What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos – Editing software is at the heart of creating high-quality YouTube videos with a professional touch. More advanced editors allow additional freedom, allowing the creation of videos that stand out. However, most professional video editing suites have steep learning curves. This can make things difficult for amateurs who want to start their online video creation journey. Choosing the best video editor is crucial. It generally takes a few weeks to understand the basics of any software and about six months to fully master it.

Once you are comfortable with an editor, migrating to another option can be extremely difficult. So, this guide will help everyone, from beginners to those looking to take things up a notch. Some of the software mentioned in this guide may incur a subscription fee. However, we have also included free options.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

Adobe Premier Pro and 4 other editing software to make video editing easier for YouTubers 1) Apple iMovie

Youtube Movie Maker

Apple iMovie is one of the most popular video editing software. The app is bundled for free with all iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. Thanks to its ease of use, it packs all the essential features and is superior to other free software.

Thousands of YouTubers use the software to edit content, from vlogs and guides to video podcasts. It is a great tool for creating vertical format content such as YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. iMovie is simple; one can edit their first video without following online tutorials.

Apple iMovie shares a few features with Final Cut Pro X, the company’s pro-grade video editing software. This makes it easier to migrate.

However, the only downside of the software is its availability. Those on Windows or Android devices cannot use iMovie. However, Adobe has an equally superior competitor for iMovie.

Best 14 Vlog Video Editing Software For Hot Platforms[free & Paid]

Adobe Premiere Rush is the best software for anyone looking for a free video editor on any platform. It’s easy to use, includes several built-in features, and shares a lot in common with Premiere Pro – making it easy to migrate to the most powerful editing software ever built.

Premiere Rush is a direct competitor to Apple’s iMovie. The software is available on Android, iOS, iPadOS, Windows and macOS. You can edit videos on your smartphone and then continue on your desktop. This makes it extremely convenient for users who want to boost their creativity on the go.

Like iMovie, Premiere Rush doesn’t pack many pro-grade features like freeze frames, motion tracking, etc. However, the editing software is sufficient for amateur editors who want to get their creations on YouTube.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

DaVinci Resolve is the best free software available on the planet. The software is almost on par with expensive editors like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro. Resolve Studio, the paid version of the app, costs $282 for a lifetime license. The paid upgrade supports AI-powered features like object tracking, towing, speed warp re-timing, and more.

How To Edit A Youtube Video: Choosing Your Software

The best part of the software is that you can start with the free version and master the basics. Once they are ready to take things to the next level, they can buy the full version, which is much cheaper than other editors of the same standard. The free upgrade will keep editors in the same environment, allowing them to master features at their own pace.

This makes Resolve much easier to use than the offerings from Adobe and Apple, which migrate to completely different and new software after mastering the basic free versions.

Final Cut Pro X is an industry-class video editor primarily used by filmmakers. It includes many features to help editors take their videos to the next level. The software is now fully optimized for the latest Apple M1 and M2 chips.

Apple’s pro-level video editing software is one of the best options for editing YouTube videos. Thousands of video creators use it.

Best Video Editing Laptops For All Budgets (2023)

However, the app costs $299 for a lifetime license. Motion and Compressor add-ons will cost an additional $100. The software is only available on macOS and can be used on Windows or Linux systems.

Adobe Premiere Pro is the best in class video editor available on the market. The software is used to make Hollywood movies. It allows for maximum creative freedom. The app is available as part of a monthly subscription for $20.99.

However, to use all the features of the app, it is recommended to buy Adobe After Effects and Media Encoder as well – a Creative Cloud subscription bundles all these features for $52.99 per month.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

It’s worth noting that Premiere Pro can have a steep learning curve, and it’s recommended to start with Premiere Rush and Elements before moving on to this editing software. Want to edit YouTube videos on your phone? These 9 apps will help you trim, crop, add video filters, and more.

Best Video Editing Apps In 2023, Tested By Our Editors

Are you looking for a way to make your YouTube videos stand out from the crowd? Maybe you want to spice up your content with special effects or play with green screen editors. Or maybe you’re wondering what apps YouTubers use to edit their videos.

Let’s take a look at some of the best apps for editing YouTube videos on iPhone and Android. You’ll find a suitable app on this list, no matter what you want to do – add music, text or anything else!

IMovie is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone users, especially for new creators. It is easy to use and has many features, making it the perfect choice for your editing needs.

And surprisingly, both new and experienced creators can use iMovie. It lets you edit in 4K, apply special effects, and add royalty-free music that goes with the length of your movie.

The Ultimate Guide To Vlog Editing For Beginners

It also has everything you need to create professional videos from start to finish: video filters, green screen options, text overlays, titles and social media sharing tools. You can even add background music from your iTunes library!

Editing video has never been easier than with Adobe Premiere Rush. The app has innovative tools for color correction, speed adjustment, animated titles, and more.

It also has your standard editing features. You can trim, crop, rotate, mirror clips, and add overlays, stickers, filters, effects and transitions to frames.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

Also, the paid version of Adobe Premiere Rush comes with a volume adjuster to make sounds perfect in the audio mix. This happens automatically with Adobe Sensei AI!

A Youtuber’s Guide To Editing Software

Price: The free version comes with 2 GB of cloud storage; upgrade to 100 GB for $9.99 per month.

GoPro Quiki is a vlog editor that works best for spontaneous creators. It is usually used with the GoPro camera, but you can use the app to edit videos recorded on iOS or Android devices.

The simple interface allows you to do many things quickly, such as choosing filters, changing video speed, choosing color options, trimming or cropping. There’s also an auto-sync feature that lets you edit to the beat of your music.

It has a clean and simple interface for editing videos. It makes cutting, trimming, and rearranging your clips so easy that when you’re producing content on the go, you’ll want to check it out—even more so if you’re an influencer.

Free Video Editing Software For Youtube To Up Your Production Game

Also, Splice has robust features that allow you to combine clips, create overlays and remove backgrounds using the chroma key. It even has speed controls and various animations.

Kinemaster is a great video editing application. It doesn’t have the simplest interface, but you can make quality videos once you get used to it.

With Kinemaster you get more than most apps will give you: 4K editing and exporting, video templates, mixing modes, and the ability to edit multiple video layers. And with the chroma key you can compose two or more videos.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

PowerDirector offers several ways to edit your videos. You can use different themes, including pop and hip-hop, along with different effects and transitions.

What Editing Software Do Youtubers Use? 5 Best Software For Video Edits

Like many apps on this list, you can export videos in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. That makes PowerDirector an ideal choice for creating high-quality YouTube videos.

Another great feature is the ability to add titles to your content – a rare tool on most mobile apps!

The “VN” Video Editor inVN stands for “vlog now.” So this app is best for creators who shoot mobile videos and upload them directly to social media.

In this app you can add text, voiceover, music and transitions to set the right atmosphere for your content. Overall, it’s a great way to make regular videos look professional.

How To Edit Videos For Youtube: Top Resources Vloggers Use

The only downside is that the interface takes some time. But you’ll be editing in no time once you have the experience!

Filmora is one of the best editors out there. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can add effects, titles and transitions to your video in no time. When it comes to music, Filmora lets you import tracks from your device’s library or SoundCloud.

You also get thousands of video templates, green screen, picture-in-picture mode, keyframes, animations and various mask options.

What Youtubers Use To Edit Videos

With millions of five-star ratings on Google Play and the App Store, InShotis is a popular tool. You can do everything from trimming and cropping to adding effects using this app’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use features.

What Do I Need To Make Youtube Videos?

InShot was developed with social sharing in mind, making it easy to customize the aspect of the video

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