estimated to cost $65,000.

During this period, hip hop artists began turning their record label logos and crew names into pendants worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jewelry is not just for decoration but has become a part of hip hop culture and marketing.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

For example, when a new artist signed with JAY-Z and Dame Dash’s label, Roc-A-Fella Records, they received a Roc-A-Fella chain to commemorate the occasion. Each Roc-A-Fella chain was designed by Jacob the Jeweler and is valued at $100,000.

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Death Row Records, Bad Boy Records, Sic Wid It Records, Cash Money Records, and No Limit Records are just a few labels that have created distinctive logos that artists wear on chains to show their loyalty.

But there was a downside to getting a diamond studded pendant. Putting more money around your neck automatically makes you more likely to rob you or rob your chain. Just ask Young Berg, Fetty Wap or Tyga.

In 2009, Houston rapper Mike Jones was robbed of his famous 100-pound “Ice Age” pendant.

“They stole the [white platinum] chain, bracelet and watch, but I still have the ring,” he said in an interview.

Rappers With The Best Chains In Hip Hop

It was founded by friends in 2009, he added. “It’s fine. Everything covered by insurance will be refunded.”

In the video below, Dame Dash confronts a jeweler who created a Roc-A-Fella chain without permission. The piece was so popular in the hip-hop world that the famous chain sold it in its stores.

As signature pieces became popular, the jewelers themselves became known to the public. Especially since rappers started putting their names on songs.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Jacob the Jeweler (real name Jacob Arabo) has become very popular among hip hop artists and has been mentioned in over 68 songs. In 1999

Most Expensive Rapper Chains Ever

In interviews, he has been called ‘the Harry Winston of hip-hop’. Arabo has created jewelry for Missy Elliott, Foxxy Brown, Busta Rhymes, Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, Wyclef Jean, and more.

He also created Ferrell’s bright and colorful BBC/ice cream chain, estimated to be worth $100,000,000.

“I went to see Jacob an hour after I got the loan / I just wanted to shine.” – Kanye West’s ‘Touch the Sky’.

In 1999, New Orleans rapper B.G. From his fourth album, he released the single “Bling Bling” featuring Big Timers and Hot Boys.

Who Is Johnny Dang

Not only was the pen and pixel graphic on the album cover, but the song itself popularized the term in mainstream culture.

While JAY-Z and Dame were handing out chains in the North, Southern rappers began reimagining what hip-hop’s relationship with jewelry could be.

From grills to top pendants, southern rappers have taken jewelry to a new level. Lil Wayne decided he needed a new grillz so he went and bought a set for $150,000.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Meanwhile, in Houston, Texas, the rappers had their own jewelry expert, TV Johnny (Johnny Dang). Dang came to America from Vietnam and worked as a jewelry repairman. He got into the grill business after realizing dentists couldn’t fit grills properly.

Cent Claims His Flashy Lifestyle Is Fake: ‘i Take The Jewelry And Cars Back To The Stores’

“Dentists make pure gold, but they are not jewelers and they don’t know how to set diamonds,” he said.

“So they came to me to help put the diamond in the tooth, and that’s how I started.”

Chamilinaire, a native, invested $100,000 to acquire a chameleon pendant designed by a famous jeweler. Dang has created custom grills for rappers and entertainers such as Nelly, Juicy J, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Paul Wall, Rick Ross, Lil Jon and many more.

Teeth Shine Like You’ve Chewed Aluminum Foil / Sip On Powerful Oils And Smile Showing Your Diamonds — “Grillz” by Paul Wall

Lil Baby Jewelry: Check Out His Custom Collection

Paul Wall of Grillz fame teamed up with Dang to capitalize on the Grillz industry. In the interview below, Wall and Dang explain how they became business partners.

Beyond the South, hip-hop artists began to think of new and creative ways to express themselves using jewelry. In 2006, St. Louis rapper Nelly Nefertiti appeared wearing a chain. Its estimated value is $100,000.

The pendant that appeared at this time was the best of all time. For example, in 2009, T-Pain appeared wearing an ice chain that read “Big Ass Chain”. The 197-carat chain weighs 7 pounds and has an estimated value of $400,000. And after receiving this, he ventured to buy the chain.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

Jewelry and hip hop are everywhere these days. A genre of music that began primarily as stories of struggle and celebrates upward mobility. And artists of this genre use jewelry to show off their success. ATLANTA – Atlanta jewelry store Icebox’s display cases are filled with Cuban link chains, watches called Burstdowns covered edge-to-edge in diamond and gold pendants in dozens of designs. . It’s the Ne Plus Ultra of modern hip-hop luxury. And over the past three years, Icebox has built a secondary business around the phenomenon, launching a YouTube channel filled with videos of rappers on shopping sprees.

What Is Hip Hop And Bling Jewelry: The Beginners Guide

But often the most striking feature of these extraordinary 10-minute videos isn’t the flashy jewelry or the actors themselves. The hip-hop clip is one of the most soothing on the internet, conveying a powerful sense of calm and relaxation. They occupy the safe havens of the rich and glamorous. Watching an Icebox video is like diving into a secret. More than 1 million people subscribe to the store’s YouTube channel.

In one video, Lil Baby sits down and talks about her recent arrest in Paris. Other times, Pooh Shasty will ask you where your jewelry is cleaned, and then get to work on it yourself. NLE Choppa shows a series of bankruptcies and shaves his head talking about reviving his hometown. Swae Lee spends a long time looking in the mirror, checking to see if the various chains are wrapped around his neck. Lil Durk opens his eyes wide and sees his friends inside the store’s giant safe.

There is no greater luxury than time. Weekly Icebox videos feature some of America’s most successful rappers at their most reckless. Deal sizes are sometimes large, in the mid-six figures, and the bigger the deal, the warmer the clip. The video is a record of men in love. Their faces soften faintly at the sight of a new toy that they – possibly only they – can afford.

“It’s a place to buy things that you’re flexible about, but the shop is intimate, friendly and comfortable,” said Rafi Zuma, 35, with his brother Mo, 37. and Zahir, 32, and their parents. “You can see their thoughts, their personalities, their emotions.”

Meet The Jewelers Behind Lil Uzi Vert’s Viral Forehead Diamond

On a Thursday afternoon in June, about a dozen Icebox video and social media employees were in a nondescript media room in the back of the store, watching a video of rapper BFB da Pacman ordering a funny postal worker donuts. I went to the store and worked on a custom donut shaped pendant design. On the wall was a whiteboard with an editing schedule of finished and in-progress videos.

Lil Yachty, who had just entered the store from an adjacent hallway, leaned against a small staircase and talked with Zahir about his initial visit to Icebox before heading into a private room to discuss a new custom pendant he wanted. made

“I’ve been all over the place,” Lil Yachty said.

Where Do Rappers Buy Jewelry

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