How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros – Adding animated videos to YouTube is a great way to promote your online content. Intros give you an image of professionalism and consistency throughout your videos and create a sense of familiarity with your audience.

Many people think that creating a YouTube video playlist requires skill, time and patience. While this may have been possible in the past, now there are many tools that allow you to create a YouTube profile in minutes – even for complete beginners!

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

That’s what we’re going to focus on in this complete guide on how to create a video intro!

Gaming Intro Maker: Create Gaming Intros Online

We’ll cover three amazing YouTube intro builders that you can use to create your video intro and a complete guide from start to finish.

You can spend hours learning how to use advanced software to create introductions, such as Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects. Such advanced software allows users to create motion graphics content from scratch

But learning these programs takes time and patience. You can expect a lot of headaches down the road.

That’s why we recommend taking the easy way out using tools like Placeit, InVideo, and VideoHive. All of these programs produce incredible end products in a lot less time and with a lot less headaches!

The Coolest Intro Video Maker

Here at Primal Video, we love plastic. It’s not just a YouTube intro maker – you can create YouTube thumbnails, end cards, banners, logos, anything!

The best part about Placeit is that it makes the whole process really easy. You can do all your editing and customization right on their website so no additional software is required.

Plus, there are tons of customizable templates, so don’t be surprised if the biggest part of the process is choosing the right one!

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

Some templates work with video files in the background, while others only use photos or graphics. If you hover over a template, it will show you how it plays to make your selection process quick and easy.

Easy Tips To Create Awesome Intros For Your Youtube Channel

First, go to the Plastit website. Go to the search bar and type “import video” or “import YouTube video” and press the search button. This will give you pages upon pages of amazing video intro templates.

After choosing a template that looks good, click to open it in the editing control panel. This is where you can start customizing your YouTube login.

Placeit makes it easy to edit and customize the template to match your brand and the type of intro video you want.

At the bottom of the editing dashboard, you’ll see different slides in your master – these are essentially scenes from your intro video. In the template we chose for this example, there are two slides. A preview will appear if you hover over them.

Youtube Intros And Outros For Beginners

You can view and edit each slide from your master in the editing timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the slide you want to edit. You can then add the text you want to appear in your entry and change the font style on the left side of the preview area.

Now that you’ve added your text, you can preview the video by clicking the Play All Slides button next to the template slides.

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

In our example, we have muted the audio that comes with the template to avoid any copyright issues. To do this, you can simply go to the lower left corner above the slides and turn “sound” on and off.

How To Make Youtube Intros

You can go to the right side of the preview and click to add your own images or videos

Once you are happy with how you customized the first template, you are now ready to download it. To do this, simply tap

If you’re looking for a free YouTube intro maker, it’s great to have a free option, but we recommend using a paid option to remove the watermark.

If you only plan to use 1 or 2 templates, buying each one separately is a good option. If you prefer to have access to all features and templates, the unlimited subscription is the way to go.

How To Make A Youtube Video Intro For Free

Now, that’s all you need to know about how to create a YouTube video intro on Plymouth!

If you want more customization and control when creating your video input, one of the following options might be for you!

InVideo (soon to be InVideo Studio) is another great tool. It’s very similar to Plastic, but allows you to take things to the next level in terms of customization.

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

Bar in the upper right corner. Like Plezit, you can search for “video resource” and see all the different templates on offer.

How To Make A Youtube Intro For Your Channel

When you hover over a template, you’ll preview the animation so you’ll get a better idea of ​​whether it’s right for you. You will also see different aspect ratios here and you can filter by horizontal, square and vertical!

An editing timeline where you can see all the clips and elements in InVideo, similar to a video editor.

Just like in a video editor, click and hold the player pointer to quickly clear the video template in the edit timeline.

The template we used in this example has two clips. We prefer short YouTube video intros, so we delete the clip by selecting and pressing it.

The 5 Best Youtube Intro Makers And How To Make Youtube Intros With Them

If you want to remove music or any other element in the timeline, you can use the same process.

Icon in the upper left corner of the timeline (this shows the different layers the clip is made of).

Button on the left menu. You’ll see options to add a header, subheader, body, and any styles/customization you’ve saved. Below are also text templates with different fonts.

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

Add text in different sizes and styles by going to Text on the left sidebar of the InVideo editing interface

Enhance Your Channel With Ai Youtube Intro Maker

Once you’ve added your text, simply double-click to add the text you want to appear. You can also drag and cut a clip in the timeline to fit the template.

In our example we added the Primal Video logo. Click the + button on the image to add it as a layer during editing. Similar to the other layers, you can shorten and adjust it to fit the exact position you want.

Upload your own media by clicking Uploads and dragging your files to the Upload Media section.

You can add a transition like fade in or fade out if it suits the type of video intro you’re creating.

How To Create An Animated Intro For Your Youtube Videos In Canva (easy!) — Big Cat Creative

Button in the upper right corner. Like Placeit, you can download the intro video in 720p HD for free. But if you want to get the highest quality 1080p in Full HD, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Download the entry in 720p HD resolution or 1080p Full HD by subscribing to the paid version

You can choose to pay a one-time fee for access or subscribe to InVideo.

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

It’s great because there are so many templates to choose from and you have more flexibility to customize them.

How To Create A High Quality Youtube Intro? 6 Simple Steps (with Video)

From the same company behind Platt (Invato), the main difference with Video Hive is that they offer very professional templates and you can edit the templates using your own editing software.

PRO TIP: VideoHive offers much more than just an intro maker for YouTube – animations, logo animations, titles, stills, the list goes on.

What makes VideoHive particularly powerful is that you can find specific templates for your editing software. Whether you use Apple Motion, Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve – there’s a template to suit your needs.

This means you can edit for free in Davinci Resolve without paying for the VideoHive template, even if you don’t have any paid software.

How To Make A Youtube Intro (and Why It Matters)

Davinci Resolve is a great free video editing app that works on Mac and PC – so this is a great choice.

Browse through the templates until you find one that fits your needs. Then add it to your cart, buy it, and download it to your computer (the template is usually saved as a zip file).

We’re going to walk you through the process of making YouTube intros in Premiere Pro because we think it’s so cool! But you can use any editing software that your template was designed with.

How Do Youtubers Make Their Intros

Select text and drag the cursor left or right on the cross arrow icon under Transform to adjust the text position.

How To Make A Youtube Intro Video

You can customize the export settings, but they should be fine as they are, because the default settings depend on the template you use. Once all this is done, click the Export button.

If you want to learn more about Premiere Pro, you can check out the full beginner’s tutorial here.

With VideoHive, you pay per template. Most templates are around $17, which we think is pretty reasonable!

You can also sign up for Envato’s Unlimited Creative membership to get unlimited access to its 14+ million creative assets (including content).

How To Make A Youtube Intro

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