What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use – With the development of the YouTube platform, video editing has gone from a professional job to a daily job for YouTubers. A Youtuber’s quest to become a success was fueled by producing quality videos.

Easy-to-use video production software is an essential tool for making good videos. There are many video editing programs on the market. You might be wondering which video editing program do most YouTubers use?

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

Which software YouTubers use depends on various situations. Based on popularity and features, we have selected some commonly used YouTube video editing software, including paid, free, Windows, Mac, Linux platforms.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is a video editing software produced by Adobe that is mainly used for video editing. After Effects is their special effects software product. It is mainly used to add various special effects in the later stage.

Due to the large number of users, the two softwares have many tutorials and templates to use. So it is easier to solve the problems encountered. Many YouTubers with professional experience in video production use them to make videos.

Final Cut Pro X is a commercial video editor released by Apple. If you feel that iMovie cannot meet your needs, you can try Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X has more advanced features like color blending, real-time special effects, 360° panoramic video editing, etc. It also works well with high definition videos.

Best Youtube Video Editor Software And Apps In 2023

However, Final Cut Pro X can only be used on macOS. So it is more suitable for Mac product users.

YouTube Movie Maker is a video production software designed specifically for YouTube. There are many features optimized for the YouTube platform. Users can create/upload/manage/promote video and other functions in the software.

Compared to other professional programs, YouTube Movie Maker is easier to use. The software has many powerful materials and special effects built-in. It also supports 3D video editing.

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

At the same time, the software is very flexible. Many special effects can be highly customized. Users can easily produce great YouTube videos without professional video production experience.

Best Video Editing Software For Youtubers

Cons: There’s no version of macOS right now, and Mac users can’t experience it yet.

DaVinci Resolve is a well-known professional videography software. It is famous for its powerful color mixing function. Contains common video editing features. If you are good with the software, you can get some good effects. There is a free version of the software with no time limit.

Shotcut is a free and open source video editing software. It can meet the needs of commonly used video clips, such as mixing audio and video clips, green screen, picture in picture, some simple special effects, etc. It also supports common formats as well as 4K video editing.

IMovie is the video editing software that comes with the Apple system, and Apple users can use it for free. It can perform basic video editing functions. If you don’t have high video requirements, you can use it. But when you want to make a professional looking video, it might not be powerful enough.

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Windows Movie Maker is the video editing software included in Win7 and earlier versions. Similar to iMovie, it is also completely free. Windows users can use it to do some simple video editing. If you need more features, other advanced software is a better choice.

Cons: Without more advanced features, the software was removed after Windows 7. Windows 10 users can use the Photo software instead.

What software should you use to make YouTube videos? It depends on the importance of the video and your video editing skills.

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

When the video is not demanding, cutting only the parts you don’t need, you can use free software like iMovie or Shotcut.

How To Edit Videos For Youtube: Top Resources Vloggers Use

If you want your video to have a better effect or you need to deal with audio, video and add special effects. You can use Adobe PR, Adobe AE, Final Cut Pro X, YouTube Movie Maker. They have more advanced features.

Don’t want to spend too much time learning a particular program, but want to make a beautiful video? YouTube Movie Maker is recommended. To make a good YouTube video, you need to understand how to edit your video in the best way.

When deciding what to use to edit your YouTube videos, no one software fits all. You need to consider what kind of editing you actually need. If you only record in one place all the time while discussing a topic, you may only need a simple phone editing program like the ones described below:

The programs above are very useful for editors who are beginners and only need to make simple edits on their videos. These simple edits have been used by popular Kenyan YouTubers like Miss Trudy here:

Top 10 Free Video Editing Software For Youtuber

Now, if you want to engage in more creative editing of your videos, then some popular computer programs are described below:

A Kenyan YouTuber who uses creative transitions and edits in his video is Brian Kimani. Watch this video here where he used Adobe Premier Pro.

There are tutorials on YouTube that provide guidance on how to use beautiful transitions and how to enhance your videos. Below I’ve highlighted some of my favorite tutorials that have helped me.

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

Whichever software you choose to use, make sure you’re always looking for a way to improve your videos by looking at what other like-minded Kenyan YouTubers are doing in their videos.

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Best Video Editing Software For Youtube To Make Killer Videos

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The most powerful morning routine I’ve found after 3+ years of experimentation. Realistic, science-based, customizable and aggressively self-tested morning system. Adobe products tend to be the industry standard when it comes to editing, but content creators usually exist outside of it. that sphere. So the question is, what are the best options when it comes to editing software for YouTubers? Well, there are a few answers to this question.

Barely Sociable, who runs a YouTube channel dedicated to the reality behind internet spookiness and mysteries, primarily uses Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for his videos. It’s all about finding your process, says Barely Sociable. “I never sought any testimony; I mostly figure out what I want on the screen and Google everything along the way.” Using Adobe’s convenient interface, in line with his passion for true crime, he has built a channel with over 400,000 subscribers, with just over 16 million views and counting.

What Video Editing Program Do Youtubers Use

When it comes to editing software for YouTubers, Adobe leads the industry. However, Premiere Pro has its problems. Startup freezes, choppy playback, and terrible render times are just a few of the issues Adobe subscribers are dealing with. For nearly a decade, Adobe has promised the community multi-core support and many other features, but these things continue to be neglected. The user interface, by default, is outdated, but easy to customize. Text effects are dated, and sometimes Premiere’s limitations feel like an advertisement for After Effects. Because of these limitations, Adobe’s monthly subscription model has come under fire in recent years.

Best Video Editing Software For Gaming In 2023

Needless to say, it’s not what it could be. However, due to industry trends, certification testing is nationally subsidized, so a technical understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro means an understanding of editing itself. It’s essential, but maybe it shouldn’t be.

Sony Vegas, while just as powerful as Premiere Pro, has an unintuitive user interface and has been known to crash during playback. Vegas is the only professional software on this list without multi-editor support. The image is inconsistent at best, and exporting to anything other than .mp4 risks crashing. It’s good for a quick edit, but nothing more. Sony Vegas 17 currently retails for $299.99. Vegas Post, an After Effects alternative that takes some time off its lackluster predecessor, starts at $34.99/month or $999.99.

DaVinci Resolve is intuitive software with a fully customizable workspace and an easy-to-learn user interface. Not to mention, it’s free. I had trouble playing on the new DaVinci 16.1, but reverting my download to version 16.0 made things work smoothly. Dragging clips feels natural, even on a trackpad. The software has variable reproduction, a long-requested feature for Adobe products, and the best color grading on the market. It also boasts custom effects and workspaces for motion and sound designers, all at a great price of $0.00. For one of the best editing software on the professional market, you can’t beat free.

The final cut

What Video Editor Do Youtubers Use?

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