Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos – Adobe products are the industry standard when it comes to editing, but content creators often exist outside of this realm. So the question is, what are the best options when it comes to editing software for YouTubers? Well, there are several answers to this question.

Running a YouTube channel dedicated to the reality behind internet spooks and online mysteries, Barely Sociable primarily uses Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for his videos. It’s about finding your process, the states that just mix. “I’ve never wanted any standardization; I mostly figure out what I want on screen and Google it as I go. When it comes to actually telling crime stories using Adobe’s convenient interface, he’s built a channel with 400,000 subscribers, just over 16 million views and counting grows.” .

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

When it comes to editing software for YouTubers, Adobe dominates the industry. However, Premiere Pro has its problems. Startup failures, choppy playback, and excruciating rendering times are some of the problems faced by Adobe subscribers. For almost a decade, Adobe promised the community multi-core support and many other features, but these issues were ignored. The user interface is outdated by default, but easily customizable. The text effects are dated, and at times Premiere’s limitations feel like an After Effects ad. Because of these limitations, Adobe’s monthly subscription model has come under fire in recent years.

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Needless to say, what it could be. However, due to industry trends, certification testing is nationally subsidized, so a technical understanding of Adobe Premiere Pro implies an understanding of editing itself. It’s essential, but maybe it shouldn’t be.

Sony Vegas, while just as powerful as Premiere Pro, has a useless user interface and has been known to crash during playback. Vegas is the only professional software on this list without multi-editor support. Rendering is inconsistent at best and prone to crashing when exporting to anything other than .mp4. It’s good for a quick edit, but nothing more. Sony Vegas 17 currently retails for $299.99. Vegas Post, an After Effects alternative that takes up some of the slack from its poor predecessor, starts at $34.99 per month, or $999.99.

DaVinci Resolve is intuitive software with a fully customizable workspace and an easy-to-learn user interface. Not to mention it’s free. I had trouble playing on the new DaVinci 16.1, but reverting the download to 16.0 made everything run smoothly. Dragging clips is also natural on the trackpad. The software has variable playback, a long-requested feature for Adobe products, and the best color gamut on the market. It has custom effects and workspaces for motion and sound designers, all for the great price of $0.00. One of the best editing programs on the professional market just can’t beat it.

Final Cut Pro is similar to DaVinci or iMovie, but it is more automated software. You have a lot of presets readily available and a lot of features are found in Adobe After Effects. It’s an all-in-one drag-and-drop editor where you can go from splicing and clipping to rotoscoping without missing a beat, not to mention it runs like clockwork. It’s convenient, easy to see, and available only for Mac for a one-time fee of $299.99.

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Final Cut Pro is similar to DaVinci or iMovie, but it is more automated software. Wondershare Filmora Intermediate and Mobile Software

Filmora is a replacement for the more complex Sony Vegas. But the clumsier, delayed one. The 30-day trial is free, but exporting creates a screen-filling watermark. Timeline videos are also subtle, but not intrusive. Importing footage and audio is seemingly simple, but the effects are sparse. With a starting price of $39.99, even beginners can pick up this non-linear editor and learn it in minutes.

Software like Adobe Rush is not technically demanding, so it is suitable for mobile phones. Enterprise has limited features to facilitate on-the-go adjustments. Mobile integration leads to issues like poor color correction, limited audio tools, and frequent crashes along with plain awful filters. Rush brings Adobe’s old text editing features to mobile, making it almost impossible to control. Even simple cuts are difficult when adjusting to the rush. For the learning curve it throws at you, it’s not worth it even as an experienced video editor.

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

IMovie is the ultimate video editing software. It looks like a stripped-down DaVinci that keeps the user interface clean without intimidating professional features. Video frames are neatly stacked on imported media in a timeline with transitions and sound effects. For starters, an hour or two of trial and error can serve as an introduction to a non-linear timeline. The effects are nothing to write home about. It’s simple, works smoothly on mobile, is smoother than Rush and has minimal playback latency.

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Become a partner and reach an enthusiastic audience of passionate and active online video creators. Click here to contact a sales representative to request a media kit. YouTube is a very competitive place and channels are always looking for new ways to stand out. So editing and production value are essential. Many look to the big YouTubers for what they use to edit their videos.

After all, how can we learn and create if we don’t see people who have done it before?

Ask any big YouTuber what software they use to edit their videos today and 99% of the time they will say Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. Let’s take a closer look at why these two are the most popular.

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Today, most YouTubers use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit their videos. In fact, Premiere is used by some of the biggest channels like Linus TechTips, Logan Paul, and H3H3 Productions.

Premiere is so popular not only because of its many features, but also because it works on both PC and macOS. This is its main advantage over Final Cut Pro. It integrates well with other Adobe software used by YouTubers, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects.

The software itself has a great user experience, although it can be difficult for beginners to learn. However, Premiere lets you do pretty much anything when editing videos. It has also been used to edit major Hollywood films such as Gone Girl.

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

Some of the biggest channels on the platform like Casey Neistat, Marques Brownlee, Unbox Therapy use this video editor. However, unlike Premiere, Final Cut Pro only works on Mac. We use it when we create videos related to our content.

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If you’re already a Mac user, Final Cut Pro is faster and better optimized for Apple computers than Premiere. Although there are some differences, they are almost the same in terms of features.

A video editor like Premiere works well for lifestyle vlogging and most other videos. But if you’re creating videos that require complex graphics and animations, you’ll need Adobe After Effects in addition to Premiere.

Effects is a video editing tool that allows you to create digital effects and video animations, big channels like Kurzgesagt and Vox use it for their videos.

All three video editors mentioned above require a lot of disk space and a relatively powerful computer. But they come with a learning curve, which we’ll cover later.

How Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos?

This is why some YouTubers use other editing software that may be more suitable for them and you. Here are some other alternatives:

At the time, Vegas was a much bigger player in the editing space. Its popularity has waned a bit now, but it’s still a good choice for simple vlog-style videos. For more complex video styles, we recommend other editors above.

Hitfilm Express VFX Tools is a free video editor with surprisingly many professional features. Although there are many add-ons available, the free version is best for beginners and simple videos.

Where Do Youtubers Edit Their Videos

Premiere Rush is a scaled-down version of Adobe Premiere Pro. It’s cheaper and more beginner-friendly. It also works on mobile devices, so it’s perfect for editing on the go.

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Recently, YouTube launched its own video editor. But to be honest, we don’t know that many people use it. It’s very barebones, but allows you to do simple editing and arranging clips. Because it’s in the cloud, you don’t need to download or buy anything. However, keep in mind that this should only be used for videos with really simple edits.

Above mentioned software are used by leading channels to edit their YouTube videos. But what about beginners?

There are learning curves with software and significant investments. Before you get started, we recommend dipping your toes into a simple video editor first. For MacOS, iMovie and Windows users, we recommend HitFilm Express.

Most editing software is very similar

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