How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid – Small Vessel Warning until Tuesday 11:00 a.m. ET, Tarpon Springs to Suwanee River 20 nautical miles, Tampa Bay waters, Englewood to Tarpan Springs 20 nautical miles

WINTER HAVEN, FLORIDA. Every child has encountered a pile of LEGO bricks at some point. But just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you have to stop building.

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

For an elite group of master modelers, a childhood love of LEGO has turned into a grown-up way to pay the bills.

“I always had a little LEGO box with me,” Luke Phillips recalls of his childhood. “Wherever I went, LEGO was sold everywhere.”

Five years ago, Phillips became a master modeler. LEGOLAND Florida hired him in 2011 when the park opened. He’s on the team that designs and creates what you see throughout the park, from the holiday displays to the cityscapes of Miniland.

“I think we had a team of about 20 different builders individually working on different houses,” Phillips said.

Miniland is three years of ideas, construction and creativity. It includes over 35 million LEGO pieces. Due to the harsh Florida sun, it is constantly being repaired and updated.

Lego Architects And Super Fans On Creating The Perfect Miniature World

We asked the same question at the Merlin Magic Making Center in Lake Wales, where dozens of workers design and create displays for LEGO objects around the world.

“Many parents ask me: ‘My child wants to do this when he grows up.’ What advice can you give her?” said Master Model Designer Jason Miller.

It is an education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. A passion for history, social studies and accuracy are also important.

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

“I have a really hard time doing research, so when I’m going to do something,” Phillips said, “I have to research everything I can about it to see if I’m doing it right.”

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But is it worth playing with LEGO? Job adverts tout “competitive salary and benefits”, not to mention free entry to all Merlin attractions, but the best perks are priceless.

“One of the best things about the job is definitely being able to say, ‘Yes, I make LEGO models for a living,'” said master model builder AJ Degusman.

“You can come from any background, any walk of life, if you have a passion for what you’re doing, you’ll find a way,” Miller said.

Huge, stunning displays of imagination and engineering are created every day at the Merlin Magic Making Center in Lake Wales.

“Working with other people to make really cool art,” Phillips said, “by the end of the day you see that you have a finished model or just really good progress, and that’s really satisfying.”

If you want to learn from the masters, LEGOLAND Florida Resort offers model building workshops during your stay at the hotel. You can also get a tour of the model shop on the VIP tour. Whether they are drawing concepts for new toys, creating unique models such as stadiums, figurines or robots made from LEGO pieces, or building blocks for children, LEGO designers must possess a unique combination of creativity, engineering and marketing skills to succeed in your work. The salary of these designers can vary depending on their experience and length of service in the design department.

According to Indeed, as of 2014, the median annual salary for a LEGO designer was $55,000. This salary is in line with the salary in Enfield, Connecticut, the corporate office where the majority of LEGO designers in the United States work. The LEGO Group is based in Billund, Denmark and has offices in approximately 30 countries.

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

The minimum educational requirement for a LEGO designer is usually a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or mechanical engineering. Those who work at LEGOLAND’s signature theme parks in Florida and California typically have a bachelor’s degree in animation or graphic design. LEGO often prefers to hire designers with one or more years of experience in product development and concept testing.

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between 2012 and 2022, jobs for industrial designers, who create everything from toys to cars, will grow by 4 percent, lower than the 11 percent national rate for all occupations. The production cuts will slow job growth for industrial designers, which could affect designer jobs at LEGO.

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Have you ever wanted to be a builder with Lego? Now’s your chance — if you create an original Lego set and send it here starting February 1, 2023, you’ll be in the running for five unofficial sets that Lego will make officially. Up to 20,000 copies of your set will be sold to fans worldwide, and you’ll even get paid—the designers will get 5 percent of the proceeds.

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Please note that these will not come in a traditional Lego box and will not be sold in stores. They will be exclusively part of the online “BrickLink Designer Program” where the boxes will look like this:

But make no mistake, they are authorized, sold, manufactured and supplied by Lego itself, which acquired BrickLink back in 2019.

Last month, Lego announced that the BrickLink Designer Program (BDP) will now continue, but to be honest, it’s a bit different (and maybe easier!) than the program we told you about in 2021 and 2022. No fan could compete – the previous BDP was intended to give developers of discarded Lego Ideas sets a second chance to sell designs that didn’t sell or sound good enough to justify mass-producing them with Lego.

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

Now any Lego fan can design a set as long as they design it in BrickLink Studio software, use a limited “palette” of 8,500 pieces and follow certain presentation guidelines such as “pieces must not break, fold or fall off.” under normal construction pressure” and “do not insert a pin into the Technic hole”.

How To Use Lego Serious Play In The Design Thinking Process?

While Lego / BrickLink will finalize which five sets will advance to the crowdfunding stage, any fan will be able to vote for their favorites in a preliminary round tentatively scheduled for February, and the judges will count those votes. This means you can get your creation

After BrickLink selects five designs, any set that reaches 3,000 pre-orders will be made by Lego starting in September. Each set will be a limited edition of 20,000 or less, although this is double the 10,000 limit of previous BDP rounds. Although this time Lego only offers 5 percent of the revenue instead of 10 percent, you can now sell twice as many sets.

Lego will also own the rights to your design, but only during the contest unless you agree to let Lego make your set. “If your design is not selected, all design rights revert to you,” BrickLink writes.

There’s a big FAQ page with more details, but the most important tip is probably this: unlike Lego Ideas, this

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Or what have you. You need to stay away from original intellectual property, and Lego also doesn’t want sets that are too similar to what it already sells.

“We try to avoid the perception that your design is part of an official set collection, such as a specific Castle series or modular building,” BrickLink writes, noting that “it’s okay to create a model based on a classic LEGO genre or theme, like Space or a castle.’

More from this Lego series is not just for kids: novelties for nostalgic adults and grown-ups. Adult Lego fans like Phil Sofer, who is building a model of the Great Pyramid of Giza here, have been instrumental in the toymaker’s rise to the top of the industry. But insiders say the journey from “kids only” to “adult reception” has been a long and uphill one.

How Much Do Lego Designers Get Paid

When executives at toy maker Lego first learned that adults were buying large quantities of interlocking plastic bricks and coming together to build their own Lego creations, “they thought it was pretty amazing,” says Pal Smith-Mayer.

Lego 10190 Market Street Review

“Until the late 1990s, the company didn’t see its adult fans as valuable,” says Smith-Mayer, who held a series of executive positions at Lego from 2000 to 2014. — Management really felt that [adults] were a hindrance to the brand. .”

Thanks to a small number of employees who worked to change attitudes in the company, Lego no longer confuses its adult fans. Gone are the days when Lego box labels indicated that the contents were only suitable for boys between the ages of 7 and 12.

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